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Left Hand of God, Right Hand of the Devil 28

Tongue of the Spider Queen[3]


-> RTS Page for Left Hand of God, Right Hand of the Devil 28


tl by molokidan

Tongue of the Spider Queen[3]
sfx: gyaaaaaaah

S: I-it got him!!

S: I-it got Kodama-san!!
sfx: gata x4

sfx: creaaak
S: Haa, haa!! x2
sfx: squish
sfx: squish

S: Haa, haa!!
sfx: gata x2

S: Uwahhhhh!!
sfx: zazazazaza
S: Gyaaaahh!
sfx: zazaaaha
sfx: zazaza
S: Gyaaahhh!
sfx: zaza

S: Gyaaaaaaah!
sfx: basah x2
S: Gyaaaaah! x2
sfx: zaza x3

sfx: zazaza
S: Uwaaaaahhhh!
sfx: zazaza
S: Uwahhhhhh!!
S: Haa, haa!! x4
S: Uwaaaahhh!! x2

sfx: dodo
S: S-sister!!
sfx: batan
I: What is it?!
sfx: pachin
S: Ahh!!
I: What are you running around with a net in the middle of the night like this for?!
S: Did something come past here just now?
I: How should I know?!
S: haa, haa!!
sfx: hyuuu

sfx: hyuuuu
S: Ahhh?!
sfx: gasah x2
I: Kyaaaahh!!
I: A spider?!

S: Ahhh!!
sfx: basa x3
I: Kyaaaaaahhhhh!!

I: Stop it!!
I: Hiieeeee!!
S: I caught it in the downstairs hallway back there!!
sfx: gacha

sfx: gata x2
I: Throw it away!!
S: It's fine!! I put it in a box!!
T: What's going on here?!
T: Huh?!
T: Uwahhhhh!!
T: A spider!!
I: Takashina-sensei!!

S: Look!!
T: Uwahhhh!!
T: Stop that, please! How can you wave such a thing around like that...?
T: Th-throw it out!!
T: Why are you collecting bugs in the middle of the night like this?!
T: It must have been you who was making those sounds earlier, wasn't it?!
S: N-no, it wasn't!!
S: Just a minute ago some big black thing came in that window! It's true!!
S: Then I heard a scream!! That's why...I followed it!!
S: The big thing ran away!!
S: And Kodama-san might be dead!!
S: The lady in that house is the one who did it! I saw her!!
I: Enough, sensei!! You can't seriously listen to anything Sou says!!
I: He's always like this!!
T: Hmm...but we'd better go check just to be safe!

T: I doubt anything's wrong, but...
sfx: gacha
T(2b): Look, the door is still locked. There's no way something that big would be able to get in here.
T: Heeey, Kodama!!
sfx: knock x3
S: It's true!!
S: It came through a crack in the window!!
T: How strange!!
sfx: bam x4
T: Kodama!!
sfx: baaaam
sfx: bakih
sfx: batan

I: Ahhh!! Kodama-san!!

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