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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

World Embryo 23

World Embryo #23

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 3, 2007 01:16 | Go to World Embryo

-> RTS Page for World Embryo 23

World Embryo #23

tl by molokidan

Y: Gotcha!
N: Wapuh!!
[Chapter 23]
Y: Nooo, no more running!
Y(2b): It's really dangerous right now! There's a fire! A fire!!
Y: Why does she keep running....
boxless text: Kone-cha...ahhhh!!
Y: Amami-kun's really worried about you~!
N: Papa?
Y(sfx): Hehe!
Y: Yes! Papa's really sad. (Okay?)
Y(2b): Come on, let's go...huh?
Y: Ahhh! My bag!! (I forgot it back there)
Y(boxless): Wait a second!
Y: I got so nervous and forgot it...

Chapter 23 - Overcome at That Point
Y: ...everyone's okay, right...?
Y: The fire shouldn't be spreading beyond Building B...

T(2b): It's too dangerous, everyone needs to get away from Building A. Shoes?! Just go in your slippers!
G: Ehhh, are you serious?
G: What do we do once we leave?
G: Let's just go get some dinner!
G: Why are they stopping usd?
G: It wouldn't take long.
G: Hey! Second-year, where are you going?!
R: "I forgot something!"
R: Arisugawa...I hope she's doing well with the search and destroy...
R: I went as far as starting a fire. I'm counting on you...
R: If...there still happen to be any Kanshu in here...
R: Will I be able to kill them...without fail...

G: It's burning like crazy!
G(2b): Where? The AV room! It's arson, you know? Like, a student?
G: Good evening!
G: Oh my, my!
G: Aren't you worried about the wind, with your house, Hirai-san?
G: This is scary!
A: Eh...what? I can't hear...
A(2b): There's...6 more!?
H: ...Yes.

H(2b): All of them are heading straight towards Yasaka High.
H: Dammit! What's going on here?!
H(2b): Kanshu should hate bright lights...and yet they're purposefully heading straight toward an immense fire...and there's 6 of them!
H: This is just like...the incident with the source of the infection in March...
A: Whatever the case, if they appear here,
A: it will cause a horrible accident!
H: They just broke in now from the back wall of the east side of the north building. Do your best.
A: Understood...

F: This is crazy, look at that shit burn...
F: See, I told you it'd be easy to get in...hm?
sfx: shaka shaka
F: Huh?
sfx: pururu
R: There!
F: Huh? You too?
H: Who's that girl...?
R: I can't Kensei...they'll see me!
R: It's too far...! I won't make it...
sfx: shaka shaka
sfx: pih
R: Don't answer it!!

sfx: putsun
sfx: kah
F: Wh...what.....!?
F: Uuu....

K: That was a close one.
R: Kanzaki-san!!
K(2b): Alright, the clean-up crew is opening the net! We won't let them get away this time. All that's left is to guide the citizens out. Our covert group will take care of it. If by chance something goes wrong, use gas to put them asleep.
?: Understood!
K: The HQ's group will take it from here. Arisugawa, just keep following the directions you receive from the annexed department!
K: There are some that headed inside...most likely toward the students...
R: Yes sir!

R: The Kanshu...headed straight toward the building?
R: For what purpose?
R: This is just like what happened in March...
R: Could it be...
N: Fuwaahh...?

Y(2b): Woooow! Those are the special seats...
Y(2b): I should get my digital camera...ahh, it's in my bag.
N: Ne?
Y(2b): Ahhh, nothing, don't worry about it. (That was unusual of me.)
Y: Ah, here it is!
Y(2b): Now, let's go home...kyahh!!
Y(2b): That surprised me...ah, it's Komaki-chan. I forgot about my phone!

N: Ne!!
Y: Ahh!
Y: Hey, what are you doing!?
Y: That's not very nice! I was just about to say hi...
N: Ne!
sfx: bubububu x4

Y: .....a dog...?
sfx: bakih

R: This is......
R: I know...
R: I know!
R: I didn't make it in time.
R: I didn't make it in time!
R: This cell phone is Azuma-san's!!
Black text: I have to...right now...I...with these hands...!

R: A voice....?
N: ...apa....
R: They're still...
N: Papa...!
R: They're still!!

sfx: ban
sfx: baban

R: It's so tough!!
R: Even if I penetrate its Cage, its tail is...
R: My timing's off...!
R: What should I do...
R: I'll just...

R: Sorry...
R: I shouldn't be the one saying this...that's truly how I feel.
R: But...even so, I must overcome this!
R: That's probably what he wanted.
R: He entrusted it to me, after all...

G: Kyaaaah
G: Uwahhh!

R: Therefore...
R: this will be the last time I apologize...
F: Hey, just now, a person....
F: ....eh? What?

Y: A...Ama...?
N: Papa!
Y: A...a mon...
Y: A monster...!
Y: I.....

Y: Amami...kun?
R: I'm glad...I made it in time.
R: They're alive...I made it.
R: If you act, it really is possible to save lives.
R: For the sake of that...I can probably overcome it.
R: I can fight.
R: Then...maybe you'll forgive me...You-nii...

R: Ah?
N: Paa...?
Y: Ah...
Y: N...
Chapter 23 / End

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#1. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Dec 3, 2007
thanks molokidan!!!
#2. by  ()
Posted on Jun 9, 2008
by George Macbeth
  I stood there in the twilight   And I felt the surge of darkness wowgold  As it flooded from the rafters   And came down to touch your door   In the softening of the moonlight, [sizept=2]aoc of conan gold[/sizept]  and the cooling of the day. aoc goldsell wow gold
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