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Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 44

Our Family's Minto-chan

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Apr 15, 2009 15:38 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

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tl by molokidan

The 44th Recorder - Our Family's Minto-chan

B: This child cost us over 3,000,000 yen...
B(2b): Look at you, buying stupid shit like that again! You really need to fix that bad habit of yours, sis!
S: Hey, you're my little bro, you're not allowed to complain about me.
B: You'll probably just get bored of it and throw it away in the end as usual, though.
B: It's ridiculous!
S: Not this time...trust me, I'll show you what I'm made of.
S: I promise, this time...I'll raise this child right!
B: Seriously...?

B: At first I sympathized with you...
B: But I never thought you'd become this big of a part of my life...
B: I...quit my gang (well, the gang club) for you, Minto!
B: it's the first time I've ever felt like I wanted to live for someone...and yet...and yet, you...
B: why are you having fun over someone else's house...?
M: This place is soooooo fun!
J: You litle rascal!
P: Ahahaha!
B: Not to mention, that's the bastard that ruined my haircut a while back...!
Box: Volume 1, The 12th Recorder
B: Of all houses, why did he have to go to THAT one?!
B: Calm down...calm down, me!
B: I can't let them know...that I'm living with cute little Minto!
B: As this kind of character, that's the one thing I've got to protect!

B: I'll just patiently wait for the right chance!
J: Oh! That reminds me...
J: we haven't given this thing a name yet!
H: Ah, you're right!
B: D...dumbass! Don't just give him some random name!
B: It's Minto, Minto!
P: Doesn't he already have a name?
J: Puuuu! Why would a wild stag beetle have a name?!
B: Stag beetle?!
P: Right? You don't have a name, right?
M: Yes!
M: I don't have a name yet!

B: Miiiiiiintooooooooooo!!!
J: Seeee, I knew it!
M: Give me a name, please!
P: Was it...calculating something just now?
Box: A Little Trivia
right text: Minto is programmed to follow the human with the most power.
top text: Current Ranking
1. Jaguar
2. Billy
3. Piyohiko
4. Me
5. Cellophane Tape
6. Hammer
left text: But, just like a dog, the ranking can change at any time!
J: Alright! Let's all think of a good name for you then!
M: I'm counting on you!
P: How about Eyeshit?
M: I think it sounds very nice!
B: Ehhhhhhh!!?
P: Oh, so is it decided, then?
P: N...nononono! Eyeshit?! No way!!

P: Let's name it something cuter!!
J: But Eyeshit sounds cute!
M: Yes! It's cute!
H: How about something simpler...
H: Like "Pooch?"
M: Please stop playing around.
P: Hey...Hammer-san, he isn't a dog, you know...
H: E...excuse me...
J: That's right! Stop playing around, Hammer!
J: How about Trauma-sensei?

M: You're the greatest, master!
B: Master!!?
P: No, no!! That's too dark!!
B: Wh...what are you saying, Minto?! I'm your Master, aren't I?!
B: That brat...he has no idea I'm watching...
B: I'll have to do something to get him to notice...!!
J: If you keep saying no, we'll never be able to decide, Piyohiko!
P: B...but!
M: You're saying stuff that doesn't fit with his image at all.
Box: Piyohiko got a rank-up!
P: You can't give something this cute names like Trauma and Eyeshit...
J: Really?
J: Go by looks, huh...?
J: Stickout!!

J(2b): Here, look! Something's sticking out!! He's got a "Stickout!!"
M: Wonderful!!
P: Ehh?! Ah...well, you're right, though, something is sticking out...what is that?!
P: Th...that's not what I meant by image, though...
P: Nope, too late, it's already been decided! Its name is now Stickout!!
B: It's Mintoooooooo!!!
P: Wh...what?!
B: He isn't Stickout!! He's Minto!!
B: And he's my child!!
B: haa x4

P: I see...
P: So you're Minto-chan Next Door (from The 25th Recorder)...
J: It all makes sense now...
J: So the guy practicing to go be on "It's OK to Laugh" (*tl note: popular japanese variety show) was him, then...
J(boxless): I thought I'd seen him somewhere before...
P(2b): Eh? I had forgot about that...
M: What should I do now?
J: Go home, Sticky!
P: Sticky?!
J: He's probably really depressed by himself right now...
J: He's probably got all the lights turned off in his room and is plucking out his leg-hairs...
P: Wh..who does that?!
J: Go and talk to him, Sticky.
J: He...needs you.

M: Yes...
M: Master!
B: Mi...Minto!!
B: You came home...?!
J: Talk to him!
M: Do your best!

Box: New Stickout Ranking
1. Jaguar
2. Piyohiko
3. Me
4. Billy
5. Cellophane Tape
17. Pooch


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