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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

World Embryo 45


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Aug 2, 2009 06:48 | Go to World Embryo

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tl by molokidan

T: Apparently some weird mail came...Komaki told me about it this morning...ahh, yeah, here it is.
T: The address...I've never seen it before. It's not registered in my phone, either...
T: Is this Agatsuma the person Amami was talking about...?
A: This...must have been a mail Agatsuma Yui sent before she died.
A: Agatsuma Yui met with Takao, and through a series of circumstances, became involved with the Kanshu...
T: What are you going to do, Aisu? Send the mail to Amami...?

T: He's gone too...and we can't get ahold of him.
K: What's that guy doing, dammit...?! Just look at Komaki...
A: ...I will definitely...
A: definitely find him and bring him back here.
A: Therefore...I want you both to listen closely to what he has to say.
A: will you promise...only to decide whether or not you will forgive him after first listening?
A: ...I beg this of you, from the bottom of my heart.

T: ...who's the one who first called her "Aisu?"
black: To the side a partner she trusts in--
T: She's super warm.
Chapter 45 - Longing

R: What...
R: Was this...sent out just before Agatsuma-san died?
R: Is it a joke? No, this is actually
R: But how could she have enough time to type all this...
R: Does this have anything to do with her being suspected as a spy by the Chairwoman?!
R: Did Takao kill her?
R: No, that couldn't...
R: It's no good, I'm getting too confused...
R: Did she turn into a Kanshu?
R: The true cause...is my lying...
C: What's wrong?!
C: Amami-kun!!

R: Isn't this
R: F.L.A.G.'s fault?!
C: Ama...
sfx: dokun...

C: Thank you for your hard work,
C: Director Karasawa.
K: ...thank you very much, Acting Advisor Tokiji.
C: You can call me Sawako, there's no one else here right now.
K: ...haha, I guess you're right.
C: I think you adequately expressed the deep importance for the existence of F.L.A.G. at the board meeting.
C(2b): Jinki Users...was it? Tracking them down may be hard, but we should be able to gather up more employees and build a firm organization capable of doing so.

C: Thank you...this is all thanks to you acting as a pipeline for us to the higher levels.
C(2b): With this Tokiji blood...which is wrapped rather tightly with the binds of obligation...I can't do much on my own.
K: There's only a little bit of work we have left to do on the circuit ring...then it'll all be finished.
C:The Kanshu search system? But even if you finish it, though, won't there still be a lot of work left to do?
K: Don't worry...our little treasure hunt will come to an end...or maybe not.
C: Eh?
K: "Don't worry about it...hopefully I'll be able to tell you someday."

C: Out of the way!
C: How...?
S: It's dangerous!
C: could this happen...?
K: ...stay away.
K: St..ay...away...
C: Karasawa-kun...!!

R: ...Chairwoman?
S: Um...
H(2b): There's no need to worry. Just stay here. They won't touch us...!

H: ...what's the occasion, Kanzaki-san? Bringing this many friends with you...

K: This is an emergency situation. Amami Riku, a member of your Annexed Department, has kidnapped the Chairwoman and escaped.
K(2b): In order to track him, we are putting all Jinki Users on alert -- this goes for the Annexed Department and Reserve Department as well.
H: My...that's the first I've heard of such a thing.
H: Through what sort of sequence of events did Amami-kun find himself in your department without any notification being sent to us?
K: ...this isn't the time to be prodding each other.
K: As his manager, you must take some responsibility. Please come with us.
H: ...fine. But before that, there's something I want to show you.
H: Depending on what happens afterwards, I may want to call the responsibility of your side into question.
K: ...what are you talking about?

H: Aren't you interested...in the true form of the source of infection?
R: ...what's wrong? It's like you suddenly became a totally different person...
C: The same goes for you, Amami-kun.
C: You look like you were suddenly possessed by something.

C: It seems like there might be some misunderstanding here, so I'll say it once more.
C: We just want to know the truth.
C: In order to arrive at the source of infection...in order to prevent any more sacrifices from happening...!
C: Because of that, we have acted a bit coercive up until now...I apologize.
R: ...what are you talking about all of a sudden...
C(2b): "A childish competition of obstinance only pushes the truth farther away." A man very similar to you once said that to me.
C(2b): I remembered it just now -- he had the same eyes as you...that man suffered on his own, and then died...without opening up to anyone.
C: I couldn't do anything...I didn't even know what it was that he was hiding...!

C: I don't ever want to see that happen again...!
C(2b): Do you think you can do everything by yourself? Stop being so conceited! There are times when things can be changed for the better simply by telling the truth! Therefore...
R: You manipulative bitch!!
R(2b): You treated Neene and I like guinea pigs, and that's all you have to say?! You think talking nicely now after all this time, the past can just be washed away!?

sfx: pah
sfx: basah
sfx: giri...
C: ...where are you going?
R: To look outside, and cool my head.
R(2b): Dammit...dammit! What am I doing...?
R: It's because...she said the same thing Youhei did...!
Y: If you don't believe, then no one can either believe nor doubt you...
Y: That's why, the first thing to do...is speak!
R: ...ne...
R: Neene!

N: Ahh, Papa!
K: Ahh...good evening. I hope you don't mind my dropping in.

R: ...Neene, what are you doing...?
N: Oh! Just talking!
S(2b): Looks like you've had your fair share of trouble lately...and the look on your face is asking me what I'm doing here...didn't I tell you before?
S: I've come to pick her up once more.
R: ...but Neene hasn't matured yet?
S: Hahaha...well, no, not according to human society.
S: But if you'll look closely...her secondary sex characteristics have started to appear.
S(2b): She's grown enough to be counted as an adult. She's definitely within my range <3 (just kidding)
R: This guy is seriously trouble!!

R: Neene! Get away from him!!
R(small): For more than one reason!!
R: Get over here!!
N: Ehh? But Shiro saved me!
N: Right?! (Shiro?!)
R: He...saved me?
N: He told me how to escape back there, papa!
R: Neene...and that guy...?!
N: So I just followed his instructions and it totally worked!
R: But when...
R: ...no...
R: Since when?
R: Why didn't you tell me such an important thing?!
sfx: bikuh

R: Haven't I always told you to be careful around strangers?!
N: Ne...
N: Auu...
R: There are tons of bad people in the world! You need to be more careful!!
R: Understand?! No matter what, you...
N: But papa...you're keeping a secret from Neene too...aren't you?
N: What is Neene?
N: is Amane-nee Neene's mama?
N: Is mama not my real mama?

R: ...how...do you know about that...
N: Why didn't you tell me about Amane-nee?
C: Kuh...
R: No...i-it's not like that!!
R: I was going to wait until you got older!
R: Besides, you...were getting close to Arisugawa...
C: You...?!
R: You and...Amane-nee are...
N: ...papa, you don't know either, do you...?

N: I want to know about myself!
N(2b): Shiro said he'd tell me! So I'm gonna go with him!
R: ...you can't!!
R: He's a bad guy. Up until now, he's made sacrifices of countless people.
R: There's no way I'll let you go with such a person...!
N: Papa...

K: Aha, aha, aha!! You're teetering, as usual!
K: What will it take to get you to trust in someone?
R: Shut up!!
R: You expect anyone to trust you wearing a stupid mask like that?!
K: Oh my, good point. (Tahaha)
K: ...you're right.
K: There's no need to hide myself behind this any longer...

K: ...that was surprising!
K: You've got quite the nose on you.
T: Dammit...still not real one...
R: Takao...!!

C: Hey...! What did you mean by...
K: Hello...there.

K: ...what you've done to our company qualifies as a treacherous action.
H: You're right, and I'm prepared for all the consequences.
H: However...letting HIM go would be treacherous to society.

K: ...what is this?!
H: A seizing code...
H: Its purpose is to allow forced access into the core of the F.L.A.G...no, the NEFT database. A system to place holes into the main system, one could say...
H: Everything is wide open!!
H: In other words...we've been in the palms of his hands, this entire time.
K: ...this identification code...could it be?
H: He was deeply involved with the structuring of the F.L.A.G. system. His last access...was four hours ago.
H: Now, two years ago...this man died, didn't he?

C: ...Karasawa...kun?!
H: The Ex-Director of F.L.A.G.
H: Karasawa Shirou!

Next: August 29.

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#1. by shamanchrno ()
Posted on Aug 2, 2009
thks a lot for the translation
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