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Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 51

Let's Play With Hammer - Wake Up Arc(2) "The Conclusion"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jul 2, 2009 00:47 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

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tl by molokidan

The 51st Recorder - Let's Play With Hammer - Wake-Up Arc [2] "The Conclusion"
P: Playing a trick on a ninja without waking him up is a difficult task, but Jaguar and Piyohiko excitedly leapt at the challenge.
P: Contrary to their expectations, however, Hammer didn't wake up at all, and it sorta killed the mood.
sfx: guuuu x2
P: ...he's sleeping as if he's dead...
J: Yeah...it's no different from actually being dead.
J(2b): To think he wouldn't wake up even after taking a direct blow to the face...this guy's senses are duller than the average human.
P: Is Hammer-san really a ninja...?
J: Well, he does have a surprisingly mysterious nature about him...
J: This is our chance, let's go rummage around his room!

J: Oh?
J: What's this? It looks like he has a resume!
P: Is he job-hunting?
Furigana: Hamawatari Hiromitsu
Name: Hamawatari Hiromitsu (Nickname: Hammer)
1975.06.06 (26 years old) | Male

J(2b): Uwahh! His real name is Hamawatari Hiromitsu...all the kanji for his name have the sanzui hen on the left sides!!
P: He's 26 years old?! That thing is more real than I imagined it would be...
J: It says his nickname's Hammer, too...!
J(2b): And what's with this photo?! It's so blurry!! I'm sure anyone looking at this would reject him immediately!
P: Hey...Jaguar-san, you're laughing too much!!
J: Unfortunately, that's all he's written so far...
J: Just when I thought we'd be able to find out about Hammer's past...

* Counting my veins
* Sniffing the people next to me
* Ikkoku Dou imitation (his face)
* Making my muscles twitch
P: Wh...what are you writing there?! Stop it, Jaguar-saaaan!
J: No, no, don't worry, it's fine.
J: Let's see here...he dropped out of the public Nosewa Little Bird middle school...
P(2b): What the hell's with that middle school?! And why did he drop out?! You can't write that kind of stuff, Jaguar-san!!
J(2b): Oh, you're such a fuddy-duddy, Piyohiko. I was just about to start on his minus points, too...
P: That was a plus?! It already sounds minus enough to me!
J: Well, whatever...what do you say we search around a little more?
J: I won't stop until I expose his entire past!
P: I think our goal here has changed...
H: What are you doing...?

H: If it's shopping, I can go do it myself, Kagechiyo-sensei...
P: Kagechiyo-sensei!!?
J(2b): That name! That can't be a real name!! Was he abused by that sensei of his?!
P(2b): Ahh...now I really wanna know too...let's rummage! Jaguar-san, let us rummage some more!
J(2b): Alright! You take that side, Piyohiko! I'm sure it won't matter if we make a little more noise, so let's just talk normally.
P: Okay!
J: Ahh!!
Book: My History Album
P: Jaguar-san! I found something really interesting!!
J(2b): Ohhh, an album! Fantastic work, Piyohiko!
P: Eheh! Eheheheheheheheh...
J: Too much laughing! You're gross, Piyohiko!
J: Alright! Let's open this sucker up.
P: O...okay.
P: I got too excited...

Label: Me On My First Day of Elementary School
sign: Entrance Ceremony
P: Huh? It's so normal...
J: Yeah...it isn't ninja-like at all!
Label: Me on My First Day of Middle School
Sign: Private Orihalcon 2nd Middle School
J(2b): Huh? So he transferred to Nosewa Little Bird in his second year, huh?
P: What, no he didn't! You're really forcing it too much!
J(2b): Seriously, though, this is too normal...aside from his face getting a little older, there's nothing out of the ordinary about this.
P: Not only that, but Private Orihalcon sounds like the name of a really smart school.
P: Maybe he was just a surprisingly normal kid?
J: Preposterous...he was probably just told by his grandfather to hide his true identity at school.

Label: Me in 6th Grade
Label: Me in 7th Grade
Label: Me in 8th Grade
Flag: Certain Victory for the Red Team
P: He doesn't really look like that smart a kid anymore...
J: Or to put it more accurately, he's completely gone over to the idiot side...
Label: Me Not Getting Discouraged At All After Failing All My High School Entrance Exams
H: You can do it if you try!

J: The extremity of this downwards spiral...I think I really understand...
P: It's like he felt "something woke up inside of me"...
P: Still, though, he doesn't look like a ninja yet, does he?
J: Mmm...maybe he truly isn't a ninja after all...
Label: Me Getting into the Alexander Style Ninja Academy After Taking a Year Off
P: Alexander Style Ninja Academy!!?
P(2b): Wh-what is this...a high school?! Is this where Hammer-san became a ninja?!
P(small): It wasn't family-inherited?!
J(2b): This looks so fishy...I mean, come on, the principal is a foreigner!! He's the founder of the style!!

P: He really...had a mysterious life...
J: Yeah...he really has had a unique one...
J(2b): ...but look at all these pictures...they all look like he was living each day to the fullest...
P(2b): You're right...it may look fishy, but these pictures are the ones where he looks like he's having the most fun.
J(2b): I bet he had a great sensei...and that he learned many important things from his time there...
P: You may be right...
J(2b): Hey! Hey, Hammer!
J: Wake up!

P: You're gonna wake him up?
J: Yeah...we saw a lot, didn't we?
J: If we left now it'd feel too guilty.
P: Fufu...despite how it seems, you really do have a good heart after all, Jaguar-san!
J(2b): Hey! Wake up, Hammer! There's a fire!
J(2b): Hey! You're gonna die, Hammer!
J: Hey, I said! Wake up!
J: No wait, you're already dead, Hammer!
J: Hey!
J: He hasn't learned shit...
Box: The way of the ninja was more like a club activity to him.


What foods do you like?

Chicken Wings.
Also, I love broiled Japanese bluefish.
Left arrow: Chicken Wing
Right: Japanese bluefish
small arrow 1: Me
2: Drool

Continued on P110.

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