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Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 47

The Educational Program Blues of Tears

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Apr 20, 2009 01:33 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

-> RTS Page for Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 47


tl by molokidan

P: One day, Jaguar-san bought a VCR all of a sudden.
P: Then, he asked me to tape some stuff for him and went out somewhere.
P: As usual, he's being super selfish, but that's nothing surprising.
P: More importantly, I'm really curious as to what he wanted to tape so much that he went out to buy something like this...
P: I'm watching it now, but...
P: No matter how I look at it, it just seems like a an educational recorder program...
TV: Hello everyone, how are you feeling?!
TV: It's time for the "Fun Recorder Hour!"
P: I can kinda see him...

The 47th Recorder - The Educational Program Blues of Tears

G: OK! Next is our "Sensei Time" corner!
G: Let us introduce our sensei for today!
G: Today's guest is Jaguar Junichi-sensei!
G: Good day!
P(2b): ...don't tell me this is a live recording...is this gonna be alright...? Please don't do anything weird, Jaguar-san...
P: It already seems like he is, though...
J: Hello all you youth-filled pipsqueaks!
J: Let's have some fun together today!
J: You too, Jun-chan and Kenta-niisan!
J: And also...all you staff, too!
J: Sorry...I think I got a little carried away right now...
K: Wha?! No, no...hahaha...
P: He's already started doing something!!

J: From now on whenever I start to say things like that, you can just throw a sheet over me so people can't see...moga!
K: Ahhhh! Now then, without further ado, let us begin, Jun-chan!!
G: O...okay!
G: Alright! Today let's start by practicing the "do" note!
G: It's hard to blow out a "do" note, isn't it?
G: Hey, sensei, I'm having trouble blowing out a good "do" note, so what should I do?
J: Eh?
K: That's right!
K: It's hard to push down the hole for the "do" note!
K: All I keep blowing out are some other weird notes!
J: Eh...
J: Seriously?
J: You people...can't even blow "do?"
G(2b): Ummm...no, well, uh, sorta...
J: Are you really trying? Look, here, try pressing down on the hole right...
K: Umm...no...
J: Look, just do it! Here!! Press down right here!!
K: Umm...well then, let's all try blowing just as sensei taught us!
K: Puooooooh

K: Wa...waaaah! You're right, I was able to blow it out!
K: It sounded great, too!
G: Just as you taught me, sensei!
K: If you push down right, you really can blow it out!
J: C'mon now...
J: are you making fun of me?
J: I know you could blow it from the start...isn't that right?
G: Eh...?
J: ...you were pretending like you couldn't on purpose...weren't you?
K: Um, no...sensei...
J: What did you call me here for? Just so you could play around with me?
J: I was...excited for today, you know...
G: B...but...
J: ...this is really disappointing...truly...
K: Umm...
G: We're sorry...
K: Please excuse us...
P: They apologized!!!

P: Wh...what's with this mood...it's so heavsy!
P: Heavy! And now they're all being quiet...this supposed to be a kids' show!
G: Ahh...now then, as usual...
G: Now we'll take questions from all our friends watching the show.
G: First, we have a question from Aruto-kun in Aichi prefecture.
J: Oh! Bring it on!
K: Thank you, Aruto-kun!
G: "I love recorders, but for some reason, I can't blow them too well."
G: "What should I do in order to become better?'
G: ...that is his question, sensei!
J: Ahh, I see...yes, I get this one a lot...
J: Well, there really is nothing you can do...
J: It's all about talent!
G(2b): ...ahhh....well, um...hmmm...
K(2b): Hey? Umm...ummm, does that mean if you put out effort...you'll become talented...?

J(2b): ...what? Are you unsatisfied with the answer or something...?
K: No, no...that's not the case...right?
G: Ahh...umm, now for the next question!
G: Eh? Ahh...unfortunately, we're all out of time...
K: Ehhhh, already?! What a shame!
G: Sorry, sensei...but could you please prepare for your performance now...?
J: Oh, I'm gonna perform? Okay, okay!
G: Now then, please listen closely to Jaguar-sensei's performance! That's all for today!
K: We're all ears, Jaguar-sensei!
Title: Nocturnal Teeth Grinding, Bedsores, and Me
J: Waoohh!!
J: Hyuuuuu, hyuuuuu!

J: Oooole, raaaaaaai!!
J: Waaaaaaaaoh!!
J: Amadonef...
TV: Fun Recorder Hour END


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