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World Embryo 44

The Seven Days of Agatsuma Yui[2]

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jun 29, 2009 05:38 | Go to World Embryo

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tl by molokidan

Y: Why...
Y: Takao-sama?
Y: So that's where he went...oh, what should I do...if he doesn't eat his dinner now it'll get cold...
Y: Alright then!
Y: did things turn out this way...?

Y: U-um...
Y: Ahh...
Y: Hiiieee!!

T: alright?

Chapter 44 - The Seven Days of Agatsuma Yui[2]

Y: U-um...
Y: Takao-sama...this is...
Y: Kyaaaaaaahhh...!!
T: no choice, I guess...Yui!
Y: Eh...

Y: Kyaaaaaaah...
W: C-call the police, dear...
W: Dea...?

Y: 3 years mother suddenly disappeared.
Y(2b): I heard that she "found a new man and ran away" from my father, but to think my serious mother would do something like that...I just couldn't believe it.
Y: I couldn't believe what happened to my father after that, either.
Y: entire life changed.

K: Yui...I heard about your mom...
K: Cheer up!
Y: Thanks...
Y: Komaki-chan was blunt as usual.
Y: The way I was at that time, I had no composure...
Y: I'm sorry, but...for now...just leave me alone...
M: Yui...
Y: And naturally built a wall around myself.
Y: That...wasn't a good idea.
?: Hey, Agatsumaa! Got a minute?

Y: Fuaah...
T: ...finally woke up, huh?
Y: Ta...Takao-sama?!
Y: This car...
T: I borrowed one of the ones down there...there was no way we'd have been able to run away like that.
Y: Ah...I'm sorry...
T(2b): Don't misunderstand...if I had left you there, it would been like leaving a footprint. Not to mention, those bastards...
Y: Eh?
T: Forget it...
Y: ...figures...he won't tell me anything, as usual...

Y: What happened just now...
T: The blood splatters will stick out like a sore thumb...let me drive you home, do you know how to get there?
T: --hey, are you listening to me?
Y: Hiiieee...!!
Y: Ah...
Y: No...
Y: Uh...

Y: Ah...
Y: S-sorry...
Y: I...just...
T: After you get out, forget everything.
T: And don't come near me anymore.
T: You're a bother.
Y: But...
T: I'm a criminal who kills people.
T: If you're expecting a hero or something like that, then go find someone else.
T: Don't push your assumptions onto other people.

Y: I'm...
Y: sorry...
Y: ...but...
Y: I...feel it.
Y: You aren't just a killer...

Y: I watched the "Graduation of Blood" live...
Y: At that time...I was a hikkikomori.
Y: It was such a see a boy the same age as me do such a horrible thing...
Y(2b): But...I couldn't take my eyes off it...I couldn't stop thinking about it.
Y: I was sucked into the case...watching news reports and checking the internet constantly...
Y: I even went to go see the scene of the crime itself...and from then I gradually began to think this:
Y: "That's not the real him."

Y: For the longest time, I didn't know what those feelings meant...
Y(2b): I simply thought I had gone crazy...feeling that way toward person who had done such an atrocity...
Y: Then...there was the fire at school...
Y: And I was saved by Sura...a certain person.
Y(2b): That person protected me from the monsters. And for some felt nostalgic.
Y: That's when...I remembered.

Y: I...was saved by you.
Y: Just a little bit before the Graduation of Blood...
T: Are these guys your classmates...? You're...really lucky you didn't get infected...
T: Here...
T: can you stand?

T:'s alright.
T: All this fear...all the'll soon forget it all.
Y: Recently, I remembered why I didn't want to go to school...
Y: My classmates were the ones who died...
Y: I...was being bullied...
Y: And so...I was afraid...

Y(2b): This may just be my assumption, me, you're...
Y: You're the man who saved me...a true hero.
T: Oh yeah...
T: That did happen...

T: We're here. Get out.
T: And don't get involved with me again.
T: If you do...I'll kill you.
sfx: purururu x3
sfx: pih!

?: Does hearing the sounds of true understanding make you happy?
T: What are you trying to say?
?: You're alone.
?: You live alone, search alone, and must put them to rest alone.
?: Don't forget that. Naivety is what invited that tragedy.
?: Hide the truth, and don't let her get close to you.

?: If she gets any closer...kill her!
sfx: buuh
T: Fucking geezer...
Y: I'll make it you!

T: Tastes like shit...
TV: Well, everyone?! How are you enjoying your last day of summer vacation here in Odaiba?!

Y: As usual...the news didn't have anything about what happened at that apartment complex.
TV: The four biggest cereal companies in the world have--
Y: I'm positive someone must have seen it, though...
Y: More importantly, though...what Takao-sama said to really hurts.
T: Don't push your own silly ideals onto other people.
Y: ...oh yeah...
Y: I...can't be angry about what Komaki-chan did...

Y: Assuming something about someone out of care is the same as assuming something about someone because you admire them...
Y: Komaki-chan was simply going out of her way to help me, that's all...
Y: What should I do...I'm so sorry...!
R: You should tell her...
R: as soon as possible...
Y: But...I don't have the courage to say it to her...face...
Y: ...ahhh! I'll just have to do it this way...

sfx: gacha
Y: Father.
Y: He...changed after my mother disappeared.
Y(2b): I couldn't count on him for anything anymore, and it seemed like I was only an annoyance to him. That's why I stopped trying to compromise with him.
Y: And so we continued our separate lives, like strangers.
Y: Father!
Y: Haven't you always told me...
Y(2b): Now my father is silent and lethargic...just like a robot, or an alien...
Y: to at least call if you're going to be gone for more than a day?!

Y: An...alien...

T: Not a single trace...who cleaned them up?
T: Usually there's always something left out to be noticed...that's how they manipulate me...
T: Did they change their pattern? What's going on here...
T: Or could it be FLAG...? No...

sfx: purururu
T: ...who is it?
Y:'s me. Agatsuma Yui.
T:! Where did you get this number...
Y: U-um...when you were sleeping, I...I'm sorry! Ah...well...I have something I want to ask you...
Y: Those things...were they really humans?
Y: U-um...Amami-kun told me once..."Aliens use cell phones as detectors, so if they're close, don't answer."
Y(2b): So...please don't hang up...they...look exactly the same...those eyes...

Y: My father's...
Y: Hiieee...!! Noooooooo
sfx: butsun
T: Geezer...I found one!

T: A "cavity!"
G: ...I told you, it's that girl...don't let her interfere. And...
G: Kill her!!

Cell Phone: I think I'm going to die soon, so I just wanted to tell you my feelings

cell phone: I'm sorry (repeated)
black text: The time with Yui, lost forever...

Next: July 30.

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