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World Embryo 13

World Embryo #13

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 3, 2007 18:32 | Go to World Embryo

-> RTS Page for World Embryo 13

?: We broke through! It should be alright to release your Kensei now.
?: Seems like....with this, I'll at least be able to protect my self....

?: The NEFT building...!

Chapter 13 - That's the Policy

Black text: Inside the chaos, Riku searches for an escape...

R: You...nii. Why...?
Y: The Operation Room is in total pandemonium, since the Jinki Hunter went and nabbed you. (I heard it from the inside line.)
Y: But man, what's with all this surprise casting!
Y: That "Monster" guy...

Y: or should I say, Jinki Hunter!!
Y: I won't let you take Riku!
T: Jinki Users...this makes six....
T: This'll save me some time...

Y: He cut through my Cage!?
Y: Hey! This isn't a...human's....technique...
Y: Fast...

SFX: Zua...
SFX: Chih
Y: What the he?
R: Aggh!!
SFX: Kiri kiri kiri

R: K...Kanshu...!?
SFX: Kiri kiri kiri
N: Uggh...
SFX: Tch
T: So I failed to kill it..huh.......
SFX: Boso

Y: We have to step back for a second!
Y: Come on, help me out!!
Y: Riku! Hurry it up!!

?: Report on the situation!!
?: A large number of Kanshu have invaded from B3 to 9F. That's what those explosions a while back were.
?: A huge fire has started along the invaders' route, and the automatic fire extinguishers aren't functioning!
?: Kanshu acting together, systematically...Hayato-kun's report really came true...
?: Get the Director on the inside line!!
C: Kanzaki-kun!?
K: It's a mess below. Call the helicopter.
K: Just get out of there as fast as possible.
K: The "enemy" knows much about our security here.

N: cough, cough
R: Neene...! What is all this smoke?
Y: A fire...? Not only that, but there are Kanshu down below...
Y: Can we make it through here? A close-range battle with that guy is too dangerous....ohh!
Y: (The staff cafeteria...?) Alright! This place is more than wide enough.
Y: Let's rest for a bit, and then....welcome our new guest!

Y(2b): Rena...still hasn't waken up...not a surprise, though, after having fought all evening...I could feel my own limit approaching, too, despite having recovered a bit now. How much longer can I last...?
Y: And to make matters worse, Riku...
R: My head won't stop pounding...
SFX: Kiri kiri kiri
R: First thing you need to do is get out of there--
R: There's roughly 70 hours until he loses himself--
T: Come--
T: Wrapping up so many people in this

Y: Alright, what do you like better, green tea or oolong tea?
Y(2b): more, You-nii. I don't want to trouble you any further...
Y: Hey, hold on. I'm not being troubled at all...
R: Enough of your sympathy!!
R: I've done nothing to deserve....such treatment....

R: Back there, that guy..."Takao," he invited me to go with him...
R: It seems like he's after Neene and myself...
Y: What? But what does that mean?
R(2b): I'm not sure...but he said that Neene's power is necessary in order to destroy the source of the infection...that's why, together...
R:'s no good.
R: In order to escape, he killed so many people.
R: He was even going to kill her. But when I said it wasn't necessary, he said that Jinki Users are his "enemies"....
R: I got scared...I wasn't...prepared to step forward like that.
R: It's laughable...the fact that I'll soon become a monster...
R: Even though I'm just a half-assed...liar...

SFX: C'mon c'mon
Y: Ahhhh...let's see here, what's the right word...ANNOYING!!
R: Annoyi...!?
Y: Even if you tell me "no more," I'm crossing a dangerous bridge here too!
Y: Going against orders and stealing data...ah, and probably in this situation they'd also conclude that I've been an accomplice to your escape.
R: But why...did you...
R: already know why, don't you?

R: It was all for you, obviously!
Y: good thing about you, Riku, is that you don't cling to people easily.
Y: But sometimes, that can also be a bad thing.
Y: Even if you can't see it yourself,
Y: there are still people out there desperately searching for ways to help you.
Y: The tied together like that.
Y: You're a part of someone's important daily life.

Y: It's still too early...for you to come to a conclusion by yourself.
R: ...what are you saying?
R: You-nii, that just sounds too much like you...
Y: Sure it does!
Thoughts: Dammit, if it's like this...
Y: That's the policy of Takebe Youhei, after all!
R: If it's like this, I can't just run away....

Y: Yeah...I struggled, barely making it to the end of the end.
Y: Sensei...that's what you taught me back then...
SFX: dokun x4
Y: ...wait?
Y: Wait wait wait wait?
Y: ...Of course...
Y: Ahh...that's it.
Y: I didn't take that into consideration...
Y(left side): I forgot,
Y (right): Sensei...

SFX: Zukin x3
R: Takao... (How did he make it out of there?)
R: Kuh...! This time...
Y: Don't move yet! Your Limit will come while you're fighting.
R: But...
Y: Also...Rena.
R: I have but one request.
Y: That guy...
Y: He may look useless, but he's different on the inside.
Y(2b): And when it really matters, his conviction and actions are not things to be taken lightly. Guide him forward.
R: Takebe...san? What are you...

Y: Riku...there might be a way.
Y: Only one...just one way.
Y: Yooo, Jinki Hunter!
Y: There's something I wanna try out.
Y: Would you mind lending a hand?

Y: You've already killed a countless number of Jinki Users.
Y: But the Jinki Cores you've gathered...what happened to them?

Y: We have a guy in trouble here.....
Y: So I'm wondering...would you be willing to spare one for him?

Y: That intense heat that's slowly filling the room isn't fire.
Y: It's anger.
Y: --Riku...
Y: I will return you to that daily life...
Y: Whatever I lose, no matter what....NO MATTER WHAT.

Chapter 13 / End

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#1. by hatsuharupeace (MH Senpai)
Posted on Nov 4, 2007
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