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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

World Embryo 11

World Embryo #11

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 3, 2007 17:51 | Go to World Embryo

-> RTS Page for World Embryo 11

S: A Kanshu, here?! But FLAG is the center of all Jinki Users!
R: That presence is unmistakable!
S: But couldn't it just be Amami-kun? ...Huh? But why...
S: Heeeey! Wait a seeeecond...
S: Wapuh!
R: .....You shouldn't look at this.

[Chapter 11]

?: ...p...please, confirm it with your own eyes...
?: It appeared on the monitors in an instant...and that's all we got...
SFX: Hie..
D: ......."What".....is he?
S: Suzu-san, return to Tsukishiro-san.
R: It isn't the work of a Kanshu.
R: Sword wounds...
R: The criminal is a human.

Chapter 11 - Creeping Messenger of Death

H: An intruder!?
H: You've gotta be kidding me? Now of all times...
SFX: Kata
SFX: Katakata
SFX: Kata
H: The security's gone into emergency mode.....!
H: The download percentage...22%...23...24...damn, this is the limit!!
SFX: Patan
H: Youhei!? What happened!?
SFX: Hah
SFX: Hah

Y: Riku...has escaped...!
?: There he is!!
?: Test subject #78!!
?: Test subject...number...seventy-eight...?

Y: Riku!?
?: Over there!! Who's over there!?
Y: Kuh...!
Small 1: Which way did he go!?
Small 2: Let's get to the Kanshu first...
H: ...and you came back here just like that!? What are you doing!?
Y: Like I'd leave you here like this...!
Y: If the Director finds out, there's no way we'll be able to explain this.
Y: This place is dangerous. You need to find Suzu-san and get out of here.
Y: I'll follow Riku.

H: ...Youhei?
Y(2b): ...not being able to do anything is so painful. That's why it won't end up 'like that.'
Y: I swear it.
Y: I, Takabe Youhei, swear to make it happen 'like this' instead.
D: What is that intruder? It doesn't seem like he's a Kanshu...

K: I'll have the Jinki Users head toward him.
D: Toward a human target!?
K: That guy has skill. The regular security guards won't stand a chance. Not only that...I want to think it's impossible, but...
K: ...Nagase!
G: Nagase-san!
N: Huh!? (Hold on a second!)
N: Yeahhh...how many times do I have to say it? I'm not coming home!
N(2b): No, stupid, it's overtime, I mean it! Why can't you just go to sleep before me? Don't forget to feed the cat, bye!
G: Nagase-san! We're at Kanshu Warning Level 3! Your cell phone could be...

N: Gimme a damn break! You saying the HQ will ensure me if I get into any more trouble with this?
G: Your girlfriend is really that dangerous now...?
N: I'm begging you guys, someone find me a replacement.
?: How about the operator? I hear she's a pretty nice girl.
N: No way! Working at the same place would be such a pain in the ass.
SFX: Pih
SFX: Buuuuu
N: I really wanna go home early tonight...ahh, actually I think we ran out of cat food, I should tell her...
SFX: Buh!

?: I know they designated this earlier, but I'm still not sure which one we should place priority on finding.
?: The intruder...
?: or the escaped test subject?

?: Nagase is in close proximity to #78!
?: Can he really take him down by himself?
?: #78...is the same as Kanshu #20...
?: Don't worry. That guy's strong.
?: There's no one who can match Nagase's speed.

R: So fast.
R: These pulses are so loud.
R: When I kick off the floor, it seems so fragile.
R: I feel like if I extended my hand, I could catch a small pebble 100m away in an instant.
R: This is...the power of a Kanshu.
R: But...

R: Neene..
SFX: Nyah..
N: Too slow!

SFX: Kahah..
?: See, it's finished...
?: ...what a coincidence.
?: 2 years earlier -- at the Kazama Hospital.
?: He left something precious there too, just like us.
?: Something...we both cannot forget.
?: Kanshu #20...
?: Karasawa-kun...

R: What should I do?
R(2b): Shit! Answer me! "You," inside my head!
?: Unfortunately, "I" am not really in your head...
?: In fact, I'm in a bit of a pinch here on my end as well, which means I'll have to briefly cut our "connection."
R: W-wait!
?: One last warning: you must absolutely not let him capture you.
R: What are you saying? Aren't I already...
N: Not that guy. HIM.

T: You?
T: You're the kid's dad?

N: And you're that intruder?
?: Hey, you alright!?
N: ...haven't I seen you before...
?: Hang on!!
N: Ahh, either way, though, I assume you didn't come here expecting to find a phone company, did you?
N(2b): What's your name? Your objective? Hey, you listening? Helloooooo?
R: Wah!
N: Mukyuuh!
T: I'm leaving here...follow me...
R: Eh...
N: Ahhh, I get it. You're "someone's" messenger?
SFX: Chaki
T: No one's...one more.

N: Tryin' to start a fight with a Jinki User, huh?
N: You know that's like to try and kill an elephant with a toothpick?
N: ...no comment, huh?
N: Then I don't wanna hear any complaints!!

?: Uwahh, you did it!
N(2b): I just showed him who's boss here. Seriously, though...who was that guy...
T: ...Gotcha...

N: That was close!
N: Could you be...
N: ...Ah?

T: You're too slow...

N: So...
N: You're the...
N: "Jinki Hu...nter"....

Chapter 11 / End

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