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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

World Embryo 17

World Embryo #17

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 3, 2007 22:15 | Go to World Embryo

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tl by molokidan

Selections by Neene-san Part 3

Box 1:
S: She's getting even bigger!
Box 2:
S: Going so fast like this, are you really alright?
S(2b): Her metabolism and physical build...ah, baby teeth! She's growing this quickly...
Box 4:
M: Sensei, please do your job!

Initialization - Arisugawa Rena

...at first she had pigtails. Gyaaaahh!! So glad I changed it...
Her character is pretty different now. She's selfish and acts a bit devilish toward the main character...although she seems younger than him. Along with the difference in her role, her clothes and hair also changed as well. You could think of her as playing a similar role to Fii from my previous work. Although their personality is completely different...

Chapter 17 - Terms of the Agreement
Chapter 18 - Seed of Doubt
Chapter 19 - Training Progress Report
Chapter 20 - Mask
Chapter 21 - First Battle
Chapter 22 - That Power, for Someone
Chapter 23 - Overcome at That Point
Chapter 24 - She Waits at Twilight

[Chapter 17]
S: Here you go.
H: Thank you, Suzu-san.
S: Ummm, earlier, the trader finished up taking care of Youhei-san's apartment.
H: Good work. Please move his things into the warehouse.
S: His family...
H: Don't report what's happened to them. It'll just cause needless chaos.
H(2b): Since he lived alone.....the shock of their "lost rebound" should be rather small.

S: Ah, it looks like Rena-san is here.
H: Please handle them. Right now my hands are full...
S: Okay...please don't overdo it now...
H(2b): ...I was able to download 26% of highly-classified Level A- information....not only that, it's encrypted....decoding it will take time...
H: In any case, in that game of time, I was out at that point...I couldn't have done anything else, right...?

H: Additionally...this data is now meaningless in terms of saving him from the Kanshu transformation....
Chapter 17 - Terms of the Agreement
H: Us too...and our actions on that day.......Youhei...

S: Right this waaay!
R: ...Haaaah.
R: ...what is this place?
Re: Our organization.
R: Organization, you mean NEFT? It's an amazing mansion, but...isn't it just a private home?
Re: This is the annexed department.
R: ...annexed?
Re: Just calm down and hold on a minute!
S: Ufufu...you two sure get along well.
Re: Haah!?
S: I mean, look how tightly you're holding his hand!
Re: Ah, no....
R: (Yeah! Let go of me already!)

Re: You're wrong! He kept blubbering and wouldn't move, so
R: Hey, don't say it like that!!
S: Ah, how strange.
SFX: Pan pan
S: Ah, hold on a moment, I'll go call him.
R: My hand hurts....but hey...
R: There's a lot of pictures here...
Re: These are...the records of Jinki Users....

H: The afterimages of times long past...
H: Welcome to the F.L.A.G. Special Investigations Annexed Department.
H(2b): I am the department leader, Tsukishiro Hayato. Although, saying that, I carry a rather powerless, leisurely position.
H: It is a pleasure to have you here, Amami Riku-kun.

R: ...you're the one in charge? At such a young age?
H: F.L.A.G. is NEFT's on-site team in charge of seeking out and exterminating the strange creatures called Kanshu.
H: Basically, Jinki Users are managed by F.L.A.G. However, occassionally irregular humans are bestowed with Jinki as well.
H: We take those people, and especially minors, into this annexed office.
H: I'd like to have you work as one of us from now on.
Suzu(small): Have some senbei!
Rena(small): I am grateful.
R: ...so that's what it comes down to.
R: It's fine...but there's too much I don't understand.
R: I want you to explain everything.

R: What are Kanshu?
R: What are Jinki?
R: Why is NEFT, a phone company, exterminating monsters?
H: --The first problem came from cell phones.
R: You mean that weird ringing phenomenon?
H: No, no, just unpaid bills.
R: Buh!

H: No one thought it'd turn into a problem of monsters.
SFX: Pakih
H: It was eventually established that various customers had uniformly ceased to correspond.
H(3b): An investigation began from NEFT, but they soon became bewildered. Other humans who had been around the customers couldn't remember a single thing about them. There were no exceptions to this.
H(2b): Their family registries, records of attendance to school or work, nothing remained, even though in theory, they should have been there.
H: Despite that, their straightforward investigation continued...
H: and what they finally came up with, by chance, was a single photo.
H: Even if the memories were gone, documented evidence couldn't lie.

H: However, it looked as if it wasn't showing anything other than the human.
H: As if what had attacked them was "something" unrecognizable by humans.
R: So...NEFT realized it first?
H: There's one more thing.
H: Arisugawa-kun, please show him.
A: Yes sir.
A: Kensei!!

R: Uwahhh! (Bright!)
H: ...after that, coincidentally, carriers of the infection who were being protected by NEFT's investigation team
H: got bizarre steel balls attached to their hands.
R: Wah!!
Re: They were Jinki.

H: It can be said that Jinki Users are those that barely came back to life just before turning fully into Kanshu.
H: For example, if Kanshu transformation causes your the cells in your brain to run wildly out of control,
H: then Jinki Cores virtually act as a second brain with which to control those wild cells.
sfx: doh
Rena(right corner): Transforming you without losing yourself, and converging that power into the form of a "Blade" -- into a weapon...
R: This is what a Jinki is!!
Left side (top to bottom, left to right)
S: You didn't have to be that enthusiastic about it, you know.
Re: Eh? Ah...sorry.
H: And now....for you.
H: You are here now because you have become a Jinki User.
H: Isn't that right? Amami-kun.

R: Are you saying...that makes us friends?
R: What a lie!
R: How can you be thinking such a shameless thing like that...?
R: After all, your boss is....
3 right bubbles:
?: Vital signs at level green.
?: His waves have stabilized high and low--
?: Right now, could he Kensei here?
3 boxes in center:
B: ---Yesterday
B: NEFT Hatsudai Branch Office
F.L.A.G. Temporary Headquarters
B: The same confinement room.
3 bubbles on left:
?: He has completely ceased progression toward Kanshu transformation.
?(2b): For the moment, we're pushing him toward his Kensei limit. He's nothing but a human right now.

D: Were the terms of employment of interest to you?
D: ....NEFT's wages are amazing, aren't they?
D: Our company prepares the finest treatment for those who have special abilities.
D: Such as newborn Jinki Users.
R: ....and if I refuse?
D: ...what a shame.
D: I expect that would make Takebe-kun rather sad, wouldn't it?

D: We've found out a lot about you.
D: Your family, your friends.
D: He was your childhood friend, wasn't he.....
R: You trying to say...it was my fault?
R: Especially when you treat people as test subjects...
D: Yes. That's why I'm not saying we're going to get even. This is give-and-take.
D: Think of us as offering you all the information we have our hands on.....
D: About two years ago at the Kazama Hospital.
R: If you know something, then tell me!!
D: After you start working for us, I will.

D: Think carefully once more....
D: About yourself...about Takebe-kun...
D: What is the very best thing to do?
R: ...just self-interested.
H: ...I see. The Director was quite rash.
R: Trying to add the reason You-nii died into your own group?
R: Are you people really alright?!

R: Are you really alright?!
Re: Settle down...
Re: Of course we're not alright.
H: They made too much of Youhei. This is a totally different situation than what I was told.
H: The truth is, they simply forced you to make the decision, then tied you up with this!
R: Wha...

H: Do as you like.
H: Now there's nothing else tying you down, is there?

H: I'll tell you one thing...our battle is ours alone.
H: The responsibility for those deaths is also all ours...we fighting believing that.
H: At the least, stand firm knowing this.
H(2b): All of this is meaningless to you now. Youhei's thoughts that day, as well.
R: What...are you saying...
R: You don't know anything about that time...
Re: Amami Riku...Tsukishiro-san was Takebe-san's ex-partner.
R: Eh....
Re: Therefore...his memories are deeper than my own.

H: It's a story that comes long before this one...
H: He isn't a serious guy, and yet there was merit to entrusting my life to him.
H(2b): That man asked a "life's favor" of me. That's why I went to NEFT that day.
H(2b): I went as far as hacking into the HQ's server just to find if there really was a way, even though it was a considerable violation of my duty...
R: Ah....
Y: Even if you can't see it yourself,
Y: there are still people out there desperately searching for ways to help you.

R: ....I'll do it.
R: I'll take on this job.
R: It's not like I trust you. There just isn't another alternative for me...
R(top): It's just...saying what You-nii did is meaningless....
R(bottom): I don't want to do that either.

H: ...of course not....
H: I, personally...
H: will not allow them to become such!
H: Well said, Amami-kun.
H: Then I must ask something of you that may be a bit unreasonable.
H: Jinki Users are basically composed of 2-man teams.
H: From now on, you're Rena's partner.
R: Eh...
S: Ehh? But Master, that's...
R: Yes. I was already prepared for this.

Re: But things here will be done my way.
Re: Kensei, Amami Riku,
Re: and carve the "radiance" into that body of yours!

Chapter 17 / End

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Posted on Nov 4, 2007
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thanks for translating this!
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Holy shi-

I can't believe it. Molo translating WE again. Thanks so much T__T
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World Embryo translated....¡¡THANKS!!
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