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Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 46

An Easily Performable Original Flowery Speech Tournament

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Apr 19, 2009 02:58 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

-> RTS Page for Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 46


tl by molokidan

B: Our story so far...
M: Takana, otherwise known online as Moomin, came to the Flowery Princess-esque Speech Research Circle's offline meeting with a curse of love entitled "Thump-Thump Columbus."
M: A tongue-filled kiss to snow-white panties~ A tongue-filled kiss to snow-white panties~ T.F.S.P. T.F.S.P. M.C.A.T. T.F.S.P.~ Bones broken to pieces due to magnetism~ That's what it means to be 85 years old~

The 46th Recorder - An Easily Performable Original Flowery Speech Tournament

M: For a minute, I was confused as to what I should do..
M: But it's fine...he doesn't know that I'm Takana.
M: He probably didn't realize it because of my costume.
M: I can't let him find out who I am, at all costs..!
M: I'm just going to have to stay quiet and not draw attention to myself for the rest of today.

?: Hey, everyone! Shall we...start?
G: Kyaa! You mean the Original Flowery Speech Tournament?!
?: Let us begiiiin!
J(2b): Ehhhh?! But that's so embarrassing...
J: Are we like, seriously gonna do it?!
J(2b): I don't wanna, I don't wanna! Come on, what is it?!
J: What's the first flower?!
G(2b): Please, let us do it, Yvonne-san..ahhh, eh?! You're willing to do it?!
G: Is she for or against it?!
J: OK, let's make the first flower "Freesia" then.
J: Red Freesia...the flowery speech for that was 'purity,' wasn't it?
M: He decided it....
G(2b): ...y...yeah...
J(small): Yeah, that sounds so great! Let's make it that!
G: Sure...
M: He completely decided it on his own!!
M: I'm just gonna keep quiet...

G: Let's make "purity" into a more princess-esque word!
P: OK, OK, I got it!
P: Indeed, pure, just like the wind!
P: Kyaaa! How does that sound?!
G: That sounds great, Mongomary-san!
G: You added depth to it!
M: All she did was add more words...
M: It hasn't become deeper at all!
M: Ahh, what should I do...it's so hard to keep this urge to talk down...
G: Kyaaa!
P: Y...yes?! Yvonne-san!
J: "Ms. Innocent is impure!"

G: Oh my...
G: Unclean...that's a little...
G(2b): Yes...don't you, um...think that's a bit rude to Ms. Innocent...?
M: Th...that was amazing!!
M: Just by saying Ms. Innocent is impure, he automatically raised the bar for the purity of all princesses!
M: Able to be heart so easily due to their timidity...the heart of a princess, so pure it is sorrowful...!
M: You truly are a genius, Yvonne-san!!
M(2b): M...may I speak as well?!
G: Kyaaa, we've been waiting!
G: Go ahead, Moooomin-san!
M: Clean Queeeeen.

G: Oh my! A play on words!
G: But that seems a bit too easy for Moomin-san, doesn't it...ehhh?!
G: Uuuu!!
G: Th...this is...!!
J: Not bad...
M: That's my line...!
G: Th...the two of them...they're burning!
G(2b): And we're being completely ignored...even art-wise!!
B: (The continuing) Flowery Language for Freesia...
M: Anemic since sunrise!!
B: The Flowery Language for Freesia...
J: A foreign mother!!

M: She always sings when she remembers something!
Text: Flowery Language for Freesia
M: She carries band-aids in her purse!
J: She's very good friends with the librarian!
J: All the idols she likes are a generation behind!
M: When she sees jizou, she always touches their heads!!
M: Haa
scrawling text: This is the Flowery Language for Freesia.
J: Haa x2
J: When she goes to the zoo, she doesn't look at any of the animals, she only collects peacock feathers!!
G: Ufufu...there's no opening for us to jump in...
G: We forfeit, we forfeit...!
Sign: Executive Decishowal CLOSE

J: That was an amazing battle...
J: Haa x4
M: Yes...truly.
J: To thing there'd be someone who would make me go this far...
J: To be honest, I'm surprised.
J(2b): We must do this again sometime...Takana-kun!
T: N...nooooo!!
T: You noticed?!
J: Fufu...of course I did.
J: I mean, come on! Your hair...
J: After examining the DNA I extracted from it, I found that it matched up perfectly with Takana-kun's.
T(2b): Nnnnn..nooooo...I'm such a sulmitz!!
J: Hahaha! You truly do have clumsy genes!
T(2b): Jaguar-kun, you're such a bully! Or should I say, an exhibitioniiiiist!
Box: When she finally realized it, Takana-san felt glad that she was finally able to open her heart and be frank.


What's your dream?

To live on an island.

Continued on P66

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