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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

World Embryo 3

World Embryo 03. World in Her Eyes

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 1, 2007 05:53 | Go to World Embryo

-> RTS Page for World Embryo 3

World Embryo #3

Translated by Molokidan

Ki: Hey...Komaki-san.
Ki: ...I know I said a treat, but...
Ki: Ehhhh...are you taking back what you said?
K: Even after you went and broke someone's iPot, hmmm?
Ki: I'm so sorry. Please have mercy on me!
Komaki: Hm? Huh.
Kojima: Eh?
Komaki: Heeeey, Amami-kuuuun!
R: Geh!

K: What are all those groceries for?
A(2b): Ahh, well..."A relative came to visit, and taking care of her baby is a lot of trouble, so I was sent to go shopping."
Tiny box at the bottom: LIE
K: What did they want you to buy a baby bottle and baby food at the same time for?
K(small): Isn't that a bit unecessary?
A: Eh, ah..."They said it's time to switch to a new one."
K: The diaper sizes are all totally different, too.
A: "Th...they have twins."
K: Wait a second, aren't those adult diapears?
K: Eh!? No...
A: Well...later!!
K: He's running away!?
A: Well, that's rare...he's usually all smiley and cheerful.
K: Yeah...seeing him all worked up like that is sure fresh!

A: I'm, home...I didn't really know what to buy, so it's pretty haphazard...
A: Shizuru-san?!
S: Owwwwwwww!!!
S: Biting, she's biting meee!!!

Chapter 3 - World in Her Eyes
S: I thought she was going to rip them off.

S: Well...she seemed hungry, so...maybe she couldn't help herself.
A: ...what are you doing?
S: Uwahh, there are hickeys on my boobs now! What am I gonna dooo...
A: .....She's acting too natural....
S: ...see, she really was just hungry.
Baby SFX: Amu amu
S: Sure, we have baby food, but...don't you think normal food is just as good?
A: All useless!?
S: ...Ricchan, can you open her mouth?
A: Eh? L-like this?

A: Eight teeth each on the top and bottom....huh.
S: It seems like she's between one and two years old. And she can already kinda stand and talk, and stuff...
B: .....Cu.....
S: Awwww, I can't take it!
S: She's sooooooo cuuuuuute!
S: Pya?!?
A: Wah!
S: Ahhhhh, why?
A: Maybe...because you kicked at her earlier?
S: Ah.

A: But why just me...
A(small): That sniffing's annoying...
N: Ne?
S: Oh, it looks like she's "imprinting."
A: "Imprinting?"
S: When a baby thinks the first thing she sees is her mother.....
A: Ehhhhhh?
A: Uwahhh! She wet herself!!
A: Arara....we should have put a diaper on her before.
S: Hey, don't just sit there, what should we do?!
A: Okay, then follow me?
A: ...ha?

S: Because she'll attack me.
S: Now, don't you think about any perverted things...
A: She's a girl, but still just a baby...
A: am I supposed to handle her...
A: ...please, don't look at me with those eyes...
A: Well, I suppose the first thing to do is pour some warm water on you!
B: PYAA!!!
S: Stop! The water's going to run into her ears!!
A: Please don't come in here!!

A: Look...
P: I didn't notice those..did they just sprout when I was gone?
P: There's more at the bottom, see? Biologically, this isn't possible.
A: This is ridiculous...
P: You're right...she can't be normal.
A: Normal children...aren't born from a cocoon, after all...

Y: Ahhh, it's all done...
?: Good work.
?(2b): So last night, there were 12 Kanshu each with a 5m "Cage,"....correct? Our records have been updated. Congratulations.
Y: I honestly just want to go home and sleep today...
?: Before that...did you feel it, all the way out there?
Y: There was an electromagnetic disturbance a while mean that?
?: Very sharp of you. Over here, the gauges we had monitoring it all flew up at once.
?: Last night...there was a second occurance that happened at the Kazama Hospital.

Y: An enemy?
?(2b): No, nothing like that. It'd be impossible to have an "enemy" that appears for a moment only to disappear, correct?
?: Rather, immediately after that "Flash" last night, a lone Kanshu's signal disappeared as well.
Y(2b): This happened last night at the hospital, right? But there isn't anything unusual that I can think of....ah....
?: I consulted our enemy surveillance log, but...
?: It still bugged me a little. I'm going to transmit the image to you.
?: Last night at 20:42:00, this image comprised of Kanshu signals was processed on our GPS.
Y: Wow, that was it exactly. One, two, three...
Y: It'd be nice if we could use maps like this on the scene...
R: But it's impossible, right? Since they fly through electromagnetic waves, we can't use our cell phones.
Y: This second image appeared 30 seconds later -- in our largest range of surveillance.

Y: What the...hell is this?
S: Wahh, this brings back memories.

S: This is...the first time you two met...
S: Back then, I would have never thought she'd become part of our family.
S: There! This is it.
Y: Ah....!
S: See? Isn't the resemblance uncanny?
Photo Tag: 1986.9 Amane 1 Year Shizuru 12 Years
S: She looks just like baby Amane-chan.
S: Ricchan...will you please tell me?
S: Just how all this happened...

S: ...I see.
S: A message from Amane-chan...?
S: And then you found her in the greenhouse of the Kazama Hospital...
S: This...text message.
S: I think...the address is the same...
S: It sure seems like Amane-chan.
R: I know! And we could never find Amane-nee's cell phone.
S: But...
S: Amane-chan died two years ago.

R: "I understand that more than anyone."
R: "It just bugs me that someone's playing such a bad trick in Amane-nee's name."
R: This is a lie.
R: I still have yet to find a way to prove anything.
R: I can't tell her about the monsters.
R: Because people won't believe anything unless there's proof...
S: ...we should definitely try and investigate about that message.
S: (And especially shut down the service)
S(2b): The real problem here is this little one. From here on out...what should we do with you?

S: Shall we...just look after her here?
R(2b): Eh...EHHH!?
S: She still isn't over a day old...we should wait and see what happens.
R: But...normally wouldn't you just take something like this to the police?
S: Yes..normally...
S: But this not normal, remember...

S: Since she's not normal, it's all the more reason to keep her in our hands!
sfx1: Ne!
sfx2: Wah!
R: I guess if we didn't...they'd just want to research her or something...
S: Indeed...a doctor like myself would have a great deal of interest in such a specimen...
S(black text): Especially those ears...ufufufu...
R: Self-interest!?
S: I'm kidding.
S: But I'm sure there's a lot of scientists out there who think the same way.
S: Biologically speaking, she's the only living sample of her kind in the entire world.
S: But...I won't let it happen.
S: That young girl that looks just like my late younger sister...
S: ending up as research material, that is.

R: ...but that means we'll have to raise her ourselves, right?
R: I don't think this will be as easy as raising a dog or cat would be...
S: It's not easy!
S(2b): Taking on the responsiblity...of the life of any animal.
S: As a doctor, I think it'd be a good idea to wait and see what happens.
S: But as a "mother"....there's something I'd like to think about...
S: Riku...
S: What do you think is best?

R: I...
Boxes(from right to left, up to down): think carefully
B: she looks just like Amane-nee
B: baby
B: not normal...
B: born from a cocoon
B: monster from yesterday
B: heavy burden
B: message...
B: saved me? B: Think....carefully...
B: Ahhh!
B: Daaaa!
S: Does she want to go outside...?
Small SFX boxes: Raa, Haaa, Yaaa, Aaa, Yaaa, Raaaa

SFX: Aaaa, Raaaa, Daaaa
R: Today is
R: that tree's birthday.

S: I'm the mommy,
S: and Ricchan is the daddy.
S: That way, every year this will be a special day.
S: It may be a sad day, but this way it won't be a day of only "sadness."
?: ....Yeah.
A: Wanna sing together?
A: If we do will definitely reach mom.
R: ...yeah.

R: Why...?
R: That's the tree I planted together with Amane-nee when mom died.
R: And that's the song that we sang together.
R: Why...why do you know that...
A: Daa...
A: Abu...
R: Don't look at me with those eyes...
R: So that's it....

R: To this girl, the "world"
R: is just me...
R: You...aren't even thinking a bit about how I'm looking at you with unsympathetic eyes, are you?
R: I probably looked at Amane-nee like that, too.
R: Amane-nee accepted that...
R: Which means...I....

R: Let's go inside. Otherwise, you'll catch a cold.
R: The message...
R: And then finding this child...
R: It probably wasn't a coincidence...
R: Therefore...
R: From this point on...

B: Nee!
R: Uwa! What is it, all of a sudden?!
S: Ricchan, you really do look like her papa!
R(2b): Puh! Stop it, Shuzuru-san!
S: Awww, Papa Riku is so cold, isn't heee?
A: Pa...
A: Paaaa?
R: Who's the one who said we should look after her?
S: I dunno...I'm not the one she's attached too...(small sfx: kusu kusu kusu)
B: Paaapa...
B: Paaapa!
R: She can talk already!?
S: Me! Call me mama! Maama! Maama!
R: Don't smother her!!

SFX: Purururu x3
S: Ahh, coming, coming!
SFX: Gacha!
Y: Hello? Ah...well...
Y(2b): I see. Shizuru...san? It's been quite a while!
Y: I'm Takebe....yes, Youhei.
Y: Is Riku-kun there?

Chapter 3 / End

Y: Ehh, really now?
Y: I see.
Y: Hahaha! And then?
R sfx: ira ira ira ira ira
R: He's really taking his time...

Y: ...okay, please put Riku on, Shizuru-san.
Rena sfx: Eh?!
rena sfx: Bubah
R: He's just getting started!?

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