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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

World Embryo 8

World Embryo Chapter 8 - Night Slips Away

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 3, 2007 17:06 | Go to World Embryo

-> RTS Page for World Embryo 8

S: I think he'll be fine, but he's old. If someone doesn't keep an eye on his progress after the operation...
?: We'll take care of the rest...
S: Oh, no, I can't do that. I'll stay here overnight as well.
?: But sensei, you look so tired...
S: Noooo...I'm not? Ahh, let me make a call real quick...
S: Helloooo...Ricchan?
?: We are sorry, but this cell phone is currently outside its service area.
S: Ahh? What bad timing!
?: When you are finished, please press the pound sign.
SFX: piiiiiiih!
sfx: (tiny tiny bubble) kohon
S: Um...it's Shizuru.

Chapter 8 - Night Slips Away

R: Kuh!
R: We...
R: We made it...

R: Neene...
Y: Riku, give me your hand.
Y: Nice job! Mission complete.
R: .......ah...

R: This is...
Y: Rena...!
R: Ah......

N: Hahah...that was a close one. Just barely made it, eh?

R: Nagase-san...!
N: Hi.
N: Maan...this angle almost made me release it...
R: L-let me down, immediately!
N: Wah, wah, she's getting violent!
R: Wh...what?
Y: Ha...ha. He's an ally.
N: F.L.A.G.
R: Youhei's co-workers,
R: and more Jinki Users.

R: Kanzaki-san!
?: As usual...the #1 in power.
?: H-hey, watch it now...
SFX: jyaka jyaka jyaka
S(2b): Satomi here. Communications have been restored. In this blocked-off area, there are no other Kanshu signals.
S(2b): You have reached Youhei-kun's party, correct? I will have the processing team sent there.
K: Thank you, but it's actually too early for that. There's still one remaining.
sfx: Pih

Y: Wh...what are you doing?!
SFX: Jyaka jyaka jyaka
SFX: jyaka jyaka
SFX: jyaka jyaka

sfx: Jyaka jyaka
K: This is a Kanshu.
sfx: jyaka jyaka
sfx: jyaka jyaka
sfx: jyaka jyaka
riku sfx: zeh x3
sfx: jyaka jyaka
sfx: jyaka...
?: Bring the vehicle around. We'll restrain him and take him immediately to the headquarters.
K(2b): I appreciate your work, Youhei. But this case is under our jurisdiction now. Leave the rest to us.

Y(2b): Pl...please, wait a moment! Riku is stil himself...!
Y: He's trying to turn back to normal!
Y: There's never been a case like this before, has there?!
K: That's why he's such a precious sample.
K(2b): We don't have enough information about our enemies. If it's a conscious Kanshu, all the more reason to take it in.
Y: Riku isn't some test subject...
Y: My Limit?!

K: ...I heard the details from Hayato-kun.
K(2b): Seems like you two were friends. I truly sympathize with you.
K: But this thing is a Kanshu now. Just the remains of what was once human.
sfx: hah
Sfx: zeh
sfx: hah
K: If you can't cut off your feelings, you'll end up making the same mistake again.
K: Aren't you the one who pulled him into this?
sfx: zu...
K: This infection is uncurable.
K: Whatever's left of him will soon be forever extinguished.

K: At most, it'll take 72 hours.
K: That's the boundary.
K(2b): We're withdrawing. Following the departure of the delivery team, we'll dismantle our boundaries around the area.
K: We'll...give you a ride back. Hayato-kun's place should be fine, right?
T: ...I don't need one.

R: Takebe-san!
Y: ...Rena...
Y: ...Neene...
Y(2b): ...I'm sorry...I couldn't protect Riku in the end.
R: Let's go back. There's nothing else we can do.
Y: Don't say the same things they did!
R: But we've got no choice, do we?!

R: After the transformation,
R: They are forgotten...
Y: I know that.
?: Ah, mommy.
M: You didn't come home, so I was so worried.
?: Oh...about that.
R: It's their special characteristic -- people can't remember anything that has to do with the Kanshu.

R: Those who transform into Kanshu, and those killed by Kanshu.
?: I feel like I'm forgetting something important.
?: I feel like I can't go home until I remember it...
R: Memories of encountering the Kanshu.
R: It all slips away, until it ceases to exist...
R: That's why, no matter how long one waits, it'll never come back.
R: I wonder how many there have been?
M: Since you can't remember it, it must not be that important.
R: How much damage has been done?
M: C'mon, let's go home?
R: Who has all died?
?: ...okay.

R: And if they aren't affected by Jinki...they've most likely forgotten us too.
R: Those entrusted with Jinki......and those awakened by Jinki....
R: It's no use, is it? We're the same.
R: We're fighting outside the realm of memories!

Cell: You have one new message.
Sfx: Piiiiiiiiii
sfx (tiny tiny bubble): kohon
S: Hi, this is Shizuru.
S: Sorry, but it doesn't look like I'll be able to make it home today.
S: Now, make sure you eat a proper dinner!
S: Not that I'm really worried about that...
S: (He's a better cook than me...)

M: Just kidding! The doctor's actually soo worried about you she can't take it, Riku-kuuun!
S: Wahhhh!! Knock it off, Miki-chan!
sfx: ...kohon
S: In addition to that...take care of Neene-chan, will you?
Miki sfx: ahaha
Miki (scribble): I won't bug you anymore, Doctor.
S: If she transforms again, or if something else weird happens, make sure you call me, okay!?
S: Hm....I shouldn't worried about that either, should I?

S: Amane-chan in Heaven would say the same thing.
S: So do your best...PAAAPA
sfx: Piiiih
Cell: Message end.

Y: It's....already been two hours since she called...
Y: Right now...does Riku...even remember Shizuru-san...
R: What should we do...about this child?
R: We could give her to the delivery team, and they could take her home...
R: But I wonder...if she's forgotten about Riku...
N: Uuuuuu...
R: So...she's awake?
R: If a child
R: not only loses her parents...but forgets about them as well...
R: Where is that child supposed to go...?!

N: ...Whe...Papa...?

N: Where....Papa?
R: What...?
Y: ....she hasn't...forgotten?
R: You remember?
N: Papa...fueeh...

Y: That's right. You're still....
Y: ...not completely erased yet.
N: Bue...
Y: That's right, Neene....
Y: You want to see him, don't you?
Y: Let's go see him, then!

H: ...Is that so...Amami-kun...
H: ....I see.
H: Kanzaki-san said that, did he?
Phone: What's wrong?
H: Youhei, there's something that interests me about your story.
H: It'd be better if I could talk with you personally.
H: Suzu-san!
S: Comiiiing!
S(2b): You called...Bo...Master!

S: If it's about dinner, then, um, it'll just be...
H: No, not that. I need to change my clothes.
S: Eh? Bathtime!? That's a bit sudden...
H: Listen to what I'm saying! (Why are you jumping to conclusions!?)
H: I need to go out for a bit. Please prepare the car for me.
S(2b): Ehh...at this time of night...? Where are you going...? Your yellowtail teriyaki will get cold!
H: To the NEFT Headquarters.

K: ...yes. It's been confirmed.
K: It's unmistakable.
K: It's the same as..."Kanshu #20."
K: We've gotten an amazing thing in our hands.
?: So then he hasn't lost consciousness yet?
?: What luck...I'll hurry with the preparations.

?: No matter how long he lasts, we have little less than 72 hours...what we're able to do will be limited.
?: ..but.
?: We may be able to pinpoint it...the source of infection.
R: What about Tsukishiro-san?
Y: Seems like he'll be here soon. He told us to come and wait for him.

Y: They said 72 hours...
Y: That's more than enough. We have plenty of time left.
Y: We won't let them push your memories outside,
Y: Riku.

Chapter 8 - End

[ Monster ]

Text at top: About 1 Year Earlier: New Serialization Meeting
F: How about an older heroine?
Little text: Mr. F, in charge.
D: Older!
T: I like the sound of that!
T: Especially like an older sister....especially like a mother...leading the hero and his story...
T: And, with the hero's growth, their relationship transforms....uwahhh! Won't this be the best?!
T: Alright, it's decided then!
F: Good luck on making a character just like Maetel!
Little text: (From Galaxy Express 999)
Little text below: I won't do it. Sorry to various people.
F(2b): Wa...wait a sec! That demand is too high-level for me!!
Small text at bottom: Lingering memories written at the end, taking the stage after you've finished reading...
Title: Life in the Kennel of Dreams Z

M: Ahem! Nice to meet you everyone, I'm Moriyama Daisuke!
Riku: He's still doing writing this kind of afterword? ...what a pain...
M: World Embryo, abbreviated as "Wombryo," has finally put out its first volume!
M: As you can see, it ended up turning out that we have quite a few older female characters, making this into somewhat of an older sister paradise!
text by Maki: Her birthday is earlier than Riku's.
M: These people who've already appeared, as well as people who have yet to appear, are allll older!
Text by Suzu: Already has her driver's license.
R: So then how did the main heroine end up being a 2-year old(?) baby...
M: When you mess with the balance, that's what happens.

R: Eh? Then what about the older heroine?
Text next to Moriyama: Quickly
M: Rena? What?
R: But she's hardly done anyth...
M: Ssssh! If you shut up, she won't realize it!!
Moriyama's blood: Weird coat girl
Riku's blood: END

Top right paragraph: I've wanted to draw Rena for a while now. As far as heroines go, she's my type, and even if you leave her alone for a while, she's bound to come back and do something big later...with that said, I intend to have her grow along with the main character, so please watch her closely as if she was another main character.

Top left paragraph: Maybe if you thought of it like a game, Neene would be the right route, and Rena would be the wrong one?

Bottom right paragraph: To all the readers, each one of the staff thanks you in every sense of the word. And please keep reading!

Big text: Continued in Volume 2

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