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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

World Embryo 9

World Embryo #9

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 3, 2007 17:49 | Go to World Embryo

-> RTS Page for World Embryo 9


Selections by Neene-san Number 2
Box 1-
Box: Hayato and the gang, before reaching the NEFT HQ.
S: Good thing the clothing store was open! Otherwise you might've caught a cold...
N: Neene!
Box 2-
N: Nee!
Rena(2b): No. That's...not clothes.
Box 3-
Box: Inside the NEFT building, in the elevator.
Bubble: Test Subject #78 is escaping!!
R: What should I do, what should I do?!
Box: Isn't it obvious?
Box 4-
Box: There is only one answer.
Neene: Nee! (C'mon, hurry!)
R: ...Sorry, but I don't think both of us can fit in there.

Initialization - Takebe Youhei

Nothing too surprising has changed from how he started out as. I didn't really make too many rough sketches of Youhei, so what you see here are the only ones that exist. He was the one I drew last out of all the regulars, so he should look the best (;_;). His concept was "The main character from a previous story." Think of the story focused on Riku as Part 2, and Youhei's story as Part 1.

P: Hey, you, stop where you are!!
P: Drop all weapons in your possession and put both hands on the wall, NOW!
P: Are you alright? Just calm down.
P: Just what on earth happened here?
G: ...an instant..
P: It's a gathering place for shithead punks. The shopowner squealed on them.
P(2b): Was it some kind of drug? Not that that would be anything surprising, but...I never would have thought I'd see something THIS bad.

P: How many in total...?
P: They're still all over the place, so we don't know.
G: It all happened in an instant...outside...he...
G: I saw it on TV...I'm sure of it...
G: "Takao"....

Chapter 9 - MONSTER

Chapter 9 - MONSTER
Chapter 10 - Wolf Boy
Chapter 11 - Creeping Messenger of Death
Chapter 12 - Borderline
Chapter 13 - That's the Policy
Chapter 14 - From Hand to Hand
Chapter 15 - Heroes Don't Smile Anymore
Chapter 16 - Then I Can Reach my Destination

P: We've received permission to fire. Let's move it.
P: But isn't he a minor?!
P: How many times do I have to say it.
P: Don't categorize that THING into a category like minor or juvenile delinquent.
P: Unless you want to increase the number of victims...
P: A "monster."
P: That's the only suitable term....

M: It's me..I'm done...
M: Now? I'm surrounded...all police...
P: Are you listening!? Put down all the weapons in your possession!
M: Yeah, I messed up...
M: They're still sleeping...
P: Turn off your cell phone!!
M: These guys are really loud...
M: Is it okay if I waste them?
M: What?...yeah?
M: ...I got it...

M: Bye-bye...
SFX: Pan

?: Wha...
SFX: Kyaaa!

?: Ah? Ahh, he's on the train...
P: .....eh? What? Alright. I'll search around...
P: Wh...what is this guy!?
P(2b): He's escaping! The suspect is escaping!
P: Request backup from the railroad policemen!
P: Seal off all outlying roads! HURRY!!
?: Awesome...
?: See that?
?: It's Takao.

?: This is a bulletin from the police headquarters--tonight, there was a mass murder at the Karaoke box near the south entrance of the Yashirodai Station.
?(small bubble): This is the scene of the crime.
?: Makkun? It's me, it's me. I'm in front of the station right now. I saw something awesome!
Cell phone screen: Takao came~/ Cool!! / A lotta peeps / died! / *face*
?(top left bubble): Too many pictures coming up...I can't use this!
?: The murderer abruptly escaped from being captured by a group of officers at 21:07 this evening. As a result, a radius of 10km of the outlying area is now under strict surveillance.
?: Isn't Yashirodai close to here?
?: Afterwards, wanna go see?
?: I heard the karaoke box was like a sea of blood!!
?: Uwaahhh, scarryy!
?: Then he jumped down on the train tracks.
?: Did he die?
?(tiny box): Please stop crowding around the train.
?: You think TAKAO would die?
?: Finally, the murderer is a young man carrying a Japanese katana, whose modus operandi resembles a case from 2 years earlier...
?: Takao--
?: Takao?
?: Takao.
?: Takao...

R: For the next few days, news and talk shows were focused only on him.
R: How the "monster" has reappeared...
R: Classrooms, which summer vacation just before their eyes, prepared their students to flee in case of an emergency. It doesn't seem like things will calm down...
R: Masaki-san? Probably back home running amok, no doubt adding fuel to the fire.
M: Me?
R: But there was no way for me to know all this. I was in an entirely different situation--

R: ...a dream...
M: Yep. This is a dream you're seeing.
M: We finally "connected."
R: Who are you!?
SFX: Shhh!!
M: You're supposed to be quiet on the train.
M(2b): Right now, I'm your ally, Amami Riku-kun.

M: I also know a little bit about you.
M(2b): Until junior high, you were in the Kendo Club. You also are allergic to cats, so even though your mother desired to, she couldn't keep one.
M(2b): When you lie, you sort of lick your lips a little bit. Did you know that? Your hobby is gardening...no, maybe "daily routines" is a better way to put it.
M: Your aunt, who should have died...Amane-nee-san loved her potted plants, right?
M: You've been searching for her this whole time, haven't you?
M: I should be able to help you out with that.
M: First thing you need to do is get out of there, along with Neene, and..
R: H...hold on a second!!
M: That's right, it'd be a good idea not to believe the people who captured you. That director lady is a liar.
R: Captured me? What are you talking about?!
R: First of all, there isn't even any proof that I should be trusting YOU...

M: Then let me show you some proof.
M: I'll teach you how to do it.
M: Then you should be fine on your own...alright?
R: Ah...
M: Telling lies is your specialty, right?
R: AH...
R: Ah....

R: This place...
R: What is this...? (Mesh?)
?: This is F.L.A.G.
?: To put it simply, the organization of Jinki Users...this is our headquarters.
?: It's a pleasure to meet you.
?: I'm the director of F.L.A.G., the 7th Division of NEFT -- the Special Intelligence Investigation Unit. My name is Tokiji Sawako.
S: It'll be a pleasure to work with you, Amami Riku-kun.
R: She's...so gorgeous...

R: Wait...is NEFT...
S: Amami-kun...just calm down and listne to me.
R: Y...yes?
S: Amami-kun...a while ago, during that battle...you were infected with a unique virus.
R: You were infected by Kanshu...those wavelength-hijacking creatures.
R: ...eh?
R(2b): P...please wait a minute. When!? When did that happen!?
S: I'm so sorry. We still don't know the full story.

S: "You were brought here in order to be healed."
S: "As long as you are still yourself, we can stop its progression. Don't worry."
S: You're in good hands.
S(2b): The problem is the root of the Kanshu transformation. Your infection is quite different from the previous cases we've seen.
S: "In order to proceed with your treatment, though, it's necessary that we know what the root is."
S: If there's anything you can remember, please let us know.
R: What I remember..
R: The last thing I saw was...

S: Ah, this is...
S: I'm going to go fetch something. Please wait a moment.
R: Oh, that's right. About...You-nii and them...
S: "They're busy right now."
S: But they are quite worried about you.
SFX: Pushu
SFX: Fuuu--
R: In...fection...
R: By...that monster? But...they said they'd heal me.
R: Will they put me in a hospital...for the treatment?
R: What should I tell Shizuru-san...
R: Yhat's right...! Where's Neene...?
ALL SFX: Dokun

SFX bubble: Zazah
R: What...is this...?!
R: A surveillance...camera!?
M: Then let me...show you some proof.

?: His vital signs are at Level 1.
?: He woke up earlier than we expected.
?: What about the wide sympathetic vibration resonator?
?: We're still preparing it...
?: Well, hurry up. We don't have much time here.
?: His self will disappear in roughly 70 hours...
?: I need everyone to work together so we can pinpoint the source of infection before the Kanshu transformation is complete.
?: I will begin administering the vibration resonator.

S: We have no choice. Those who are infected can't be cured...
S: No matter what we do, there's no possibly way to defeat the virus.
M: That director lady is a liar.
S: He will be the sacrifice...that puts an end to all this!

S: Oh? What's wrong, are you not feeling well?
R: "No...I'm fine."
M: You've been searching for her this whole time, haven't you? I should be able to help you out with that.
R: (far right) "I just remembered."
R: "There was a small child with me back there."
R: "That child's...parents went missing..."
M: First thing you need to do is get out of there, along with Neene, and..

R: "I feel like...she had something to do with all of this."
SFX: chi
M: Telling lies is your specialty, right?

Chapter 9 / End

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