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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

World Embryo 22

World Embryo #22

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 3, 2007 00:42 | Go to World Embryo

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tl by molokidan

N: Papa?
N: Papa not here...
N: Papaaaa!

Chapter 22 - That Power, For Someone

A: We used emergency treatment...but it should be enough.
A: Her life isn't in danger.
A(2b): That person earlier...would have transformed into a Kanshu in no time at all, because he was infected. The enemy has already begun reproducing in here.
A: At the very least, there's one left...and there are still many students left in here...this will be a difficult battle...
A: Are you still...holding back...?

R(2b): The things I have to defeat are Kanshu...things that were once human...
R: Just like Youhei and I...back then....
sfx: Kusha
R: No!
R: Arisugawa...
A: They are not human any longer.
A(2b): While they may look human, they have long since been dead. They are human ruins.

A: I understand how it feels to have to do a job like this in the same place where you spend your daily life...
A: But if you just stand still like this, the next sacrifice may be someone you know.
R: ...haha......
R: How cold...as usual...
R: Is that what happens to Jinki Users, even if they don't want to be one?
R: Listening to you makes the weight of human lives seem lighter and lighter.
A: Wha.....
A: Stop acting so unreasonable!!
R: I'm just saying how I feel! What did I say that was unusual!?
A: I thought you were prepared?! Isn't that what you said in front of Tsukishiro-san?!
R: I didn't have any other choice back there!!

A: So when things turn inconvenient for you, you start quibbling?! You're just a spoiled child!
A: That's why you went crazy in class that one time....
R: Wha....
R: How do you know about what happened in middle school?!
A(2b): ...I was forced to read your file. It's necessary for me to know everything I can about my partner...
A: You've always felt out of place...
A: and so you naturally put on masks toward others...
A: But it's strange...when I was reading your file...I didn't get that feeling...

R: ....I don't care who you are...
R: If people badmouth someone important to you...you'll get pissed off...
A(2b): B-but still, you always wear masks, don't you?! At school, you don't want to show people the "true you," do you?!
R: What!?
Y: ....u...
R: You're awake! Are you alright....
A: Stop!
R: She'll eventually forget! Don't try to explain...

R: What's wrong?
A: Lost...Rebound!!

A: Move!
R(2b): Eh...wh...what?!
A: This is the Lost Rebound Syndrome.
A: Secondary damage that results when someone's in the vicinity of another transforming into a Kanshu.
A: If the one who turns into a Kanshu is extremely important to the victim, the mental damage they receive greatly increases.
A(2b): Family, lovers, best friends, childhood friends...the memories any sort of life companion they've lived together with that in turn make up "themselves" are wholly stolen...!
A: Can you imagine what would happen...to a victim like that?
A: This is...the other threat Kanshu pose to us.

R: A-are you serious? ...can it be cured...?
A: ......it takes...a long time...a very long time........
A: However long it takes them to remember everything about that important person....
A: She lost something.....
A: Irreplacable.....
R: H-hey....
A(2b): I'll go. Just stay there...if you're unable to fight.

A: If we waste time they'll just increase.
A: Those thrown beyond the "limits of memory"...
R: Shit...
R: Shit!
R(2b): I know...I know. It's something I have to do.
R: But...I can't forget.
R: Back then...that sensation...
R: I...
R: I--!!

G: Y...you...?
G: ...what's wrong...
G: Why are you crying...?

G: It's no good...
G: If I'm gone, there'll no one to sympathize with you...
G: (scribble)-chan...

R: I'm sorry...
R: Who you are...what kind of person you are...
R: I don't...understand.
R: But how important that person you lost was...
R: I completely understand.
R(black): Because...
R(black): I...
S: M-Master, it's Riku-kun~!
H: What!?

H: What's the meaning of this?!
H: We're at Kanshu Warning Level 3! Calling me on your cell phone...
R: ...tell me...
R: A vague approximation is fine.
R: Where is that Kanshu?
Y: Neene-chan...
Y: Amami-kun still hasn't found you...

Y: Hey, Neene-cha...
R: ..um, "There has been a fire on the fourth floor of Building B."
R: "All students still in the building are to gather in the courtyard."
R: I repeat, "there has been a fire on the fourth floor of Building B."
A: ! ...Amami Riku...?
sfX: buuin buuin
A: Tsukishiro-san!? Now?
F: A fire, for real!?
F: Where, I can't see it!

R: "Because of the danger, please evacuate as soon as possible."

F: That should be enough. Ready to go?
F: They said a fire, but didn't that sound more like an explosion?
F: Can you see it from here?
F: It'd probably be quicker if we looked from outside.
F: Hey! Enough talking, get the hell out!
A: ...are you serious?
H: I figured it'd be worth a try.
H: If everything goes right, in just a short amount of time, we can both clear people out and find the enemy.

A: Indeed. From here, I'll be able to grasp everything.
A: Using my CAGE!

H: Hurry, Arisugawa-kun.
H: There's only one more left inside the school.
R: My perception is limited. I'll stretch my CAGE to the widest range possible...
F: Woah, it's burning!
F: Unreal!
R: The Kanshu should definitely have left the school by now, aiming for the students...
F: Hey, don't go!
F(2b): What does it matter? Take a picture!
R: Where...where is it...
F: The fire dept. is slow...
R: If I don't find it quick...
F: Hurry, get over here!
R(2b): What is that...a person? A lizard? It's stuck on the school's wall...

R: On the wall behind the sakura...
R: There it is!
R: Kuh!
F: Hey, look on the roof!
F(2b): Someone's...flyi...

F: Uwahhh, they fell!!
F: Huh....?
F: Why are we running...
R: --Yes, it's alright now.
R: Thanks to the memory lapse abilities of the Kanshu, the fact that I was seen should have no effect on them now.
R: That should be all the Kanshu within the net, correct?
H: Yes, good work.

A: But it was still quite a reckless plan...
H: Don't be mistaken. Our duty is to protect people...not buildings./
H: In fact, the one who proposed the idea was...
A: ...him?
H(2b): Although maybe it was a bit much. Concealing all this will be quite a pain.
H: How should I report this to the Chairwoman...
SFX: Piiiiiiih

?: There are 6 new signals!! All of them are outside the net!
C: What's that!?
?(2b): We detected them when they started moving underground. They are all currently heading southwest!
K: This is Kanzaki! Tsukamoto and Satomi have both reached their Kensei Limits!
K(2b): After Himekawa and I meet up, we'll rebuild our battle formation. Where are they heading!?
K: Yasakadai...High...!

F(2b): Heey, Komakiiii...what's wrong?
K(2b): Kouta! ...I still can't get ahold of Yui..
K: She promised to go home together with me.
K: I wonder what's wrong...
sfx: bubububu
sfx: bubububu

sfX: bakih

Chapter 22 / End

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#1. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Dec 3, 2007
thanks molokidan!!! is there anyone scanlating this manga??
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