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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Dragon Ball 3

Gokuu Runs to the Beach!

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Oct 16, 2007 19:44 | Go to Dragon Ball

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tl by molokidan

#003. Gokuu Runs to the Beach!

Narration: At the crack of dawn, Son Gokuu and Buruma prepared to continue their journey to collect the Dragonballs. However, although unbeknownst to them -- an eerie shadow stands waiting for them!
Gokuu: Stiiiiill?
G: If you were any slower, you'd turn into a turtle you know!!
B: Shut up already about the turtles!
B: The truth is, you just wake up too early!!
B: By the way, would you stop saying "you"?
B: I'm two years older than you, you know! I should be referred to as "Buruma-san!"

G: Too hard, so nope!
B: You drink coffee too?
G: Too bitter, who'd like that!!
G: Alright, exercise tiiime!
G: YAH!!

Kame: Wah!
K: Wah!
G: Eh?!

K: Hah...hah...
K: Wahhh, that was scary...
G: She...she really did turn into a turtle!!!
G: See what happened!! I told you you were being too slow!!
B: Huuh?
B: Who the heck are you talking to?
G: What?!
B: Hn??
B: What's with the turtle?!
G: So it wasn't you...
B: But isn't this a sea turtle?
B: What's it doing all the way out here?

K: Eh...excuse me...but could I possibly get a cup of saltwater? If possible, I'd like some seaweed as well...
B: Seems pretty luxurious for a turtle!!
SFX: Gokuh gokuh
K: Puhaaah! Th...thank you very much!!
K: The truth is, I...
K: ...am a turtle.
B: We can see that!!
K: A sea turtle, that is. I was out gathering mushrooms, when I...um...got...lost.
K: It's been a year since I left the ocean...I've been traveling around all this time trying to find my way back, you see...
G: Hnnnn...
B: The ocean!? You're travelling into the totally opposite direction!
B: Seriously, though, turtle...you've really come a long way!
B: Look! It's about 120 km to the south!
B: Hyaaa...120 km?!

G: Turtle! Want us to show you the way there?
K: Ehh!! You mean...you'll really do it?!
B: What are you saying!! Don't joke around like that!!
B: We only have 30 days left -- NOT the kind of time to do crap like that!!
G: But you're the slow one.
B: This isn't any of our business!!
G: Alright, I'll go by myself then.
B: Fine then, do as you like!! But make sure you don't come crawling back to me later!! I won't show you any mercy, you know!!
G: Yoh!
K: S...sorry about this...
B: Eeee!
SFX: Dadah
B: Idiot!! Don't ever return here again!!
B: Huun!

B: Wait a second...
B: He still has one of my Dragonballs...
B: I wonder if he ever really will come back...
SFX: (l to r) Zushiin, zushiin, gyaoo
B: Heeey, wait for me!!
B: I don't have any choice, so I'll have to come show you guys the right way!!
G: Eh? But I thought you said we wouldn't meet again.
B: You really aren't cute, you know that!?
G: You're just afraid of being by yourself.
B: Ho...hohoho!! Don't say stupid things. The only thing on my mind is getting your Dragonball!!

G: Yosho, yosho...
sfx: biii
Monster: Heh heh heh...looks like they're packin' some good stuff.
sfx: Nuh
M: HAHA...kid!! Wanna hand over that sea turtle to me?
M: It's my favorite food, you know!!

B: Hi...hieee...please, take it!!
B: C..come on, Son-kun...give him the turtle already!!
G: Bleh!
M: Hohou...
M: If you're even the tiny bit concerned about your lives, it'll do ya good to leave it behind...
M: Unless, that is...you want me to cut ya'll up too!
B: Hey, dummy!! Just give him the turtle!!
B: What is wrong with you!!?
G: But I don't want to give him the turtle.
M: I get it...so you want to eat it yourself, do ya!?
M: In that case, you're first, kid...
G: You should prolly get off for now.
sfx: batatah

G: Oooi!
sfx: ton
M: Guhahaha...
M: You got some moves, kid...a fine match for my blade!
M: Huhuhu...
G: Howdy!
M: AHH!!

sfx: ton
G: Jyan-KEN!! (*t/l note: A play on words for rock paper scissors, which is 'jyan-ken-pon.' Ken, however, can also be used for the word 'fist.' So Gokuu's attack here is literally "Rock Fist!")
M: Ah...arghh...
G: Peace!

G: Yay, let's keep going!
K: He's...crazy...
sfx: pokaan
B: I...I never knew he was that strong. Geez...
G: So are you really tasty like he said?
K: EH?!
K: The..there's no way I'd be tasty!! In fact, I taste completely horrible!! Everyone knows that! Ahahahaha....
G: Oh, okay. You don't look that tasty anyway.
SFX: Hoh
Monkey: This isn't Penguin Village! (*t/l note: An inside joke for readers of Toriyama Akira's first manga, Dr. Slump.)
SFX: Zazaa-- zazaa--
K: We...we did it!! It's the sea!!
K: No matter what anyone says...we really made it!!
B: Obviously!!
G: Wow...this is awesome!! This is the biggest river I've ever seen!!!

G: Wow, you sure live in a big place...
K: You really saved me!!
K: Thank you so much!! So very much!!
K: Please, wait there for a moment, would you?
K: By all means, I want to return the favor to you with a gift!
G: A gift?
B: No chance it's buried treasure, is it?
B: Uuuun...if I knew we were gonna come here, I would have brought my swimsuit...
G: Ugehh! It's too salty! Something's wrong with this water!!
B: Hey, what is that...
G: Eh?

G: It's the turtle, but...now something's riding on its back.
B: How in the hell can you even see that far?
B: I wonder what he's brought back for us...
Roshi: HELLO!
K: Thanks for waiting!!
R: One, and two..
B: You sure are loud, gramps...
Narration: The present the turtle brought back turned out to be a funky-looking old man! But, what could his secret be...?

Next, #004. Kamesennin's Kintoun!

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#1. by sidelines ()
Posted on Oct 22, 2007
I have emailed you about having the volumes for this.
#2. by Nami ()
Posted on Nov 1, 2007

A bit late, but i'm moving you out to the Latest Translation Sections. :)
#3. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Nov 2, 2007
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