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World Embryo 1

World Embryo 01. Birth in the Moonlight

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 1, 2007 05:51 | Go to World Embryo

-> RTS Page for World Embryo 1

Chapter 1 - Birth in the Moonlight

Translation by Molokidan

Title: Selections of Neene-san
Little next: Number One
Box 1 right: Amami Neene-san (Temporary Name), 3 Hours after Birth
Box 1 left: She's pretty mischevious, biting Shizuru-san's boobs like such.
Box 2 (Shizuru): I wonder if she hates me...
Box 2 (Shizuru-2): And you got a special front-stage seat, Ricchan! Find out her true intentions!!
Box 2 (Riku): Alright....(sorry)
Box 4 (Riku): It looks the one who was attacked was...
Box 4 (Riku-2): ....Shizuru-san?
Box 4 (Shizuru): Scary!!

Bottom right corner:
Initialization - Riku & Neene

These are probably the oldest rough drafts I have. In my memos, it looks like I wrote something about raising an angel. As far as Riku goes, I haven't really changed his design too much. My concept for him was "He looks somehow insufficient at one glance." This Neene is a bit older, around 6 years, and has a pretty bad personality. ;;

World Embryo > > > > > > > Moriyama Daisuke

Chapter 1 : Birth in the Moonlight
Chapter 2: Cocoon
Chapter 3: World in Her Eyes
Chapter 4: A Helping Hand
Chapter 5: Kanshu
Chapter 6: DEATH AND...
Chapter 7: Dignity Scatters
Chapter 8: Cloaked in the Night, Slipping Away

Top, black: She caught my lie.
Riku(?): The way I was then...I guess I was prepared for her to be super-mad...
Riku: But...after that girl made a face that was a little sad...
Riku: She just said this:
Girl: Hey, Ricchan.
Girl: In that fairy tale, the boy who cried wolf lied so many times.
Girl: If...that boy's mom would have been there...
Girl: How do you think she would have felt?
Girl: A boy who won't accept the truth, dropping his life like that...
Girl: How is she supposed to take that?

Now that I think about it...this was when the lies truly began.
Riku's first three sfx(r to l): Hah
last sfx: Zeh

This...has to be the place...

Chapter 1 - Birth in the Moonlight

top 4 sfx:Zah
Riku: How many years back was that fire?
Riku: There's no trace that it was once a hospital...
Riku: Was the children's ward around here...?
Riku: Yeah, that one kid...I wonder how he's doing?
Riku: Didn't I used to play with him a lot?
Riku: A girl's...voice?
Riku: No way...
Riku: No way..
Riku: NO WAY!

R: Ama...
R: Whoops...

Guy: Wow...brings back memories!
Guy: Oh!
Guy: Heeeey!
Guy: Rena!
Guy: Reeenaaa!
Rena: Please do not call me by my given name.
Guy: Ah, sorry, I forgot. What's your surname, again?
Rena: It's Arisugawa. Please do not forget.
Guy: Alright, so...which do you like better, teriyaki or fish burgers?
Rena: I hate them both.

Guy: So, anything happen?
Rena: I just arrived here approximately ten minutes ago.
Rena: However, approximately five minutes ago, someone went inside.
G: Hm?
Guy: ...You mean that girl?
Fat guy running: HEY, WAIT!!
Rena: No. It was a boy.
Guy: Aw, this is bad...there's a lot of people here.
Rena(2b): The sun will set soon. Let's go. But before that, let's help out real quick.
Guy: Like I said...this place is famous for bein' haunted, got it?
G(2b): That means there shouldn't be anyone comin' here! Ain't even any people around the area...so it's the best place to bring a chick you wanna bang!!

P: Now what the hell did you come in here all of a sudden for?
Riku: (thinking) THIS IS HORRIBLE!
P: Our girl just ran away!!
Punks: What are we gonna do with this guy?
Punks: First things first, his glasses piss me off. Let's break 'em.
Punks: Yeah, I'm still pissed off! Let's trash him.
SFX: Pfft!
Punks: Haha, he looks so scared! What a loser.
Ritsu: Ahh...!
Ritsu: Stupid! Don't come out, run away!!
Punk: Woah...did he have someone else...
sfx: kara kara kara
Punk: Ahhh!?

Riku: It was a lie, you idiots!!
Punk: Ah!
Punk: You little...
Punk: Stop fuckin' around!!
Riku: Gyaah!
Punk: You really think we'd fall for such a stupid lie?!
Punk: Man, this guy pisses me off!
Punk: I'm gonna kill this litle shithead!

Punk: Hey, hold him up for a sec. (I wonder if he's got anything on him...)
Riku: Uu...
P(2b): Wake up! Take off your pants. Your undies too!!
P: Do it faster!! Dumbshit!
Punk: Heeey, I found his cell phooone~
Punk: Now, to present your public masturbation show to the public! BUHYAHYA!!
Punk: I'm gonna send this pic to everyone you know!
Punk: Uwahh, poor thing! You're a devil, Takkun!
R: Quit it, you bastards...in that cell phone is...
T: I'm copying down his address too...damn, this is fun!
Punk: You tried to run, so this is your punishment, you little bitch!!
Riku: In that cell phone is...
Riku: STOP...IT...!!
Punk: What? Was was that just now?!
Punk: You talkin' back to me?
Punk: Huh?
Punk: HUH!?

Guy: Hey, didn't he tell you guys to stop?

Takkun: ...What are you guys, his friends?
Guy: Nope, nope, just a few passerbys.
Punk: So then you have no fuckin' reason to be here, right?!?!
Takkun: ...Hah, I get it.
Takkun: These two are, you know.
Takkun: Poor girl!
Takkun: What are you doing with a boyfriend who's too cheap to pay for a hotel? Why don't you just throw him away?

Punk: H..hey, Takkun?!
Takkun: Agah...
Punk: What the hell do you two think you're doin'!?
Rena: I don't like you.
Rena: There isn't any "radiance" in your souls!
Punk: ...the hell's with this crazy girl? (Doesn't even make any sense...)
P(2b): Ah! Hey, bastard, what are you dialing?!
Guy: 1-1-0! (*Japanese 911)
Guy: She's strong, you know!
Guy: I doubt you any of you guys could remain standing by the time the police get here.

P(top left): Bring it on, if you can, idiots! (Now we're gonna get serious!)
P: (bottom right): Stand up, Takkun!
Punk: You shitbags are gonna die!!
T: Man, they're really bad at acting tough...
Rena: Hurry and pull them back up!
Riku: Eh...
Riku: WAHH!!
Guy: This is yours, right?
G(2b): I know it was terrible, but you're alright now...huh?
Riku: Eh...

Guy: ...Riku?
Guy: You're...Amami Riku?
Riku: You...nii? (*'nii' is a particle that means older bro)
Y(2b): Yeah, it's me! Takebe Youhei!
Youhei: Uwah...how many years has it been since we were in elementary school!?
Rena: ...you know this boy?
Youhei: He's my childhood friend, two years below me.
Youhei: We used to play together all the time when we were kids!
Youhei: Hell, the first time we met was at this hospital! Man, what a coincidence...
Youhei: It was a lot prettier back then.
Youhei: Now it all looks like this.

Youhei: Hey, so...is she doing well?
Youhei: You know, your...sister...or was it your cousin?
Youhei: Amane-san!
Riku: ..."yeah."
Riku: "She's doing fine."
Youhei: So anyway, enough about that...what are you doing here?
Youhei: If she hadn't found you, who knows what would've happened?
Riku: Oh, you know, "I was wandering around and felt a bit nostalgic."
Riku: What about you, You-nii...
Rena: You're lying.

Rena: I saw you.
Rena: Someone just wandering around doesn't run through the door at full speed, do they?
Rena: Those were the movements of someone with a purpose!
Rena: You...aren't you hiding something?
Punk: Dammit! Those bastards, looking down on us...
Punk: Come on, let's just go! This is getting to be a pain in the ass.
P(2b): You think they'll stay quiet if we don't beat the shit out of 'em? Gimme my cell!
Punk: You dropped it, stupid-ass!!
Punk: I don't wanna go back and get it!
Takkun: Hey, it's me. Gather up as many people as you can...

cell sfx: gasha!
P: Huh? Who's this?
P: Geh! Don't drop it!
P: ...What's wrong, Takkun?
sfx bubble: Pin
P: Wah!

Riku: What is this...all at once...
Riku: Hey wait, why do you both have two phones...?
Youhei: If you don't want to die, then don't answer it.
Youhei: This place is now within their "field!"

Riku: That guy's...
Rena: You too.
Rena: Give it to me!
Riku: Eh...
Riku: (What was that about dying)
Riku: No.
Riku: This is...
Riku: Inside this is...
Youhei: Stupid! You overdid it!! (Look how much he's shaking!)
R(2b): If we don't do something about him...at this rate, he could be ambushed....!

Riku: Hahh!? Ahh...
Riku: AHHHHHH!!!!
Youhei: Riku!?
Youhei: Shit! He took his cell phone with him...
Rena: Takebe-san, please follow him! I'll take care of this!!

Rena: Takebe-san, please be careful.
Rena: He is a liar.
Rena: He could possibly be...
Youhei: There's no way that's possible!!
Youhei: Take care of the rest for me!!
Rena: Truly...even charm has its limits.
Rena: Let's go, you "Kanshu!" (*Kanji: Coffin Guard)

Two small bubbles in first panel: Hah
big bubble by leg: Ahh
top left box, small bubbles on right: Hah x5
big bubble in center: Veh...geh....
bubble on left: Vooeeeeiii
bubble on far left: Geeeeiiiii
two small bubbles on left: Geho geho
Riku: What was that...
R(2b): What was that...what was that!?
Youhei: HEY!
Riku: Wahhh!
Youhei: It's me! Calm down!!
Riku: Ah...
Youhei(2b): I won't take it from you, alright? Just let me shut it off. (Here, give it to me.)
Youhei: She just takes things to the extreme, you know...sorry for scaring you like that...
Youhei: Oh?

Y(2b): Is this...Amame-san? Wow, she really got pretty...
Youhei: Is this why you were hiding your cell phone?
Riku: Yeah...
Youhei: But it's just a picture, so you make copies of it, right? (Hahah)
Riku: This is all I have.
Riku: This is the only picture...of the Amane-nee (*Elder sister) from "now."
Riku: Amane-nee...isn't here anymore.
Riku: And yet...even though she shouldn't be here, I got something from Amane-nee.
Riku: Today...that picture and a text message...
Riku: This hospital was in the back of the picture.
Riku: So...I came here.

Youhei: What happened to Amame-san?
Youhei: What happened!?
Riku: Even if I told you, you wouldn't believe me.
Riku: No one believes me.
Riku: They don't...
Riku: want to be called a liar anymore...
Riku: Gah!

Riku: Yo..

sfx: pururu
R: You-nii! You-nii!!
sfx: pururu
sfx: haa
Youhei: Dammit...so there were more.
Riku: What...what are those!? Those monsters?!
long sfx: purururu
tiny sfx: hah x2
Y(2b): "Kanshu"...well, as you can see. Just don't answer your cell phone, or you'll get infected.
Y(2b): Well, even if I told you, you probably won't believe me...usually they question my sanity.
sfx: pururu x2
Riku: What are you saying?! Believe you or not, it's all in front of my eyes...
R: Ah...
Youhei: Get it?
Youhei: There's a ton of stories in this world that sound like lies.
Youhei: Just like this one...

Y: If you don't tell it, though, they can neither believe nor doubt you.
Youhei: That's why...first, you have to tell the story!
Y: ....Heh.
Y: Don't worry. A "Jinki User" can't die just from this.

Youhei: Just...I have one request for you, Riku.
Riku: Eh?
Youhei: Somehow, could you please close your eyes until it's all over?
SFX: Eh...
SFX: Ah...
SFX: Ahhhh!!
Youhei: Awaken!
Youhei: JINKIIIIIIIII!!! (*Blade Flag)

Rena: Takebe-san...!

Rikui: Guh...
Riku: Wahhhh!
SFX: Geh?!

Youhei: Rikuuuuuuuuuu!!
Riku: .......uu........
Riku: Owww....
Riku: Did it cave in? I feel fine, though...
SFX: Purururu

SFX: Pururu x3
Riku: Uwaaahh!!
Riku: This is bad...this is bad, this is bad!
Riku: Up ahead...we came together here so many times...
Riku: "This is the hospital director's hobby! Isn't it wonderful?" She never lost interest....
Riku: The garden...!
Riku: It's a dead end!!

Riku: Gah...!
Riku: Uuu...
Riku: Uwahh...!
Riku: No...! I still haven't found any clues.
Riku: She should be here.
Riku: She sent me a message!
Riku: Amane-nee...
Riku: Amane-nee...!

R: Underneath the bright moonlight,
R: I'm pretty sure it was right then.
R: Now that I think about it,
R: This is when the lies truly began.
R: The beginning of bitterly tender lies...
R: that enveloped the world.

Chapter 1 / End

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