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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

World Embryo 20

World Embryo #20

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 2, 2007 07:40 | Go to World Embryo

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World Embryo #20

tl by molokidan

Amami House - Tonight's Dinner
.Mabo Harusame
.Spinach Side Dish
.Cooked Veggies (Premade)
.Chinese Soup (Instant)
S: That girl...Arisugawa Rena-san? She's pretty cute~
S: Both parents are overseas, huh? Must be tough~! Shouldn't we help her move in?
R: She said she'd do it herself...
R: and lied through her teeth pretty well, I have to admit.
S: She's in the same class as you, right? Hey, come on, what kind of girl is she?
S: Wh-what kind of girl...?
black 1: I hate you.
black 2: There's no radiance within you!
black 3: Unecessary.

R: How should I say this...she's kinda hard to put into words...
S: Whaaat?! I don't get it!
R: I wonder...what kind of a person she really is...
R: Arisugawa...Rena...

Chapter 20 - Mask

R: Surveillance...?
C(2b): That's right -- on your partner, Amami Riku.
C: He's a rare case -- a survivor that was implanted with a core and transformed into a Jinki User straight from Kanshu status...
C: To us, he's one case out of an unknown number...
C: There might still be a chance that he loses control of his ego and goes crazy in the future...

R: This is just my opinion...but during the three weeks he was inspected, no indications of any possible scenario like that were found.
R: I also believe that psychologically, he does not even possess the proper character capable of such of a thing.
R: In other words, I don't think he has what it takes.
C: My, how harsh~!
C: But you can't merely judge him from how he appears on the surface.
R: This is...
R: Kensei!

R: Hm...
S: Ricchan, the tub's open!
R: Ahhh, I'll be there in a bit, let me just finish this.
R: 20:40. Cleaning up after dinner.
R: That presence in the bathroom....must be his mother...
R: But...wasn't there something else in the vicinity...?
R: It's too close...I could be found out...

R: A liar...?
R: People...when people come in contact, they respond to one another by using different masks.
R: The face of a child to its mother...isn't the same face it will show to its own children...

R: "A passive honors student."
R: .Special Note - In 8th grade, placed under house arrest for two weeks.
R: Fought with multiple classmates at school and spent ten days recovering from wounds he received.
R: Is that also a mask? Amami Riku...

S: Bingo! It got caught in the net!
cell phone s fx: zaka zaka, shaka shaka
K: There's two left, look carefully!!
S: ....there!
S: Guh....
K: Satomi!!

sfx: zazah
B: Communications restored.
K(2b): Pih! It's Kanzaki. Target B has been dealt with!
K: What about the other one?

?: Moments ago it came in contact with Himekawa's party, and then escaped after the battle!!
?: We were tracking it, and it's currently 200 meters away! .....but....
?: Time is already...
?: Ahh!
?: The signal disappeared!
K: ...tch.
K: Sunrise...time's up, huh.
K: We're withdrawing.
S: But...!
K: We won't be able to find it in any place the sunlight touches. We'll have to be more prepared next time.

K: Time to eaaaaaaaaaaaat!!
K: Huh!? Yui, is that another tuna sandwich from the convenience store? (You must really like those~)
Y: It-it's alright, isn't it? I like them.
F: Huh, Amami, don't you have lunch?
R: Ah...yeah.
R: Lately my mornings have been too busy, so I couldn't do it!
F: You've been making them yourself!?
F: ....wha?
F: Hey, why is she glaring at us like that?

R: Ah, after school there's a class meeting. I need to talk to her!
F: Wow...must be rough.
R: What's going on here?!
R: And why the hell did you move in next to me?!
F: ...the HQ's decision. Obviously none of this has been my intention.
F: "Probably just one of their judgments to make it easier for us to be partners."
A(2b): But it should be kept secret that we're next-door neighbors. Otherwise it'll just cause a needless uproar.
R: Something's fishy about this...
R: Yeah, I agree...

N: Papa!
R: Neene!?
R: Shizuru-san!?
S: Awww~ Sorry, Ricchan~!
S: Ahhhh, good afternoon, next-door neighbor~!
F: Next-door neighbor!!?
R: Sorry...I'm sorry...

R: Shizuru-san, why are you here...
S: We got...kicked out of the hospital...
S: The Doctor was like--
black: Hiieee, by force!
R: Er...that's enough, I think I get it.
R: Also -- you guys.
R: I'll explain everything later, so don't go spreading weird rumors.
F: That beauty is Amami's mom?
F: Really!?
F: That kid called him her dad!
F(2b): So she really is his daughter!! But the mom!?
F: It must be the neighbor!
F: Maybe they're childhood friends.
K(2b):'s the child from that one time.
K: What a cutie~!
K: Oh, is she still wearing diapers~?
Small box: See #3
S: And so there's nowhere for her to go, and I have to work. What should I doooo, Ricchaaaan!?
R(2b): What do you want me to do about it...?
F: She's the adult here...
Y: Ah, Amami-kun, there's one place...

Y: What about the health office...?
Y: Is it no good...? Sensei...
D: This isn't a nursery, you know?
D: You know, adults should...
D: ...Sasamori-san? Sasamori Shizuru-san!?
S: Eh...ahh!
S: Toda-sensei? From Sakaikou!?
T: That's right! Long time no see~!
S: So you're here now? Wow, this brings back memories!
K(small): A friend?
R(small): Looks like it.
S: Yep, since last year. Ah, and your married name is Amami, isn't it?

T: I heard your son was going here. Wow, so that's him?
F: Guess we'll go home now.
K: Yay, yay!
R: N-nice to meet you...I'm Amami Riku...
T: ...huh?
T: Amane...san?
R(2b): "I-it's a cousin's child!" Here, Amane-chan, say hello!
N: Ne!
T: Wow...but she looks so much like her.
R: also knew Amane-nee?
T: Yes. I nursed her in Sakaikou, after all. Just like you...

T: I remember it like it was yesterday. She was such a well-behaved child.
T: What a tragedy...that fire must have been so tough on you.
T: There were even some terrible rumors circulating...
T: Ahh, s-sorry about that.
S: I-it's alright.
R: I doing? Prying into his family like this...
sfx: biiiiin

T: Alright, just leave it to me! I'll take good care of her!
S: Thank you so much!
S: What's wrong, Ricchan?
R: ....was it just me?
A: Yes sir.
A: Yes sir.
A: Understood.
A: I shall link up with them.

N: Fuwaaaaaah

N: I'm booooooored!
T: Yes, your big brother's pretty late, isn't he? School's already over...
T: Just be a good little girl and wait, okay?
N: Boooooo...
B: Sensei, please help!
B: Mizushima got hit on the head with a baseball and collapsed!!
N: ehhh!?
B: We don't know if it's okay to move him or not, what should we do?!
N: O-okay!
N: I'm going to step out for a moment. Be good while I'm gone, okay?

N: Ne!

B: Okano-sensei, you have a telephone call. Please return to the office immediately.

N: Adventure!
N: Adveeeentuuuuure!
R: Man, I'm tired. It's this time already?
R: I wonder if Neene'll be cranky...

R: But...I wonder where she went...
A: Amami-kun!
R: Ah, Arisugawa! (...san)
R(2b): Where have you been? After lunch there was a class leader meeting...
A: Please come with me for a moment. I have something to talk to you about.
R: Eh.....
R: Wh-what!?

A: It's aKanshu...!
A: This morning, the signal of a Kanshu the HQ had been tracking disappeared around here.
A: Once the sun sets, the Kanshu will start moving again.
A: We're going to join up with the others and spread a net around the area to trap it.

A: This school will be stuck within that net.
A: Prepare yourself. Althoug it may be a little early for you, today we're going to be in a real battle!

R: ...wait a minute...!
sfx: dokun x7
R: There's still tons of people inside the school...
R: If their phones ring...
R: Neene!!
A: What!?
R: Didn't she go home!?
A: Shizuru-san is working at the hospital until 7 tonight!

R: ...she's gone... (and Sensei too)

A: Sundown...

Chapter 20 / End

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#1. by hatsuharupeace (MH Senpai)
Posted on Dec 2, 2007
thanks very much molokidan!!!!
#2. by shamanchrno (Registered User)
Posted on Dec 2, 2007
thanks a lot for the translation ^^
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