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Nana to Kaoru 17

Premonitions of a Three-Way

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jun 14, 2009 11:06 | Go to Nana to Kaoru

-> RTS Page for Nana to Kaoru 17

Done on commission for ChronicD, only for use by him and his group.


tl by molokidan

Yellow text on side: Colored, in gratitude for the immense popularity<3
yellow text on top: Until yesterday, it was a "breather" just for two...and now...
black text: This new development is
purple: erotic...
black text in middle: Nana & Kaoru
small orange text: Super-Popular Step-Up SM Love Comedy
Chapter 17 - Premonitions of a Three-Way
Red: Special News!!
black text underneath: "Nana & Kaoru" Volume 2 goes on sale on 5/29[fri]!!!!!
It's filled with extras, so be sure to read it <3
red text underneath: JTC Volume 1 now in its sixth printing!!

S: I'm Sugimura Kaoru.
S: Until recently, I hardly ever exercised...
S: Alright!!
S: Today will be the day
S: I run the whole course!!
S: The truth is, though, for this past week...
sfx: ton x2
sfx: kyoro x2
S: I've been waking up early every morning,
S: and working running
S: into my daily schedule.
sfx: ha x3

black text on side: The Culture Festival is over, so it's about time Nana for want to take another "breather"...

sfx: haa x5
S: If I get strong,
S: I'll be able to protect Nana!!
S: I'm sure she'll be happy.
S(3b): Nana...once I get strong, we'll be able to do stuff we can't now...like...
S(2b): "Hanging!!" Someday!!
sfx: girih
sfx: gish
S: Dammit <3 I'm gonna hang you!!
sfx: fuh
sfx: haa

G: Are you...
G: alright?
G: Once more!!
sfx: gyauh
S: I'm fine, I'm fine already!!
G(4b): It's your first week? If you run without doing any warm-ups, your legs will end up getting strung. Beginners such are scary...
S: Ah...yeah.
S: Sorry.
G: It looks like those shoes don't fit you quite right, either...
S: Y...yeah.
G: Mm!
G: That's right!!
G: You need to keep yourself hydrated!!
S: Ah...ahh!

S: Sorry...
sfx: chuuu
S: for all...this.
T: My name's
T: Tachi.
S(2b): I'm Sugimura...Sugimura Kaoru.
G: Wait, Hiro-kun!
G: Come on! You're always so selfish!
T(2b): You always run around this time, right? I've noticed it for a while.
G: Mm?
S: That's the jist of things.

S: I'm tiny and slim, so I don't have any power.
S: I used to think "Ah, whatever," but
S: that won't do me any good!!
sfx: haa x3
S: As far as S&M goes,
S: The S has to be stronger than the M!
S: In order for the M to submit and act conquered,
S: the S can't show any signs of tiring.
S: S&M
S: is all about stamina!!
S: ...that's,
S: what Sarashina-sensei wrote too.

T(2b): Good job, Kaoru!! You completed the entire course today!
T(2b): That's not it, either! I did too.
S(2b): Y...yeah, Tachi...sorry...for making you match my pace...
T(2b): I was tired of running alone. I can't join a club right now, either...
S: Club?
T: Yeah, the truth is...ahh, where should I start from?
T: I'm going to enter a "heptathlon."
S: Heptathlon?
T(2b): Don't you know about decathlons? This is the female version, where girls compete in a variety of events.
T: Except, they aren't too prevalent in Japan...
S: Thanks.
sfx: haa
T: And there are a lot of tournaments that don't feature heptathlons especially.
sfx: chuu
S: Hm?
T(2b): I've always wanted to enter a heptathlon, though, no matter what it took!

T(2b): That's why I'm going to enter all seven parts of the heptathlon, and aim for the top spot in every one, calculating all the points...
S: Wait a second!!!
S: You're a girl?!
T: Yeah.
T(2b): Eh?! Kaoru, what did you think I was until now?!
T(sfx): C'mon!!
T: I"m Tachi Ryouko!!
T: A second-year at Shiratori Girls' Academy!
T: Look!! I actually DO have a chest, you know!!

S: Uuugeeeehhh! I, I completely...
S: s-s-s-saw her chest!! R-r-raw breasts...
T: Anyway, back to what I was saying...
S: And isn't drinking this like an indirect kiss!!?
T(2b): My senpai on the Track team keeps saying "Concentrate on one event!!" so as not to disrupt the balance, and all this stuff...so like,
T: before he could finish...
T: I punched him.
T: After only one month in the club!
T(sfx): Ahaha!
T: Ahhhh, I really want to enter a tournament...
T: Without an opponent to compete against, I'll never be able to be feel uplifted...
T: really unsatisfied in my desires right now...
T: I wish I could compete with someone!
sfx: haah
S: Indirect...
sfx: doki x3
S(2b): Kiss...with a girl...
S(2b): Indirect kiss...kiss...

T(2b): Oh yeah!! Kaoru, do you go to Sakuramizo High?!
S: Huh? Oh, yeah, but...
T(2b): Great!! In that case...do you know Chigusa Nana?!
C(2b): OK!! Last spurt!!
C: 19!!
C: 20
B: Look at that huge chest!!
sfx: haa x4
C: 21

G: You're sure doing your best, Chigusa-san<3
N: Ah!!
sfx: haa x6
N: Yagami-senpai<3
Y(2b): Hello<3 I came to watch.
Y: Good work on the culture festival, Chigusa-san.
N: P-please!
N: After helping on it I realized just how much work students have always been putting into it!
Y(2b): Oh, come now! The one this year was much more exciting than the ones we did...ahh, that's right! I heard...

sfx: achoo
Y(2b): Chigusa-san prepared the entrance to the culture festival all by herself? Not only that, but at the time our Hiroshi was in prep school?!
Y(bottom right): Chairman, are you alright?
H: I just got...a sudden chill.
N(2b): N-no, senpai!! That was my fault...and the end festival...the Chairman came to help out even though it was so late.
Y: But you got most of it done yourself, right? It's only natural that you needed Hiroshi to finish things off...
N: What is Chairwoman Yagami planning to do to me...
Y: Either way...
Y: The Chigusa-san I've seen as of late...
Y: sure has gotten rather womanly<3
sfx: poyon
sfx: guh
sfx: kyuu
Y: Could it be that you've fallen in love?

N(2b): I-I just gained some weight, that's all!! I s-skipped practice a bit, you know...
N: But I'll make sure my body's in tip-top shape for the next tournament!!
Y: Does she...have a boyfriend?
Y: She's so glamorous these days, I'm a bit jealous <3
Y: Speaking of tournaments,
Y(3b): Do you know who's entering the next one? You should remember...the person who lost to you, Chigusa-san, in the 800m...the person who shouted "I won't lose next time!" and declared you her rival.
N: Ahh!! From Shiratori!
N: I just got lucky...
Y: Still, I'm excited to see the showdown between you two.
N: Yes, senpai!! I'll work hard <3
Y(2b): Ah, but Chigusa-san...especially now the culture festival has ended...
Y: Don't forget
Y: to take a breather once in a while!
N(2b): Ah...yes.

N(2b): That's right..."breathers."
N: ...they're important too, senpai said so!
N: ...breathers.
N: Brea...
N: ...thers.
N: Breathers...
Y(2b): Okay then! As expected of you, Chigusa-san...
sfx: waah

N: The problem...
N: is whether Kaoru will accompany on my "breather" or not.
N: If what Yukari said was true...
N: then Kaoru's waking up early every morning and meeting that other boy.
N: Kaoru? Waking up early?
N: THAT Kaoru doing something like that?!
N: That lazy Kaoru?
N: The Kaoru that always oversleeps and just barely makes it on time?!
N: To think he'd be waking up early!!
sfx: haa x4
N: He'd have to...be feeling some strong determination...

N: Strong...
N: Determination...
N(3b): could it be...he really likes...that other boy? It can't be...but...
N(3b): Hmmm...it didn't seem like he had a girlfriend or anything...so I felt relieved, but...
N: N...
N: N-no!!
N(2b): Noooo!! No, no! I! I...
N: I-I!!
N: Don't mind...if Kaoru
N: has someone he likes!!
N(bubble): No, really!!
N: But...IF.
N: he didn't,
N: then I wouldn't mind inviting him...
N: to take a breather with me.
N: I wonder if Kaoru...
N(2b): would ever come to knock on my door?
N: Yeah!!
N(2b): If only Kaoru would invite me...I wouldn't have to worry about this kind of stuff...

N: C'mon! Take some responsibility!
N: You...
N: You...
N: You're the one, after all...
N: who made me realize...
N: that I'm a pervert!!

K: I'm home, mom.
M(2b): Welcome back, Kaoru. You sure are late, for not being in a club...
K: Shush!
M: Oh yeah! Something came in the mail for you.
M: What's a Nikoniko Toy?
K(sfx): Ah!
K: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
sfx: dododoh
M: Ah?
M: Hey, Kaoru!!
sfx: batan
M: What about the money for it?!
M(3b): I paid for it, you know! You still owe me for your previous allowance too, remember? Kaoru!!
sfx: haa x3
sfx: barih x2

K: It's here <3
K(2b): It's here <3 Yeeeesss!!
K: Yeeess, it's here <3
K: It's here!!
K(2b): It's here, it's here
K: It's heeere <3
sfx: kotoh
N: Eh?
N(sfx): Bah!!
sfx: shiiiin

N: Was that...
N: knock from Kaoru...
N(2b): just now...my imagination?
N: I wonder...
N: Uuuuuuuun!!
sfx: poh
N: It should be coming soon!
sfx: goroh
N: ...the "breather."
N(2b): Maybe he's just taking advantage of the fact that the signs have always been coming from me.
sfx(2b): kon kon
N: Ahhh, c'mon!
N(2b): Kaoru, you idiot!! This is actually making it harder to study...

sfx: gabah
N: Eh?
sfx: dokin
sfx: dokun
sfx: dokin
N: T...
N: That?
N: That...!
sfx: dokin
sfx: dokun
sfx: dokin
sfx: dokun
sfx: dokun
sfx: dkin
sfx(bubble): peroh
sfx: dokin
sfx: kon
sfx: kon

sfx: patan
N: Ah...he's
N: brought...
N: something...again.
K: H...
sfx: doki
K: Hey.
sfx: doki
K(2b): This moment...always makes me kinda...nervous.
sfx: doki
N: Wh-wh
N: What? Kaoru...
sfx: doki
K(2b): What do you mean what? You returned my knock, didn't you?!
N: I just knocked back because you did!!
K: I dunno, I just figured
K: that's it about time...
sfx: gishih

K: for Nana's "breather."
N: I'm just going along with it, you know.
sfx: dokun...
K(2b): You've got the wrong idea...yeah.
sfx: pikuh
K(2b): Oh...well if you don't have any need for me, then I'll just go home.
sfx: Yoh...
K: Sorry for bugg...
sfx: gyuh<3
sfx: dokin
N(2b): Well, you don't exactly have to leave...
sfx: doki
sfx: dokun
sfx: dokin
sfx: dokun
N(2b): now that you're here...do you?

sfx: zah...
T(2b): So THIS is this place...huh? What should I do...
T(2b): ...well, I've come all this way...
T: I'd better just prepare myself.
T(2b): Alright!! Time to practice!
T(3b): Chigusa-san!! Would you mind running the 800m with me right now? I have some circumstances that are preventing me from entering the next tournament.
Text on panel: Wait...could this be?! Is she really going in?! Are they really going to see each other?! And then, is she really going to join in...no, wait, that won't happen, right?! What will happen next time...you've got to read it!!
Bottom boxes: Nana & Kaoru / Next Issue/No.7 / Goes on Sale Friday, June 5 / To Be Continued!

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