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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

World Embryo 16

World Embryo #16

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 3, 2007 18:34 | Go to World Embryo

-> RTS Page for World Embryo 16

tl by molokidan

SFX: Pinpoon
N: ...Yes?
R: ...I'm home....

N: Ohhh, Ricchaaaan!!
N: Don't make me worry so much all the time!

Chapter 16 - Then I Can Reach My Destination

S: Itadakimaaaaahh...
N: ...masu!
N: Neh!
S: Ah...hey, that's my toast!
S: Neene-chan's is over there, isn't it?!
S(2b): ...What? You like mine better? I don't believe it...that baby food really is useless...
News: Morning two days after the big fire has come, yet the direct source is still yet--
S: ...hey, Ricchan.
R: Ah...w-what?

S: I wanna talk about taking Neene-chan to my hospital today. Today's my day off, so I'll just give her a secret check-up.
S: Eventually she'll grow even bigger, and if we don't check her out...
R: ..That's right...after tomorrow, it's spring break for me. If you can just watch over her for one more day, it'll help me out...me...
S: ...that's why I don't want you staying over someone's house without permission! I'm still mad, you know?
S(small): You're a boy, so in a way, it's to be expected, but still..
R: ...but that's why I called you yesterda morning..
R: "A friend of mine suddenly got really sick."
R: "I was at their apartment for a while seeing to them, and missed the last train."
R (box): I'm still...telling lies.
R: "I'll be at their house today too."
R: But I'll be home soon...
News: Finally, whether the victims died because of the fire or due to being murdered by an intruder, is--

R: The reported dead are, from the NEFT Corporation, Arikawa Osamu-san (45),. Imada Shinya-san (37), Tsukamoto Keiichi-san (29), Tomochika Seiji-san (27)--
R: and Kobayashi Mitsuo-san (24). The five deceased men have a combined funeral service planned for tomorrow morning--
S: This has been the only thing on the news since yesterday.
R: ...they didn't even include anything....!
S: Eh?
R: ...Nothing. I'll be off now.
R: It's the same as if we never existed...all of us...at that place...

Box: That was Takao's doing, wasn't it?
B: The Karaoke Box murders?
B: No, no, that NEFT stuff.
B: No way, that was just arson.
B: Dumbass, watch the news closely.
B: They have pictures on an inspection website?
B: There's no way, what the heck are those movements?
B: It's just CG, right?
B: I saw it live, that isn't possible!
B: Okay, let's just say it was Takao...
B: Who was that other person, then?

B: The white-haired guy?
B: Why was he fighting with Takao on top of the NEFT building? (It's crazy)
T: Ahh, shut up, shut up!!
T: Hurry up and sit down!
T: I'm leaving your report cards here, so just take 'em and leave.
T: At least stay until the end of the day, Ken-chan!!
M: Heeey, Amami-kuuuuun!
R: Masaki-san...

M: After this, we're gonna celebrate the end of the year, are you free? (Karaoke!)
K: ...how sudden...
M: Hey Amami-kun, you were absent yesterday, right? I sent you a text message but you didn't reply...
R: ...sorry, today's no good.
R: There's somewhere I need to go.
?: That guy really doesn't want to hang out with us.
M: It feels like...he's going to a funeral or something...

R: ...Hello, Shizuru-san?
R: It's me...yeah.
R: ...how's Neene?
S(2b): Ahh, Ricchan? Yes, she's fine.,
S: She's having a great time. Animals are unusual to her.
S(2b): When she saw the head doctor her eyes went wide. He doesn't like when kids or animals cling to him...

S: ...there was nothing abnormal about her test results. She's perfectly healthy.
S: ....if she's a human, that is....
S: From the CT scan, I could tell that there are a few variations with the arrangement of organs inside her head. For example, how different her ears are.
S: The rest is a bit technical, so we'll discuss it once I get home.
R: ...Yeah. I think I'll be a little late getting home tonight.
S(2b): Going to another friend's house? C-come on, just tell me it's your girlfriend already. (Ahaha)
R: No...it's...
R: You-nii...
R: Takebe Youhei...

S: Hmm, I've never heard that name before.
S: Is he a classmate?

R: "...Yes."
R: "That's it."
?: Yasakadai, Yasakadai.
R: Okay..I'll call you when I come home....
?: You may now exit the train----
R: She really...forgot.

R: You-nii...!!

R: You-nii...

Y: You dropped your cell earlier.
Y: You forgot all about it.
Y: It's important to you, isn't it? Don't drop it anymore.
Y: What kind of face is that?
Y: What a moody face, stupid.
R: You're the stupid one!
R: Dammit...this is...this is all...
R: You died just trying to get me a Core!?
R: You'll be forgotten! It makes no sense!!
R: I...I never asked you to do that....!
Y: I have only two requests...Riku.

R: .....You-nii....
Y: The first:
Y: I'll transform into a Kanshu soon.
Y: Finish me.

R: Stop joking around...!
R: You said it before, You-nii!
Y: ...I can't....
Y: There's no way I could...
R: It's not like...I want you to...
R: I dealt the finishing blow to my own teacher....
R: I feel...terrible about it.
R: Guh...
R: You-nii...
Box: ...and the other...?
R: You-nii....!!

Y: Please don't forget me.

Y: That's...all I ask.
sfx(right to left):

R: Uweehh
R: Uwaahhh
R: Uuu....kuh.
sfx: hyaku
R: Uwahhh...
R: Wahhh...
sfx: kuh.
sfx: hih
R: Uuuu....
Box: A train is passing through. Please step back from the white line...

R: Stand up. Is this the time to be hanging your head in shame?
R: You...

R: Come with me, Amami Riku!!
R: You have no authority to refuse!! You are not capable of running away!!
R: That person placed this burden upon you!!
R: What that person fought with...you have an obligation to know...!

R: Having my hand grabbed like this...
R: It's the third time.
R: The first was You-nii...
R: The second was Takao...
R: And the third hand...
R: was strong, and a little cold.

right box: I would have never been able to back down.
left box: The hand pulled ahead with such force.
bottom: Even though my legs felt so heavy...I still had to walk forward.

Chapter 16 / End

[ Mask ]

Y: Hey! I'm Youhei!
Black text on right side: An angel's blessing to the people who bought this! (Home-made)
Rena: Takebe-san!?
Black text on left: I'll curse those who only stand and read it without purchasing!!
riku sfx: gaku gaku buru buru
Y: Long time no see! Seems like this is the second round, eh?
Y: Seems like stuff really settled down after I left, huh. (well, well...)
S: That was definitely the highlight of Volume 2!
Y: Eh? Highlight? Hmmm....highlight....
S: Um...Youhei-san?
Y: The fact that the NEFT building kept getting larger? (It surprised even me!)
black text: Look at the size of the windows
Everyone: Aha!!
Small text at bottom: Lingering memories written at the end, taking the stage after you've finished reading...
Title: Life in the Kennel of Dreams Z

M: Hi everyone, it's me Moriyama. And this is Volume 2.
Black text: Drawing at full acceleration
M: This was created at full acceleration with the policy of "do everything I can!"
M: Those thoughts also appear right here!
M: Belt!!
M(2b): I don't want to overlook the great demonstration of comments given by Arakawa Hiromu(*author of FMA), in the first volume, and Nobuhiro Watsuki(*Rurouni Kenshin) in the second! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
Y: If you're thanking them, why aren't they present at all in the first volume postscript?
M: Er...well, that's...
M(2b): That project itself came as a surprise to Moriyama...and they didn't let me see it at all until this came out in book form.
black text: Arakawa-sensei did this!?
M: Who's the one who started this!?

M: Well, finally, the prolouge has come to an end. From here out, it's the real story. What's been planned so far has multiplied greatly.
M: Now that he's lost something, it truly begins. I wonder what will happen?
M: Only the author knows what will happen from here on out! I'll do my best to make it entertaining!
Y: Okay, question!
Y: What kind of developments will happen after the third volume?
Y(small): Since I'm gone, at least tell me.
M: .....wellllll...
M: When did I ever say I knew anything!!
M(small): I'm just living in the present for now!!!
Y: Ah, he ran away.
S: No one knows what will happen...
S(small): Well, well...
Black at bottom: END Continues in Volume 3

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#1. by  ()
Posted on Nov 3, 2007
You're really hard-working, dude, thank you !!
#2. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Nov 4, 2007
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