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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

World Embryo 43

The Seven Days of Agatsuma Yui

+ posted by molokidan as translation on May 31, 2009 02:00 | Go to World Embryo

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tl by molokidan

C: ...what's wrong? Amami-kun...
Y: To Komaki-chan--
Y: Right now together with a certain person.
Y: I just happened to run into the very man I've always looked up to.
R: She really met Takao...and then died?
R: Because of my lie...?!

R: I have no idea what happened to her.
Y: Well then...see you at school.
R: Ah, yeah!
Y: --yes--
Y: This is...the story that Amami-kun doesn't know about.
R: If you do it now, it won't be too late. You should return to that every day...
R: to that gentle life of yours...
Y: A gentle life...huh...?

Y: My...
Y: there a life like that...?
Y: Agatsuma Yui's story.

Chapter 43 - The Seven Days of Agatsuma Yui

Screen 1: I think he's lost his 'monster' status these days, right? LOLOLOL
Y: ...what are these idiots saying?
Screen 2:
#63: Whether he really is a "Monster" or not, the police and the media are just too idiotic not to be able to catch the movements of such a flashy guy.
#164: Whatever the case, I wish the Takao-worshiping girls would just shut up once and for all. Go and disappear already!
#165: There isn't any more news, he's probably dead in a gutter somewhere.
Screen 3: You all just jumped on the end of a trend! What hypocrites! Fuck you all!
Screen 4: There's still some left! howdy worshiper!
Screen 5:
Look at that serial killer worshiper getting off to other people's deaths! serves ya right LOLOLOLOLOL
#169: Takao worshipping idiots who can't realize he's just another useless being left behind in this rotten age are soooo stupid
#170: Murderers are murderers. People who glorify them just haven't awakened to their true selves yet. Realize that you're suppressing your own desires!
Y: ...fuckers...
Y: I belong in this place no longer.

Y(2b): I shouldn't have even gone on the internet in the first place. Now I can't even sleep...ahh, milk...
Y: I'm gonna go to the convenience store...maybe Jump's gone on sale early.
Y: Dad's home...
Y: I don't belong in this place either.
?: Convenience a time like this?!

Y: I might as well go to the Lawson on Nibanzaka.
Y: I pretty much know why I can't sleep.
Y: Ah, that's it, Nibanzaka is that way...
Y: Those words he said are just bugging me a little...that's all there is to it.
Y: "You should return to that every that gentle life of yours."

Y:'s not like I thought there'd be anything there.
Y(2b): The decision to go in was just spur of the moment thinking. I figured I'd try exploring this place I found to my heart's content, that's all.
Y: I thought maybe I'd be able to discover something new...
Y: Blood?

Y: ...a homeless person, maybe...?
Y: No...
Y: It's not...
Y: It's not...!
Y: I found him...!

T: ...who are you...?
T: What are you doing...
Y: Takao...sama!

Y: Wh...wh-wh-what should I do?!
Y: U-uh, uh, I...
Y: I'm a b-big f...
Y: The words won't come out right!

T: F.L.A.G.?
T: Or...
Y: That's right...Takao-sama is a serial killer...
Y: Of course...I'll be...
T: ...Jul...

Y: Kya...
Y: Ta...Takao-sama!!
sfx: pururu x3

T: How are you feeling? "Mishima Takao"-kun.
T: Did you...set me up...?
?: a result of things...
?: I'm going to have you "die" here.
?: Ahh, don't worry, it's not what you think.

P: He's ooooouuuut!
P: The assailant has been sighted!!
P: Only one?! Any hostages?
M: Zoom in! Get his face!!
M: Is this more child violence?!
M: If he's a student then we can't use the footage!
M: The scope is completely different!
M: Who cares, just keep recording!

P: Get the media out of here!
P: Hey, step, down!
?: I'm sorry, but...
P: Attention!
P: Are those severed heads on the ground?!
P: Attention, criminal!!
P: Come out with your hands up!
P: They're dead! They're all dead!!
?: socially, you're dead.
P: Throw down your weapons at once!
T: that's it...

Y: Ha...
T: ...who are you...guh!

T: This...
Y: Ah, don't move! Are you alright...?!
Y(2b): You slept for just about two days, your wounds were horrible...I'm glad you're awake now, though...
T: Two days...
T: That's all, huh...
T: tended to my wounds?
Y: Y-yes!
Y: M-my mother was a nurse! So I know the right way to do things...
Y(2b): Ah, m-my n-name is Agatsuma Yui...! you
T: No...
T: I see...

T: I seem to have caused you a lot of trouble. My apologies, I am grateful...
T: Thank you.
Y: C...cuuuuute!!!
Y: P...p-p-please don't do things like thaaat!!
Y: He's so different than the image I had, but I'm not complaining!!
T: If there is something you want, then please say it...
T: I have an obligation to respond dutifully.

Y: ...anything?
Y: I can really...say anything?
T(small): what's this intensity...
T: ...y-yes...
Y: Takao-sama!

T: Yui...?
Y: H-how are you? Your body...
T: problems.
Y: B-but there's no way you could recover this quickly!
Y: For the next three days, I went to Takao-sama's side daily.
T: Please allow me to assist you until your wounds heal, Takao-sama!!
Y: I said it as if it might be rejected, but Takao-sama was nice enough to heed my request.
Y: Ah...amazing!
Y: Your wounds are already almost completely healed!
T: ...that's why I told you I'm fine...

Y: Takao-sama always sleeps during the afternoon.
Y: Then, when the sun goes down, he wakes up and keeps a vigilant watch on that apartment complex.
Y: I suspect...his next alien target is living there.
Y: That's just my imagination, though. Takao-sama never speaks unless he absolutely has to.
Y: The incident back then...
Y: It really became a topic of discussion at school...
Y(2b): Oh, that's right! New clothes! It must be hard always having to wear that coat, right?
Y(2b): That's why I always just talk about whatever I feel like. Rambling on and on...
Y: But...Takao-sama is nice enough to listen to me, and nods time to time.
Y(2b): That's enough to make me happy...and so I've kept quiet about Amami-kun.
Y: They're enemies, after all...if I talked about that, I feel like I'd lose the chance to spend time with him like this...

Y: ...well then, once the sun goes down, I'll come back again, OK?
T: ...yeah.
Y: Ah!
Y: Is there anything you'd like to eat? Shall I go buy something for you?
T: ...rice.
T: Rice balls...and some clam & miso soup...
T: Not stuff from the convenience store...I want it nice and warm...
Y: I'll make it for you!!
T: ...didn't you say you're bad at cooking?
Y: I can at least do simple stuff like that!!

T: ...oh really...
T: Well then, I'm looking forward to it...
T: ...shut up. I already know all that.

T: I'll be sure to finish things off before they "deepen" too much...
T: This is the boundary...
Y: ...i-it's not about appearances!
Y: It's about love! That's it, love!!
Y: I just hope he likes it...
D: ...a lunchbox, huh?

Y: Father...(you're home...)
Y: ...I have to learn to cook myself. I'm an adult now, you know.
Y: the way, doesn't the way this room look bug you a bit?
F: ...yeah.
TV: #5 up to bat, Fukuda!
Y: ...I'm going out to "see my boyfriend"...
F: ...oh really...
Y: "I might not come back"...!

F: ...see you later...
Y: ...die.
Y: That's why mom left...
Y: Maybe I really will, then...together with Takao-sama.
Y: Yeah right...Takao-sama isn't that nice...
Y: But...I'm sure he'll listen quietly and nod his head for me.

Y: That alone is enough
Y: to get me through this day!
Y: --and yet...

T: I'm looking forward to it...
Y: and yet...
Y: things have to turn out like this...?!

Next: June 30.

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