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World Embryo 21

World Embryo #21

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 2, 2007 11:03 | Go to World Embryo

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tl by molokidan

[Chapter 21]
R(3b): Neene's....gone!? And Toda-sensei can't be!!
A: Calm down!!
A: At the very least, there's no way a Kanshu could have gotten to them already!
A: They don't start moving until after the sun sets...
A: Right about now.

Chapter 21 - First Battle

sfx: Piiiih!
?: A Kanshu signal has appeared!!
?(3b): Its current position is Block F Point 426-M: Tamachi District, Yasakadai City!! Our conclusion is that it's the same one that was lost at 6:03 this morning.
?: Ah!! 600 meters outside of the net, another signal has been confirmed!!
C: They're increasing rather quickly.
?: Himekawa Group, please tighten your formation around Target B!!
?: We'll deal with the other one!
K(2b): In a residental district, with the sun barely set...this is the most problematic pattern...

K: The frightening parts about battles with Kanshu aren't the Kanshu themselves.
K: Their powers to infect are what's truly dangerous...or rather, their reproductive power.
K: Those who consciously hear the voices coming from their cell phones transform into Kanshu.
K: Once victim equals one Kanshu...and two equal two more threats...

?: Two new Kanshu signals!
?: No...4...5...! They're multiplying!!
Black text: Threats spreading like a deadly poison!!
K: Expand out individually to the right and left!
K: Activate the FCM Jammer! Surround them!
K: Let's quickly smash 'em all...!

Black text: F.L.A.G. Annexed Department - Tsukishiro Manor
S: We've received contact from HQ through the Kanzaki Group.
H: As usual, we're last to receive the news...
S: Ahh, he's mad...
H: The same thing happened this morning. If we would have received the information sooner, we could have quickly come to their aid...
H: And now this time, it's close to Arisugawa-kun's party...

A: --Yes sir, understood.
R: ...was that Hayato-san?
A: Two have invaded the school!
A(2b): This area has been designated as Kanshu-infected zone, so all communications have been shut off. We're going to have to make our own judgments and begin disposing of them immediately.
A(2b): Let's split up. I'll head to the courtyard, and you go to the outer wall. There's a high possibility Neene will be there.
R: Ah, okay, thanks...
A: Hold on. You must remember one thing!
R: Eh?

R: Do not let anyone see you Kensei!
R(2b): Those who see Jinki Cores do not forget about Kanshu. Jinki cores seem act as antibodies against the Kanshu's memory lapse abilities...
R: If you don't wish to involve innocent people...then do not forget this!
R: Battles against Kanshu are battles against time.
R: A moment's erroneous judgment will not be forgiven...if anything, remember that.

G: Whew, what a shock!
K: Yeahhh...we really wasted a lot of time gawking.
G: I was really surprised. I hope Mizushima's alright.
M(small): Eh? But I'm alright now...
T(small): What are you saying? You had a concussion, didn't you?
G(2b): Don't worry about it. Once he woke up, he was in great shape. Toda-sensei went with him to the hospital, too.

G: Wh-what!? All at once?!
G: Wahhh, it's so loud!! Hurry up and answer them~
G: Wh-what's this weird feeling I'm getting?
K(2b): Ah, what's this? It's just Yui.
G: It's mom...why is she calling me now?
sfx: pih!

K: Huh? She hung up.
G: Hyaah!
K: Wh-what was that sound?

R: One down!!
Y: ...huh? Nene-chan? (*Apparently a nickname. "Ko" means "child.")
N: Muuuuu.... (Potty, potty...)

Y: What are you doing here at night like this...?
N: Yay! Adventure, adventure!
Y: Um, wait...
Y(small): She ran away...
Y: ....what an energetic kid...
Y: Amami-kun still hasn't come back yet...
sfx: wah!
sfx: Kyaah
Y(2b): Owww...A-Amami-kun...hyah!
R(2b): A-Azuma-san...s-sorry!!

R: S-sorry, are you alright!?
Y: Yeah. I was in a daze too...
R: So there are still people left...
Y: Yeah, we had a club meeting...
Y(2b): The Literature Club was gathering material for our fanzine in the library. What are you up to, Amami-kun?
R: I-I'm uh..."the class leader meeting went on a bit too long"..... (....haha....)
R: The library, huh...? Then their cell phones should be off.
Y: Well then, Komaki-chan's waiting for me, so...
Y: Okay!

R: know. "The track team's still practicing." That way it'd probably be better for Masaki-san if you just called her later...
R: Wh-what?
Y: It's just, your face is turning so red. It looks so funny!
Y: Do people ever tell you you're too serious, Amami-kun?
R: N-no...sorry!

Y: Ah, more importantly, is she alright?
Y: Nene-chan looked bored, you know?
R: You saw her!? When!?
Y(2b): Umm...back there by the bathroom...she went downstairs. She was talking about an adventure so I thought she was just playing...
R: Thanks, bye!!
Y: A-Amami-kun!?
Y: He left...
Y: Maybe I should have stopped Nene-chan...

R: Damn! She isn't here.
R: Calm down. Neene doesn't have a cell phone.
R(2b): At the very least, she won't be infected. But if she's attacked...

R: Both at the same time. And the numbers...
R: It's just like in the manual. They're imitations...
sfx: dokun x7
R: Kanshu!

R: Human!?
R: Hey, are you alright...

R: The strap on his third-year...
sfx: dokun x4
R: Glasses...with a broken frame.
R: Moving Resident Evil.
R: ...someone...I don't recognize...
sfx: dokun x3
R: That's, now I can easily...
R: Why...
R: Kou-chan...

R: They knew each other?!
R: ...don't come...
R: Don't come any closer...
R: Dammit! If you're a monster,
R: act more like one...
R: Tears...
R: I can't fight
R: against something like this!

R: Arisugawa..

R: What are you standing around for?!
R: I told you this was a battle against time! By now...
R: Did you...know him?
R: That's not it.....!
R: Guh....
R: He was together.
R: With this girl...but even so........

A: ...I see...
A: the only other time you've seen a Kanshu transformation,
A: was that time...
Y: The tied together like that.
Y: You're a part of someone's important daily life.
R: How am I any different than the way I was back then?
R: How is this any different than what happened back then?

R: You-nii...!
A: Stand.
A: This battle isn't over yet.

Chapter 21 / End

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#1. by hatsuharupeace (MH Senpai)
Posted on Dec 2, 2007
someones on a roll!!! thanks very much molokidan!!!
#2. by worrian (Registered User)
Posted on Dec 2, 2007
great i´ve been waiting for this, thanks alot
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