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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

World Embryo 19

World Embryo #19

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 2, 2007 06:02 | Go to World Embryo

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tl by molokidan

B: The winter that year was long, but eventually the seasons changed. It seemed like the sakura this year bloomed all at once, as if they were in a hurry.
B: It was like they quickly wanted to forgive the long time they had spent shivering in the cold.
B: Although this was something that happened every year, for some reason, I felt like I didn't want it to happen...
B: as the season he had lived in slipped farther into the past...
Chapter 19 - Training Progress Report

black text at top: NEFT Eastern Japan Hatsudai Branch Office
D: So, Hayato-kun,
D: how is he?
black text on right: NEFT Temporary Headquarters
left text: FLAG Annexed Department Information Report Conference
H: Fine.
sfx: katata
H: He's still in training, but doing his best.
H: Under Arisugawa's leadership, he can't go wrong.
sfx(2nd bubble from right): ....kuh
sfx(4th) 29--!

Re: That was terrible!!
Re: Listen up!! Training yourself like that is absolutely worthless!!
sfx: Zeh (x7)
R(3b): Hey, uh...how many more times...do I have to do this?
Re: How many do you think?!
R: They keep increasing day by day...
R: All this is just
sfx: zeh (x5)
R: physical training...
R: For people with special abilities...like us,
R: what's the point of this?!
Re: I told you already. Even Jinki Users train themselves the same ways as everyone else.
Re(2b): By learning through your body, and consequently building it up.

Re: Using a Jinki is like riding a bike.
Re: No matter how skilled you are at riding, the condition of your body and your stamina will also influence how well you do.
Re: Therein lies the reason for all this!!
sfx: Zeh x3
R(small): How come she's moving as much as me, yet doesn't even lose her breath...
N: Ne!
R: Ahh, thank you, Neene...
N: Eheheh!
Re: Why do you always bring that child her? (This isn't playtime!)
N: I have no choice. If I try to leave her, she just starts crying really loudly.

N: Yay!
N: Neene won't bug daddy!
R: It hasn't even been three weeks since she was born...
R: She's growing up so fast. Every day she learns new words.
R: But I'm not getting any bad feelings. She's just like a normal child.
R: At least...that's the best I can come up with...
R: I don't understand that girl either...
R: Arisugawa Rena...she volunteered to become my partner.
R(2b): To be honest...I thought she'd blame me more, yet she hasn't said a thing about that day...she's just been silently...continuing with my training...

R: I don't get it.
R: Doesn't she hate me...?
Re: ...Now then.
sfx: toh...
Re: Today we're going to change shifts.
R: Huh?
Re: We're done for the morning. The rest will come after we're done with "that."
Re: Inside there, our relationship is a matter of absolute secrecy.
R: Eh?
Re: We must avoid the exposure of our "existence" at all costs.
R: E-explain what you're talking about, already!
R: Have you forgotten?
R: Today's the first day of the new semester.

R: Amamiii!
People talking(small): I can't find my name...awww!
second line: Are you in class C?
third: Ehhh, you're in D?
R: Daida, Kishima!
D: Seems like we're in the same class again!
K: They never change us, you know.
D: That's not true. Class A got pretty mixed up this year.
D: But yeah, we don't get switched that much. (E and F are in a different building, after all.)
?: Heeey, Kouta, Jun!

?: W-wait, Komaki-chan...
K: This time I'm the same class as Yui!
K(3b): Ah, Amami-kun! This girl's name is Agatsuma Yui! She's been with Kouta and I since preschool!
Ki: Our bonds have really gone rotten, though.
K: Shut up, Kouta!
K: Be nice to her, okay, Amami-kun?!
Y: N-nice to meet you...
R(2b): Ah, alright. She seems completely different from you, though.
R: ..oh yeah, is she going to be in the same class as me too...?

R: What is that, a disguise!?
Re: Idiot! We're supposed to keep this secret...
K(small): A friend?
T: Heey, move it, move it, you're in the way.
D: Amami, she a friend of yours?
D(small): Our homeroom teacher is Ken-chan!?
D(small): I have a bad feeling about this...
R: Ah, er...um...

D: Hmph! So you and "Aisu," huh? (*The joke here is that the name sounds close to "Arisu" and "Ice" at the same time, since she's so cold.)
D: Never would have thought so!
R: Aisu...? What's he talking about?
R: Whatever. We just won't pay attention to each other in school.
R: I'm not going to let this ruin my peaceful high school life.
R: As long as I keep quiet and stay out of trouble, things should be fine...
K: Alright, got it? Yeah, I'm talking to you two, with the glasses!
R&A: Huh?

K: You two are gonna be our class leader and assistant class leader!
R(2b): Eh...ehhhh!?
R: Why!?
K: 'Cause you both wear glasses.
R: That's glasses discrimination!!!
K(2b): But I mean, as far as this class goes, you two are the only ones who aren't in any clubs. The least you can do is be our class leaders.
sfx: fuuu
A: I understand.
A: I am prepared to carry out my mission with the utmost severity!

?: She's our leader
?: Glasses is our leader
R: ...does she really intend to do this?
R(small): I don't like this...
R(text with arrow): Decided to be the Assistant
?: A class leader character..
?: Moeeeeee...
C: School life is tough. Can they really handle both?
H: Kanshu won't appear until nightfall. Through these next few seasons, they shouldn't have any problems.
H: I did the same when I was their age.
C: ...Well, I guess it's convenient that they're at the same school...
H(2b): Ugeh! The Chairwoman's "Angel Smile."
C: Hayato-kun.
C: I have a favor to ask...you don't mind, do you?

F: Come on, Amami-kun! Let's go to karaoke today!
R(small text): She's so wound-up...
A: Wa-wait, Komaki-chan.
K: It's a part to celebrate our reunion in 2-C!
R: Alright, sure.
A: Wanna go to the one in front of the station?
?: What about you?
?: Let's ask the other ex 1-D students too.
?: Yay, karaoke!
K: Fufufu! Amami-kun, isn't there anything you want to say?
K: Ah, Arisugawa-san, was it? How about you come with us!
K(small): You're 1-F, right? Let's hang out!
A: I have business to attend to.
A: I cannot accompany you to such a trivial affair.
K: Did I say something?

M(2b): Don't worry about it, Komaki-chan. She's always like that.
M: That girl's "Aisu from 1-F."
M: She never smiles, you know?
M: I was...in E, across from her, and I never saw her with a single person.
F: And yet, you two seem to know each other, don't you?
R: Eh...
M: Really? Wait, what's going on between you two?
R: S-sorry, I have to go!
M: Ahhh, he ran away!
Text: "Meeting at the usual place" from Arisugawa

A: You forgot about your training, didn't you?!
R: Uuu...!
R: "No, I didn't"...
A: If you went with them to karaoke, you wouldn't be able to make it back by the time we set.
A: You have no sense of concern for this!
A: Once you finish your training, you'll be forced with the heavy task of living two lives as a student and a Jinki User.
A: And yet you're acting like this only after one day.
R: ...you really need to watch the way you talk to people.
R(2b): Like how you turned down their invitation back there. Don't you realize there are much smoother ways to handle your interactions with people?

A: Unnecessary.
R(2b): Well, whatever. Why did you accept the position of class leader, then? If you pestered Ken-chan enough, she wouldn't insist on it, you know?
A: Because of you.
R: Eh...
A: Our relationship is a matter of absolute secrecy, and yet without delay, it's already begun to leak out.
A: But if we use our duties as an excuse, there's nothing suspicious about us being together.
A: ...Additionally,

A: We technically have nothing to do until the sun sets, yet if we keep busy,
A: we'll be able to finish things without looking back.

A: ...there's a meeting at the NEFT HQ.
R: Ehh...
A: It's just for me. For today just train on your own.
R: Uh....uhh, about today...
R: Haaaa!?
R: I really don't get her.

R: That face she made just now was totally different from earlier.
H(2b): She should be here soon. Anything else I can do for you?
C: No! Thank you!
H: ...but to be honest, I don't understand. Please tell me why.
H: Why...we're increasing the surveillance on Amami Riku...

C: I realized after checking his history.
C: When he was 10 years old, he was admitted to the Kazama Hospital.
H: Then, he also had the "Lost Rebound Syndrome!?"
C(2b): No, he was just a normal patient. Therefore I don't think he's directly related...you could think of it as a coincidence, I suppose.
C: --But not only that--
C(2b): Two years ago, his aunt apparently disappeared there. That's why...he's probably related in a different way
C: to the source of infection.
A: Excuse me! Is it a mission!?
C: ...to put it simply, yes.

C: I just want one of our timid mice to place a bell on the collar of a certain little cat.
C: Don't you think she'd be the most suitable?
N: Fuwaaaaaah
R: ......she's not coming, is she...
N: Neeeee!

R: That should be enough for today, right...? Let's go home, Neene.
N: Aiiii!
R: Hm?
R: The vacant house next door...
R: Someone's moving in all of a sudden in the morning!?
R: A-Arisugawa!?

A: U-ummm...
A(2b): I-I'm your new next door neighbor, Arisugawa Rena. Nice to make your acquaintance.
S: Whaat~it's so early~
R: Huh?
A: H-here's some move-in soba! (*Japanese buckwheat noodles, weird old-fashioned gift)
R: Huh?
S: My, my, what a courteous gift~
R: Um, this...
R: isn't soba.

Chapter 19 / End

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#1. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Dec 2, 2007
thanks molokidan!!! great trans as always!!!
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