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Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 49

Autumn Festival - The One More Chapter Until We Reach 50 Special

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Apr 21, 2009 11:46 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

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tl by molokidan

The 49th Recorder - Autumn Festival - The One More Chapter Until We Reach 50 Special

Autumn #1: The Autumn of Hunger

J: As expected of the autumn of hunger...my stomach's so empty it feels like I'm gonna die!
J: Haa x4
J: Everything I see looks like food...
J: Ahhh!
J: There's a pile of radish shavings there...
J: Oh, it's just a sodden compress...
J: Wahhh, look at that!
J: Black sesame...black sesame seeds!!
J: Oh, it was just some ants...
J: Woahhh, no way!!
J: Could that be cut-up seaweed?!
J: Oh, it's just wood shavings...
P: Despite his condition, why is he only seeing condiments...?
P: Haa x2

Autumn #2: The Autumn of Sports

P: Hey, Jaguar-san, why don't you exercise once in a while instead of laying around all the time like that?
J(2b): Naaaaaah, too much of a hassle...autumn does make me think of sports, though...
J: Alright then, today...
J: I'll summon up all the sportsmanship I have and lay around with all my energy.
P(2b): Jaguar-san...let's exercise...
J: What are saying, Piyohiko?
J: And you call yourself a sportsman?!

Autumn #3: The Autumn of Art

Box: It's an established custom to have a Piyohiko Sketch Tournament every autumn.
J: Mmm!
J: Guess this is the best it'll get!
J: Alright, tiiiiime!
P: Phew...my legs were really reaching their limits...
P: OK, now let's present them in order starting with you, Takana-kun.
T: Ehhh, starting with me?!
P: Uwahhh...that's so good, Takana-san!
T: R...really?
H: It...it is truly amazing!!
J: Mmm, you really brought out the chicky-ness in Piyohiko.

J: And next up is Hammer!
H(2b): Y...yeah...I'm afraid the...ears on mine came out a little weird...
P: I see! They're in the shape of "6"s, aren't they?!
H: Yes, you're exactly right. (It was really hard...)
P: I don't think the ears are the problem here...
P: What about you, Jaguar-san?
J: Mu?
J: Well, to be honest...
J: The placement of the ears on mine turned out a bit strange as well...
J: See?
P(2b): What is sticking out of me?! No...forget about the ears! Why the hell is that huge thing sticking out of me!!?

Autumn #4: The Autumn of Excursions

J: Ahhhhh, mountains really are wonderful...
J: Look at all this magnificent nature around us!
J: The beautiful autumn colors!
J: The grass, trees, wind, earth, everything's alive....
J: Isn't it amazing to think that humans are just one part of all this splendor?
J: It's important that we never forget this feeling....
P: Yeah, that's true...

Black: Continued in Autumn, Part 1.

Autumn #5: The Autumn of Magic Tricks

J: Fufufu...waaatch closely...
J: Piyohiko, the card you chose...
J: was this one, wasn't it?!
P: Ehhhh?! T...that's it!!
P: Amazing!! How did you do that?!
J: Fufu...it's just a simple trick...

[1] Lightly pour the powdered soup over the noodles and pour boiling water up to the inner line.
[2] After three minutes, mix the soup and add the special sesame sauce.
* At this time, you must absolutely not look underneath your sleeves or behind your teeth.
J: Try it at home, everyone!
[3] When you're full, take a little walk and then relax at a cafe or something.
[4] Upon coming home, get ready really quickly, and reveal the trick calmly just like you practiced!
J: Fufu! Unfortunately, I can't teach you anything about the trick itself.
P: Tohoho...figures the important part is the secret!

Autumn #6: The Autumn of Falling Leaves
H: .....hm?
J: Forget it...
H(2b): Ehhh, what, what? What's up, Jaguar-donoooo?!
P: No...I know. I know what you tried to do just now, Jaguar-san!

Autumn #7: The Autumn of Regret

P: Uwahh...what happened here?!
P: My guitar strings...!!
P: Awww, come on! Who would do something like this...
J: I'm sorry, Piyohiko!
P(2b): The truth is, I had a deep reason for what I did...see...it's supposed to have been about a year since we started serialization in the magazine, and it's also almost time for our 50th chapter, right?
P: But a few problems happened along the way...
P: And it's been one year already, but we still haven't reached 50 chapters...
P: And so the color comic that should've been saved for our 50th chapter ended up getting used for the 49th...
P: I can't really tell you why things happened this way in a loud voice, but...
P: Well, to make a long story short, I dropped it...no! The guitar, I mean!
P: Sorry...that's the way things are!
J: Jaguar-san...
J: OK! I forgive you!!
Box: Ahhh, I'm so glad he forgave me...

Question [8]

Where can I go to meet you, Usuta-sensei?

The most certain place would be my house, but I'm not home that often.

Continued on P92

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