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World Embryo 12

World Embryo #12

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 3, 2007 17:51 | Go to World Embryo

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SFX: Gopuu...

Y: Sekiguchi...
Y: Yosshii...
Y: Masano...
Y: ....Teru....

Y: ...That suit doesn't look right on you.
Y: Seriously...what's with that outfit...
Y: Sensei...
?: Forgive me...Takebe-kun...

Right: Forgive me,
Left: Takebe-kun...
sfx: Guh...
Chapter 12 - Borderline

SFX: Dochaah
?: Na-Nagase-san...
?: U-uwaaaah!!!
?: Evacuate! Evacuaaaaaate!!

Y: You're "watching," huh?
Y: I sniffed you out, "shithead"...
R: "MONSTER"...!!
R: But this place...
R: Is this for real!? No, there's no mistake.
R: This is bad...! Bad, bad, bad,
R: His head, his head was...!!
R: Those eyes of his, it's as if...he can see through everything...
R: It's's all over...
R(2b): Dammit..!! Why did something like this have to happen...I...I just wanted...Amane-nee...
R: ...Amane-nee...

N: Ne....
T: ...shit...! The "connection" was already cut.
SFX: Geho gehooh
T: ..."Amane-nee' isn't here now, is she?
T: She look like that thing?
T: Was that thing...born from a cocoon?
R: Ah...?

T: Come...
T: I'm going to borrow...its "power"...

?: We've lost both #78 and the intruder!
?: Monitors 216 to 427 have been completely washed over!
?: What?! I can't hear you, clarify the situation!!
C: Na...gase-kun...
K: Put the building on lockdown, and stop the support group. This isn't someone they can take on.
K: Takayanagi, Iizuka, and Tadokoro are to assemble on Floor 10. Call back Satomi and Himekawa.
K: ...The same goes for Hayato's group. I'm heading out.
K: That guy's the "Jinki Hunter."
K: A mere human couldn't cut down a Jinki User like that.
K: There'd be no way for them to cut through our Cage.
K: This nightmare that can do the impossible...he reappeared!

?: Director!!
D: Now what!?
?(2b) Kanshu signals...there's so many!!
?: Fu...fufu...Takao-kun...
?: You have quite the intuition...

?: Fuuuu...haha...but you overdid it a little...and ran out of time.
?: At the very least, keep the gentlemen of FLAG running around like that,
?: In order to let Amami-kun make his escape.
?: Amami-kun, I shall withdraw for now.
?: But we shall be able to meet very soon.
?: For the moment, "I" have been killed, but...
?: I welcome you to surpass your limits, from the bottom of my heart.

S: I hope Rena-chan is alright.
S(2b): She said she was going to look for Youhei-kun, but...what's keeping her?
SFX: Chuu
H: First, we need to leave here and contact the Director.
H(2b): This is an emergency. They're all panicking right now, unable to do a thing. I'll make it seem as if I sent Youhei and the others in there for them.
H: Ex-posto-facto approval, right?
H: It'd be bad if anyone realized what he did in here...

S: But before that...we need to find a way out of here...

R: "Takao"...
R: The "monster" I saw on TV is now clearly on front of my eyes.
R: In Mitaka Station in Ikebukuro, he killed seven people just to try out his new sword...
R: Regardless of the fact that he was a minor, since his violent acts kept reoccuring, the name of this indiscriminate killer was released to the public.
R: I'd even say there wasn't a single middle-schooler who wasn't interested in him.
R: That's how shocking the debut of "Takao" was...

R: Two years ago...the "Graduation of Blood"...
R: U..uh...Takao...san...
SFX: dokun x3
(middle box top right): Why are you here? Are you also somehow related to the Kanshu?
(middle box lower right): And what power does Neene have...?!
(middle box top left): That "connection" know about the voice?
SFX: Dokun x4
R: ...I'm being ignored.

T: That voice in your head is the source of infection.
R: Eh...
T: I'm chasing what you guys call the "source of infection."
T: He takes great caution...yet today, for some reason, he was actively moving.
T: Gathering up a huge amount of Kanshu...making that "connection" with you.
T: Fellow Kanshu...seem to be capable of telepathy....
SFX: boso boso
R: Eh....? But why would the source of infection do that?
T: Obviously, to get that thing...

R: Takao...san! You know about that cocoon, right?
R: Please, tell me about it! An important person to me disappeared!!
T: What would you do if I did tell you...? You think knowing the hopeless world would change this world back?
T: This is a nightmare in which we we can't return to those ordinary days...
R: see...I've been hopeless all this time.
R: I already lost those ordinary days two years ago.
R: I've realized that.
R: Days without Amane-nee...are meaningless.
T: I'll tell thing...
T: "Kyuuki"....that's what it's called. (*Coffin Princess.)

T: The woman that became its mother...does not exist in this world any longer...
T: She's in here.
T: If you want to meet her...then raise this child. And as she grows in years, eventually...she will become "Amane-nee."
R: But...that....
R: ......are you serious...?
T: I...don't tell lies.
T: No matter what...I...never turn away from the truth.

SFX: Zaku zaku
T(2b): You'll understand it all once we get out of here. Wait here for a second.
?: Ah..hey...
R: Just what is going on here...?
R: Kyuuki? Raise her? No...don't falter...
R: That's right...if we get out of here, I'll understand everything.
R: If I get out of here...with Takao...and Amane-nee...
R: Aaaah...there you are!!
R: What are you doing here!?

R: Do you even know what kind of a situation you're in?!
R(2b): Hurry up and return to your room immediately, and don't cause any more trouble to Takebe-san!
R: Trouble...yeah, I guess you're right.
R: My own situation? I know all about it!
R: "If you're infected too, after 70 hours your heart and body will transform into a monster."
R: I can't go back now, I know all about it!!
(far bottom right): And then...for You-nii to act like he could really save me?
R: It's impossible, isn't it? ...don't lie to me...
(first thought bubble on top left): Shit.
(second): Acting like everything's going according to plan...

R: Takebe-san isn't God.
R: But think about how he's suffering through this with you.
R: He also won't give up until the very end...
R: So please...don't let erase your "radiance," until that moment.
R: My soul's also been saved from the evil of that resignation....

T: A Jinki User? .....In that case!
R: That's right...if I leave here...
R: I'll understand...everything...

R: Leave with Takao, and Amane-nee...

R: Wrapping many people into this...
R: Should I really go...? With Takao...?
R: Amami...Riku! Who is this man...?!
R: What is going on here?!
R: Could it be that you...!!

R: Is that...truly alright?

R: H....hold....hold on....!
R: There's no reason to fight her, is there?
R: It'll be fine if we just pass by her quietly.
R: What does it matter if we kill her or not?!

T: I other goal....
T: To steal all of the Jinki...
T: And exterminate...all...their owners...
R: ...WHAT...!?

R: You...nii!!

Y: Yooo, Riku. Looks like I really can't give up.
Y: I couldn't help but remember that one promise.
Y: That day,
Y: that time,
Y: that person...
Y: They entrusted me with their wishes,
Y: as well as THIS thing!!

Chapter 12 / End

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