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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

World Embryo 10

World Embryo #10

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 3, 2007 17:50 | Go to World Embryo

-> RTS Page for World Embryo 10

?: The NEFT Corporation...
?: The biggest company in the electronics industry -- they started out as an independent group and soon branched out into the communications field.
?: Two years, they vaulted into the world of cell phone technology.
?: As a result, even now, they still boast the 2nd highest business shares on the market....
Y: Underneath the surface, though...
Y: The truth is, they are the last stronghold capable of fighting against the demons that threaten humanity...

T: What bullshit...
Chapter 10 - Wolf Boy

R: With a lie...unless the other person trusts you enough, it won't deceive them.
R: Not to mention, if that person's already even a bit suspicious of you, it will greatly decrease your chances.
R: It will just be taken as another one of the many unreliable pieces of information out there.
?: Oh my...and your sister's whereabouts are unknown as well?
R: --That's why,
R: It's no good to start immediately after you gather everything.
R: Yes.
R: It's been two years now.
R: First, you have to play the part of an innocent boy.

?: So...Amane-san, your aunt, went missing two years ago...
?: And the girl thought to be Amane-san's child, "Nene"-chan is the only one that came back home?
?: "Yes. After Amane-nee-san sent me a text message."
?: ""I entrust you with this child, so that at least she won't be infected by his hand,"...she said."
?: Poor thing.
?: "In the beginning I thought that sister might have been living some man, and then contracted an illness as a result..."
?: "Now that I think about it, that was probably it."
?: Amane-nee....!
R: It's flawless!

M: Such perfect lines just keep slipping out of your mouth one after another.
M: Even if Neene truly isn't Amane-nee-san's daughter, and even if you weren't infected at the Kazama Hospital.
R: Shut up!! Don't ruin this for me.
R: As long as I can get back Neene and escape safely from here, will you be quiet? Or at least try to think up some better explanations!!
?: Amami-kun?
?: "I beg you! Please search for Nene!!"
R: It's not like I trust you just because you're inside my head.

R: But she and F.L.A.G....are both lying to you..
R: "Also, Nene should remember something about that man."
R: Which means you can't trust either of them...but,
R: But...you know, don't you? The relationship between Neene and Amane-nee--the answer to the puzzle...
R(2b): "I'm begging you! If you can somehow take us to that place," "We should definitely be able to find some clues!"
?: Ah.
?: Yes........yes...
?: Hayato-kun is? ......!
?: Really now? I understand!

?: Rejoice, Amami-kun. I have good news for you!!

N: Papa!
R: Neene!!
R: It feels like...
R: she's grown a little, hasn't she?
R(small): And what's with these clothes?!

?: These two took good care of her.
Y(2b): Riku! I'm so glad you're alright!
R: You-nii!
Y: Look at you, making us worry so much! Ahaha...
R(2b): H-hold on...You-nii?! GEHUH!
H: I must thank you, Director, for allowing me the permission for this visitation.
D: ...I didn't think you'd come here yourself.

D(2b): What is the meaning of this? Leader of the F.L.A.G. Special Investigations Annexed Department, Tsukishiro Hayato-kun?
H: You see...Amami-kun is Youhei's friend.
H: Not to mention, shouldn't you have been the one who gave us jurisdiction over this case, Director?

D(2b): The circumstances have changed. All we've ever relied on you for has been investigation and support during small-scale incidents.
D: Although you supply us with Jinki Users, the fact remains that you are all minors...wouldn't you agree that you're heavy baggage?
H: Haha...that's a terrible thing to say. Especially when I'm like this...
H: Be that as it may, there are minors like Youhei, who have higher "Kensei" values than anyone else, aren't there?
D: ...Sarcasm?
D: Honestly, I'd prefer it if you just sent Youhei-kun and Arisugawa-san over to our side.

H: Please discuss that directly with those two.
H: They are the ones choosing their own environments.
Y: Isn't she sticking to you a bit too much?
SFX: Gyu
R: He's the one she's been missing all this time.
R(2b): She did nothing but cry...calling you "Papa"...
R: Thank you.

R: ...You saved her way back when we were in the park, right?
R: And then...when it looked like Neene was going to fall, you helped her then, too, didn't you?
R: I just never got to thank you properly..
A: I was just trying to do what the child would have wanted!
R: You need to do a little better job of that yourself.
R: Children don't choose their own parents, after all!
R: Like I said, she isn't my child...I'm a high-schooler, remember!?
R(2b): Ah... but she calls you "Papa," so...just what kind of a relationship do you call that!?

Y: Well, whatever the case is, now you just need to relax and recuperate!!
R: Wah!
Y: It's alright. They'll definitely cure you!
C: Those who are infected can't be cured...
Y: ......u....
Y: Riku!?
N: Fue...?
Y: Sorry...I'm not feeling...
Y: Hey, are you alright?!
(Lower right): His face is turning all pale!
(top left)(2b): Amami-kun!? Doctor!!
(bottom left): I'm fine...nothing to worry about...
C(2b): Try breathing in some of the outside air from the window. We also need to examine Nene-chan. Let's end this visitation here...
Y: Riku...

H: Well then, I suppose this is goodbye for now...
C: Y-yes, thank you for everything...
H: "Ah, Suzu-san...could you please take Arisugawa-san with you and pull the car around?"
H: "Youhei, come with me for a moment."
S: Hoeh!?
S: Ehhh, master?! But if you just have to go pee, I'm used to helping you, so it's not...
R: Let's go.
R: Suzu-san! Did you forget!?
S: Of course not. Just acting normal!

SFX: Chikichikichiki
H(2b): In this NEFT building there's a special interior LAN that's disconnected from the other divisions. Of course, it contains data they won't want to spread around.
Y: Counterfeit IDs? (This is dangerous...)
SFX: Katakata
SFX: Kata
H(2b): Wait about 10 minutes, and I should be able to remove all protection from the server. Until then, keep watch outside.
Suzu-san: Suzu will check to make sure they've left the office!
Y: ...you think that's true?
SFX: Kata
Y(2b): Remember that "barrier" to the Kanshu transformation Kanzaki-san was talking about? That's the first time I've ever heard of someone definitely losing themselves within "72 hours."
H: There's a precedent for that.
H: The existence of a Kanshu we do not know of, that has kept its consciousness without fail.

(top left small): Kanzaki-kun, could you get me a drink...
D: ...are you alright?
R: Yes..I feel much calmer now...
D: Ah, that's wonderful!
D: About what you mentioned before...have you found out who it was?
D(2b): The man that took your aunt away...have you remembered him?
SFX: Pih!
T: Even the smallest thing may help, so if you can remember anything...
R: Uwahh, don't let the conversation drop suddenly! Think, think...
R: "No...no, wait? When I found Nene, I think...that place...."
R: The Kazama Hospital!
R: At the Kazama Hospital, 2 years ago, Amane-nee also...

R: Is something wrong?
D: What? No, of course not.
R: Do you....know something about it?
D: Of course not.
R: Why are you hiding it from me?

R: You know something, don't you?
D: Hey, you...!
R: If you know something, then why are you hiding it?!
?: Amami-kun, please calm down...
R: What's the connection between you people and...
D: Kanzaki-kun, get over here!
N(small): Papa...
T: Please calm down, you're hurting me!
R: F.L.A.G., and...
C: Do not touch me, you filthy Kanshu!

?: Director!?
?: Hey, you!!
K: Kensei...
Re: ...Kanshu...

K: Are you okay?!
D(small): *cough cough*
T: Where did he...?
K: Downstairs. He got away.
?: Test Subject #78 is escaping!
SFX: Uhh...
SFX: Guuh..
?: He's in Elevator #5, shut it down!!
R: Just now...did I?
SFX: Hah
SFX: Hah
R: Did I do that...?!
R: What should I do, what should I do?
R: What should you do? Isn't it obvious?

R: There's only one answer.
?(2b): Until the Jinki Users arrive, avoid fighting! This way!!

?: Hey, are you alright?!
R: "Upstairs! He ran up there through the emergency stairs!!"
R: "Be careful, he took a child as a hostage!!"
R: "We're fine here! Hurry and..."

R: Let's go, Neene...
N: Neh!
R: That's it, you're doing quite well.

R: Now you just need to make it outside okay.
R: That's easy enough, right?

Y: ...huh? Riku?
Y: What are you doing here?
Y: What's with that getup?
SFX: Zeh
SFX: Zeh
SFX: Zeh
Y: ...could you be...
Y: ...haha, where are you trying to go? (Hey, hey...)
Y: If you leave now your disease can't be cured, you know!
R: Cured...? Cured.....huh...?
R: Haha...hahaha.

R: Just tell me the truth.
R: I can't turn back to a human anymore, can I?
Y: Oh...
Y: Ah....
Y: "...there's no way that's the case."
Y: "There's no such thing as an incurable disease."
Y: "It's alright. They'll definitely cure you!"

R: You're a really bad liar, You-nii...
R: Don't try to dodge your stupidly honest nature with mere words...
R: That's always something....I've liked about you.

N: .........Ne.....
R: They found me...
Y: No...this is
Y: Emergency Siren #3?!

Y: A Kanshu...!? No, that's not it.
Y: An intruder?!

Chapter 10 / End

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