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Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 48

Legend of the New Century's Invention King, Jaguar

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Apr 21, 2009 10:28 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

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tl by molokidan

The 48th Recorder - Legend of the New Century's Invention King, Jaguar

P: What is this?
J: Fufufu...surprised, Piyohiko?!
P: Jaguar-san!
P: Is this part of some kind of ceremony?
J: Hey, hey, what are you talking about...? Like there'd be a ceremony involving THAT!
J: That's my new invention, the "Recorder Stand."
J: Lately I've really bloomed as an inventor, you see!

J: Well, what do you think? So ground-breaking it's frightening, right?
J: So ground-breaking it makes you want to explode, right?
P: Does this really qualify as an invention...?
J: I've made a lot more...wanna see?
P(2b): eh? No...no thanks.
J: Oh really? Well then, as a special treat, let me start by showing you this!
J: The Recorder Clock!
J: While in a daze blowing the recorder to one's heart's content...
J: one ends up spending too much time and being late to an important party...it happens a lot, doesn't it?!
J(2b): With this, however, you can always keep track of time. You'll make it in time for all the parties and be super-popular with the ladies!
J: You'll get super muscular too!
P: Why does it make you muscular?!

P(2b): Doesn't that seem kinda like more of a hindrance than anything? It seems like it'd be easier just to put a clock beside you rather than sticking one on there...
J: ...alright, here comes the next one...
P: He really made a face like he suddenly understood just now...
J: A Wireless Radio Recorder!
J: While in a daze practicing to one's heart's content...one suddenly realizes they're in the middle of a natural disaster...that happens a lot, doesn't it?!
J: Wireless radios are a necessity to know about natural disasters before they happen.
J: With this, however, you can practice while listening to the radio.
J: It works wonders on your dieting too! You'll even grow a bit taller.
P: No I won't!! I won't get any thinner either!!
P: Why would you be practicing the recorder in the middle of a disaster anyway?!
P: And besides, if you play the flute then you won't be able to hear the radio!

J: Now for the next item.
P(2b): Ehh?! Just now...I don't really know what that was about, but he made a really crazy face!!
J: A Chain Attachment for Recorders!
J: When one is on vacation in a foreign country...
P: Hey, you!
P: That's a dangerous weapon!!
P: Don't think you can get by us with something like this!
G: Oh...oh no!
J: In times like these...
1. Pull Apart
2. Connect the three flute pieces
Bubble: Easy Connecting in One Step!
G: Oh, come now, it's just a three-section staff.
P: Ohhh, so that's what it is.
P: Our mistake!
J(2b): ...and there you have it. You'll get an apology with 100,000 yen afterwards, too.
P: The hell you will!!

P(2b): This is just getting ridiculous now! Look, you don't have to add on stuff like "it'll make you skinnier" or "you'll get 100,000 yen" at the end, alright?!
P: Now come on, will you try to be a little more serious?
J: Shut the fuck up...
J: OK! It's finally time for the end...of our fun, cheerful invention show!
P: He told me to shut the fuck up...
J: Corks made specifically to close up recorder holes!
J(2b): Yes, Piyohiko, a question?! But what on earth can these be used for, you say?!
P: Eh...?
P: N...no I didn't...
P: You just said they're corks to plug up recorder holes, right?

J(2b): The truth is, these are corks that can be used to plug up recorder holes. I know, I know, it's rather hard for an amateur to understand...
P(2b): No...I said that, I said that just now!! Why are you acting like I got it wrong?!
J: For example, if one is forced to wait for a looooong time in front of a railroad crossing,
J: leaving those recorder holes open for a long time can be very...unsettling, can't it?
J(2b): That's when you can use these corks and rest at ease! Nothing will fall out from inside, either.
P: What would you put inside there?!
P(2b): There's nothing inside that recorder, right?! Those serve absolutely no purpose!
J(2b): Wha...didn't you know? There's something inside here!! There's a bunch of things you don't know about stuffed inside here, Piyohiko!!
P: ...what's inside?
J(2b): What's inside...? Well...uh...I was just about to tell you!!
J: Now, let us continue the discussion about finding a pair of glasses that looks better on you, Piyohiko!!
P: When were we talking about that!!?

J(2b): What do you mean? It's obvious that you need a pair of those glasses that make your eyes look like a manga character's!
P(2b): Y...you're talking about another one of your inventions, aren't you?! What's going on?! Are you trying to evade my question?!
J: D...don't say such disrespectful things!! You think I'd ever do something like that?!
P: ...oh, whatever. I'm going to take a rest...
J: Curry...
P: ...eh?
J: Inside the recorder...
J: is curry.
J(2b): No...wait, time out! I shouldn't have gone with that...
P(2b): O...okay...go ahead, take your time...
Box(2b): Jaguar and Piyohiko...their relationship has truly reached a whole new dimension of strangeness.


How many assistants do you have?

They look like this.

A: Good morning...

But I might be getting way more in Volume 4.

Continued on P84.

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