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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

World Embryo 18

World Embryo #18

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 15, 2007 19:45 | Go to World Embryo

-> RTS Page for World Embryo 18

tl by molokidan

Re: Kensei, Amami Riku,
Re: and carve the "radiance" into that body of yours!
Re(2b): If you win, you can do as you like with me. I will give my body to you, and commit myself to you 100%!
Re: But if I win, you will obey me fully, without a word of complaint.
Re: I will not allow you to object!
R(small): ...huh?
R: What? "Radiance"...?
[Chapter 18]

Chapter 18 - Seed of Doubt

S: Ready?
S(2b): The battle's area is within this garden. Whoever can grab the other first, wins. In other words, like pro wrestling!
R: ...those are some pretty vague rules...
R: That means anything goes. Attack me without holding back.
S: It looks like he's gotten serious too...
H: Yes, he seems to have a high sense of pride...

R: Shit! She's always been barking at me like this ever since we first met.
R(2b): Does she really hate me that much...? .....hatred...?
R: Hmph...whatever....I'll do it--therefore---
H: Prepared?
R: Ah, wait!
R: ....how do you get your Jinki to come out?
Re(2b): Concentrate your senses in your hand! Imagine your Jinki within your mind. That's all there is to it.
R: Kensei!

R(2b): Uwahh....my eyes......
S: His hair...(All white...)
H: So the effects from his Kanshu transformation remained? (Very interesting.)
Re: This will be a serious duel, alright?
R: ......? Yeah.
Re: Then...here I come!!

R: Kuh!
(2 in the top left box):
R: Still....this feeling.
R: It's the same as when I was a Kanshu....
(3 in big box, right to left)
R: As if...my ears and eyes are outside my body!
R: The distance is compressing...it's like the area and space is my own body!!
R: What's going on!?
H: Consciousness expansion field manipulation...

H: An sphere of absolute protection that bends the laws of physics! There's no way for anything like a bullet or shockwave to pass through it.
H: The ring you see is the visualization of the manipulated field. All five of your senses have flown from your body and turned into this spatial presence.
H: It's almost like you're watching yourself as a spectator, isn't it?
R: Shut up! Don't talk so close to my ear!
H: The only thing that can break through your Cage is a Jinki!
H: In order to seize your enemy, you must first rip through that!!

R: I'm missing....or should I say,
R: you're sticking too close to me.
S: It looks like....he's getting pretty desperate. (He's...)
H(small): My garden...

H: Hmm...I can't complain about his speed and power.
H: ..but his attacks are too simple. All he's doing is swinging around at full strength.
H: Game over.
R: My Cage...

R: Checkmate.

H: That's enough!!
H: Arisugawa-kun, you're finished, right?
H: Amami-kun...this is how it goes your first time.
small bubbles: Zehh x4
R: Jinki can be weaknesses as well as weapons.
R: When you Kensei, your Jinki Core essentially becomes naked, so if you just swing it around randomly, your arm could end up going crazy just by holding it.
R: At the worst, it could result in a sudden Kanshu transformation...you need to pay more attention.
R: But there's another problem before that!

R(2b): "If I just do it half-assedly, and lose half-assedly, she should calm down." Is that what you thought?
R(2b): When one crosses Jinki with another, they quickly realize who's being serious or not!! Don't belittle me!!
Ri: Gu....
R: It also seems like I need to teach you about being prepared as well.
R: From now on you'll have to follow everything I say.
R: Any objections?
Ri: .....I got it....

H: ...so there you have it, Amami-kun.
H: You will become an immediate student of Arisugawa-kun, and train under her.
H: Here's the Jinki User Trainee Manual...a book with a DVD.
H: Ask Arisugawa-kun about your schedule and plans.
R: We're starting intensive training tomorrow at 5:00 in the morning. Meet me in front of the school gate.
Ri (small): So early!!
Ri: 5:00 in the morning!? ...at school?
H: Arisugawa-kun goes to the same school as you, and is also in the same grade.
Ri: Looks like I won't even have time to catch my breath...
sfx: Pofu
S: Don't worry, it'll all work out somehow...
H: Amami-kun...now it's my turn.
H: There is something I want to ask you.

H: Amami-kun.
H: You are an extremely special case.
H(2b): Normal humans, after being infected, lose their ego in little time, and eventually die. Officially, that has always been what happened.
H: You're the only one who, after transforming into a Kanshu, has continued to keep his ego for an extended amount of time.

H: Is there anything in particular you can remember about how this happened?
S: Huuuuh? Ricchan!?
N: Paaaapa!
S: Nice timing!

S: Oh, good...I just went and bought some ingredients for dinner.
N: Paapaa!
S: Come on, you really need to stay in touch with us better.
S: ....Ricchan?
N: Remember something...now that I think about it.
H: I should be able to help you out.
H: That voice ringing inside your head is the source of infection.
R: Source of the infection.....
R: That talk earlier...
R: Have you pinpointed just what it is that turns humans into Kanshu?

H: The "source of infection"...
H: Two years ago...an outbreak of Kanshu incidents began. It became an all-out war.
H: And in the middle of that, a single Jinki User breathed his last.
H: Just before he died, though, he left a baffling text message.

N: ...Paapa?
Black: "The cocoon is the beginning of everything."

H: My guess, based on the situation,
H: is that "it" is probably the source of the infection.
H: What's wrong?
H: You look a little pale.
N: Papa!
N: Papa?
N: Paapaa...

R: "Really?"
R: "Must just be the twilight."
N: Wapuh!
R: "Nothing's wrong"...come on, let's go,
R: back to our house.
Black text: I told another lie...
Box: Amane-nee.....
3 small boxless texts:
1: If you want to meet her...then raise this child.
2: As she grows up...
3: she'll eventually become "Amane-nee."
Box: Until I confirm it, I can't abandon you.

R: I still remember my first instinct.
R: "This isn't one of them."
R: The purity in Neene's eyes make me feel nostalgic.
R: That's why...I told another lie.
S: Alright! Good thing my fighting spirit's in dinner tonight.
N: Ne!
Box(right): With a slight shudder...
R: I'd like something else besides curry, hamburgers, or rice omelettes tonight.
N: Eh, b-but that's...(my whole repetoire!)
Box(left): I closed up the sublime uneasiness that began to gush forth deep into my heart.

Chapter 18 / End

?: Kyaaah, how cuuute!
?: Squad Leader, whose is this?
H: Nagase's cat.
?: I want someone to take care of it.
?: Eh? But what about the girl he was living with....?
H: She's in the hospital with a mild case of Lost Rebound.
H: She doesn't have serious symptoms, but, it's better to keep her out of the chaos for now.
?: Is that so...ahh, but pets aren't allowed in my apartment...
?: Me too...and my mom's allergic.

G: Director!?
D: There's no choice, then. I'll have to take her.
G: Kanzaki-san, please stop her!
G: This isn't the same as raising a cactus, you know!
G: She might use the washing machine to give it a bath or something...!
K: Come on, girls...
K(2b): It's alright. The Director already has ten cats at home. I thought it'd be problematic if she got anymore...but apparently, it doesn't matter.
D: ...you people.
sfx: Ufufu
D: I can hear everything.

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#1. by Magical Poof ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2007
OMG! Thank you so much! I really liked this series back when M7 was scanlating it, and I'm so glad to see a translation for a later chapter!
#2. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Nov 16, 2007
#3. by rokuso3 ()
Posted on Nov 19, 2007
Waaaah!! *___*... WE 18 translated... Thanks, REALLY!!!
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