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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

World Embryo 4

World Embryo 04. A Helping Hand

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 1, 2007 07:17 | Go to World Embryo

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World Embryo
Chapter 4

Translation by Molokidan

Computer screen text: Amami R(cut-off)
R: "Amami Riku": 16 years old, first-year at the private Yasakadai High School.
R: That's the same school as yours, isn't it, Arisugawa-kun? Do you know him?
R: No.
R: We aren't in the same class...besides, I do not look at things that give off some projected image.
T: Uwahh, how blunt...
T: By the way, what did the guys above say?
R: There still won't be a report until things become clearer.
T: Well, let's get this taken care of before they get too noisy, then, shall we?
R: Has the subject "remembered?"
R: After we guarantee that, it will be necessary to start "processing" with the HQ.
T: Why do things always have to be so complicated with you...
R: There's also the case of that second irregular flash.

H: Indeed. The central point of that second flash surrounded his house.
H: That's why we're investigating.
H: Youhei. Don't let the fact that you are acquaintances get in the way.
Takebe: I'll give you proof, Hayato.
Takebe: There's no way he could possibly be the source of infection, is there?

Chapter 4 - A Helping Hand

Top: Are we...interested...?
B: --waves...
B: strong
B: power
B: child
B: appeared
B: Who...?
Bottom: Shall

R: Hm?
R: Just now...someone...
Y: Hey, Rikuuu! Sorry to call you out here like this.
R: You-nii!
R: She isn't with you? That bad-mannered friend of yours...
Y(2b): Haha!! Well, she looks a bit strange, but she isn't a bad...huh?
Y: Hey, what's with the kid?!

R: Uh...this child is...
A: Neene!
Y(2b): Neene? That's her name? How unusual...
R: Yeah, I guess.
S: isn't possible for me to be the mama, is it?
S: She looks much more like Amane-chan than me.
R: Wait...that doesn't just mean it's Amane-nee's child!
A: Mama...nene?
A: Mama...neene?
Neene sfx: Mamanene...mane...manenene...
R: No! Amane-nee!
Riku sfx: Arrgh...
S: ....hmmm.
S: Neene, huh...? Sounds good!
Riku sfx: Haah!?
S: Well then, let's call you "Neene"-chan!
S: It's so easygoing!!
R: too pushy...
Box: Name: "Neene"
By Amane Shizuru

Y: Yo, Neene!
Y: I'm your big bro, Youhei! Nice to meet you...
Y: Uwawawawa! Did I do something wrong!?
R: No, she's just extremely shy...
Y: Don't cry, don't cry! Wait a sec, alright!?
Y: Her voice...I hope the mic's OK...
Y: ...sorry about that, I'm dressed kinda weird here.

H: Arisugawa-kun, what was that?
R(2b): Nothing...the baby just cried loudly...why?
H(2b): No, that noise...Nevermind. Please continue your surveillance.
R: The wind...
?: HEARD IT...
?: HEARD IT...

R: Uwahhh, what's wrong?
G: Is she alright?
R: er, uh...yeah...
M: You're holding her wrong. Give her here?
G: I know it's tough on boys...where's her mother?
R(2b): Ah....her mother...
S(scribbles): SORRY! I can't be late to work, so please...please...
R: This is child abandonment...
M: My!
G: How rude..
Y: Heey, Rikuuuu!
Y: What do you like better, Black or Cafe Ole?

R: She's in a better mood now...what a self-interested kid.
(Yogurt): "Yogurt Drink" Banana
Y(2b): That's the one you like, right? They don't sell it anywhere but in this park, you know!
R(2b): How many years old is that taste of mine? But it's nostalgic...
Y(2b): I don't just have good memories, though. See those bars over there? I fell off them doing a test of bravery.
R: Is that why you were in the hospital...?

Y: But then we met there, at the Kazama burned down, though.
Y: It really surprised me, reuniting again there of all places!
R: Back when we first met...huh?
R: I don't really have too many good memories, either.
Kids mumbling, from right to left:
That kid...
Y: ...Speaking of which, how did you and I start talking, back then?
Y: Huh? You don't remember?
Y: You know, it was when you and I
R: doesn't matter, that old stuff. (Embarassing..)

R: (small text So, Youhei...) what have you been doing for these past six years since we've talked?
Y(3b): After middle school, I went to Kanagawa. My mom and dad weren't on good terms, you know...a lot happened back then.
R: What about school?
Y: I dropped out! It just wasn't time for that.
Y: Now I just do odd'm contractually employed..uhh...
N: Papa!
R: ...what's she doing?
Y: She just wants you to look at her, doesn't she? (...papa?)
Y: Yaaay! Lookin' good, Neene!
R: You always know the right way to act...
Y: You-nii still really is You-nii...

R: You-nii, you already know, right? About that child.
R: You-nii, who doesn't even get scared when he's up against monsters...
R: Neene...probably saved me back there.
R: In that hospital's greenhouse, from that monster.
Y: So...he did remember...
Y: ..tell me the details....

R: Ah, that guy...

Y: Rena!! Hayato!!
Y: It's a Kanshu!!

right sfx bubble: busha
left: jakin


Y: Rena! Don't needlessly "Kensei" in a place like this!
R(2b): As long as the "core" from the time of activation isn't visible, it should be alright! More importantly...why now!?
Y: No clue! Save your questions.
R: Wha...

R: I shall not let you escape!!
Y: Hey wait, Renaaaaa!!
Y: What is she, a bullet?!
People: Hey, what was that just now?
G(2b): Where...Grandpaaa!
P: ....uhh......what?
P: Just now...what was that!?
G(2b) Gran........huh...
P: Are you looking for someone?
G: ...ehhh..........huh....?
R(2b): It's the same as what happened to me. Everyone's forgetting...
R: .....Neene...!

Y: Riku! What are you doing?!
Y: We're going to save her. Hurry, c'mon!!
R: But...You-nii...
Y: Whaat are you holding back for? (Stupid!)
Y: ...just run forward! Before you run out of time arguing with yourself while you try to find a reason.
Y: That's how it was back when we were kids, right?

Y: Hayato! Neene...the baby from Riku's house was taken off by a Kanshu!
Y Rena's following it!
Y: Can you estimate its location from there!?
H: I'm doing so now...but what is the meaning of this? A Kanshu moving before sunset...
R: Forget about that for now,
R: You-nii! Ahead!! Ahead!!!
Y: You should be using to riding on the back of the seat, right? Settle down.
R: That was with a bicycle! (And you're going ridiculously fast!)
Y: Hahah! You're right!
R: Geeeeeez! You haven't changed a bit since you were a kid!
Y: You finally laughed!
R: Eh?

Y: Back then, you weren't the type just to float along with some spur-of-the-moment forced laugh.
Y: That's the Amami Riku I know!!
R: (Is that really so...)
R(2b): I want to know something too. What WAS that? You-nii, what do you do?
R: What was that thing back there? Youhei...just what exactly do you do?
Y: We...suspected, Riku, that you might be the "source of infection."
R: Eh...
H: Wait! Youhei!! If you talk about this now, he'll...
Y: I'm just putting up to speed, Hayato...
Y: I just want to make a distinction, Hayato...
Y: It still isn't like we've pulled him into this...
Y(bottom 2 lines):
Riku...what we're fighting now,
are the ruins of what were once humans.

Y: They are "Kanshu."
Y: They ride electrical waves and enter humans..."something" like a virus.
Y: Any human with a parasite in them lose touch with themselves and time, as their bodies are taken over.
Y: We, who have been blessed with "power," fight against them.
Y: We're Jinki Users, which is, well...we're like the allies of justice who fight evil. (Hahaha)
R: But why You-nii...?
Y: Well, it's just what happened in the end! A lot of stuff happened, you know!
R: That's all you ever say!!
Y: ...the reason doesn't really matter.
Y: They kill people...
Y: And NOTHING remains of those who are murdered.

Y(2b): It exists, a source of infection...! Some bastard who's spreading those "things like viruses!"
Y: Somewhere in the shadows, he's watching this, laughing loudly!
"I'll never forgive them"...that's more than enough!
R: that's how it is.
R: Ever since he was a child, he's been that way.
R: And then I was saved by him...

H: I've calculated it, Youhei!
Look forward, to your left! The signal is standing still over there!
R: A hotel under construction!? Looks like that's "their" nest!

H: It also looks like Arisugawa-kun is in battle.
H: Be careful, Youhei.
H: This time, they moved before sundown,
H: which means the rules we've observed up until now...aren't being followed.

Chapter 4 / End

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#1. by Nami (Queen of The Damned)
Posted on Nov 3, 2007
Thanks for posting here.

p.s. moved your threads here. In future, you can post all your new translations here instead :)
#2. by Silver_Sea (Translator)
Posted on Nov 3, 2007
Thanks for introducing us to more seinen! :tem.

Which group is scanlating this?
#3. by hatsuharupeace (MH Senpai)
Posted on Nov 4, 2007
#4. by molokidan (Hidden Boss ΣΣ(゚Д゚;)ナヌッ)
Posted on Nov 4, 2007
Asakura was thinking of using them for ossu scans. Contact him if you're interested in helping!!
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