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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

World Embryo 24

World Embryo #24

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 3, 2007 02:05 | Go to World Embryo

-> RTS Page for World Embryo 24

Note: This is the end of Volume 3, which, as of now, is the latest volume. If anyone knows a source where I can find public mag raws, let me know, and I'll continue immediately.

EDIT: Thanks to two kind anonymous soul, I have received up to the latest chapter (#28, in October's issue.) Thank you so much! Translations will be out this week.


tl by molokidan

K: ...Yui...!
K: Yui!!
[Chapter 24]
I(2b): Hey, you...ah!
Y: Uuu...
K: Yui!?
K: I'm so glad, you're awake!!
Y: Komaki...chan? ...I.....
K: Dummy! Why didn't you evacuate?!
Y: Eh...
K(2b): You were collapsed inside the school, you know?! A fireman found you...I was so worried!
Y: The school...why...huh?
K: Don't you remember anything?
Y(2b): I was chasing...I forgot my bag...then...huh?
Y: what...was I chasing...?

Y: Wh...what is that?!
Y: That's where you collapsed...

Chapter 24 - She Waits at Twilight


N: Papa....
N: Papaa!
Y: Ah...Ne-Nene-chan!?
N: Ne...

N: Fueh...!
N: Yaaaah!
N: Papa!
N: Paaapaaa!

sfx: hyuuuu x6
R: These bastards...their target is Neene!?
R: Owww...shit...this isn't...good...
R: I can't...breathe...my lungs...
sfx: goho x2
R: Kensei...hand...concentrate...concentrate...concentrate...
sfx: hyuuu x4
R: It's no good, she's watching...!
R(2b): The core...her memories...if she sees me...if she...
R: Is now the time
R: to be worrying about that!?

N: Pa.....
N: Papa...!!

R: Wha...
R: What is this?!

R: The Kanshu...is crumbling...
R(2b): No...it's being...disassembled...?

H: This is...
H: the same as that time...

R(scattered bubbles): Uwahhhhhhhh
R: It hurts!!
R: These images in my head...
R: I feel like I'm going to burst!!
R: Someone...
R: Someone!!

tiny bubble: toh
R: This is...
R: No way...
R: No way...!
R: No way!!

R: Amane-nee...!!!

R: ......Amane-nee...
R: Amane-nee!
R: Amane-nee!!
R: Eh...?
R: That's...
R: What do you mean?
R: Hey, Amane-nee!
R: Amane-neeeeeeeeeeee!!!

R: .....a dream...?
R: ...it wasn't!?
R: My wounds...!! (They're healed)
R(2b): The Kanshu...disappeared too...? ...no...
R: It didn't...disappear...
R: Ne......
R(2b): Azuma-san! Neene!

N: ...Papa?
R: ...She's grown
R: even more!?

N: ...Papa...
R: So that's it...
T: She isn't in this world any longer.
R: Raise her...
T(2 black lines on left): She's right here. If you want to meet her, then raise this.
R: So that's what he meant!!
R: Neene has a mysterious power.
R: And fighting with Kanshu...activate it.....
N: Nee.....?

N: Yes...that's correct,
N: Ricchan.
R: If I keep fighting, Neene will grow up.
R: "Raise her."
R: And then someday, Neene
R: will become Amane-nee!!

N: Papa, it hurts...
N: The "Coffin Queen"...she does have a deep relationship with the Kanshu after all...
N: F.L.A.G. shouldn't know this yet...
N: That's it...I can't let F.L.A.G. know...
N: if I let go of Neene here,
N: I'll lose Amane-nee a second time!!

R: Arisugawa...
N: Did she hear me!?
N: No, she heard everything...
N: What should I do...
N: what should I do!?

A: Come!
A(2b): They'll see you here, we need to go! The Kanshu's memory lapse should be working now, so we have to hurry up and get out of sight!
A: You don't need to worry about her. The firemen will be here soon.
A: Hurry! You don't want to be found by the HQ, do you?
R: Are you saying you're going to cover for me...? After all you heard!?
R: Why?!
A: I saw it too.
A: In the light emitting from Neene...

A: You had one too.
A: An important person you lost, whom you can never forget...
A: ....don't misunderstand. I'm just taking charge of this situation.
A(2b): I'll have you tell me everything...everything!
R: Back then, I didn't understand.

R: The reason she covered for me with such an attitude,
R: ...this might be a long story...
A: I wouldn't have it any other way.
R: and the feelings she was hiding on her face.
?: Kanzaki and Himekawa's groups have withdrawn.
?: The clean-up crew are continuing their examination of the scene while they seal it off...
?: We've also finished receiving information from the annexed department about a Lost Rebound victim.
?(2b): The surveillance group are now doing a thorough inspection of the tremors we felt earlier.
?: Understood!
?: ...Chairwoman?

C: I feel like all the answers like there...
C(2b): The source of the infection...and the truth about the case at the Kazama Hospital, two years ago...
C: I'll eventually get to the bottom of this, without fail...!
R: ...for now, my head's still attached to my body.
R(2b): I can't lose this chance I have...I'll go into hiding...
R: Until the day...that Amane-nee returns.
R: No matter what...!!

K: waait, Yui~!
K: Are you really alright? You're not going to the hospital?
Y(2b): Yeah, I'm fine. Look, I'm not hurt anywhere, am I?
Y: I was saved.
K: By who? (What are you talking about?)
Y: Hmm...I don't...remember it very clearly...but,

Y: It was probably...
Y: someone I know...
Chapter 24 / End


Top black text: One day at work.
?(2b): Hey pal. I don't really get the makeup of this building.
M: Oh, really?
?: They're fighting in Building C, right?
M: Yeah, in the north part.
?: And Rena came from this direction, from right there, right?
M: ....Building B?
?: But then Azuma-san came from here...
?: The bike rack....
M: Huh?
M: .....nununu!?
M: ...I'll just draw a map.
?: You mean there wasn't one until now?! (What were you using as your basis, then?!)
M: So it was made -- by Ashi-san.
?: So we'll be using this from here on out?
M: ...probably not. (For battles, at least)
?: It was mostly compiled from #23.
small black text: Better than most people realize
Life in the Kennel of Dreams Z

M: Long time no see, it's me, Moriyama!
M(2b): And this is the long-awaited Volume 3! I originally thought about putting 2 volumes out per year, but when I thought more about it, since 8 chapters are included in each, it won't work.
M(2b): And this time we have...Kuroda Yousuke-sensei!!
Copyright at bottom: Yasuhiro Nightow
M(2b): Of course, until right before I drew this post-script, I wasn't taught anything! I don't intend on thanking you, dammit!
M: The first time I met Kuroda-san was in 2001. He had his hand in several series at the time, and was putting out so many volumes at the same time, and yet all with such high quality!
M: ...how are you able to draw so much?
K: If I just keep drawing without thinking how painful it is, I can go forever!
M: His words may have had a different nuance to them, but I remember his vitality shocking me to the very core of my being.
M: Incidentally, at the time I did 24~30 pages per month.
black text: uwahhh, yay!
M: Now, doing 24~30 pages a month:
black text: Besides more quivering, nothing's changed at all.

M(2b): I've been hurrying things along in volumes 1 and 2, and now in volume 3, we've begun to start putting things in order. I've been looking at it as a way for me to get a tutorial in this world along with Riku, and have been pleased with the results.
M(2b): As the surroundings around Riku change, the characters have increased. Even more will probably come from here on out.
M(2b): But you're hard to draw, Azuma-san. It's tough to balance your face and body.
M: Especially that outstanding chest of yours.
M(small): The others older than you don't have that type of shape, now do they?
Y: You're horrible!!
M: The heroine is really the easiest to draw, after all!
R: ...I don't get it. Say it a bit simpler.
black text: "Small Breasts Forever"
black text at bottom: End Continued in Volume 4

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#1. by ChaosCloud ()
Posted on Dec 3, 2007
#2. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Dec 3, 2007
thanks molokidan!!!
#3. by Renegade334 ()
Posted on Dec 3, 2007
I don't think there are public dl outlets - or at least none to the extent of my modest knowledge. From time to time I manage to find a chap on IRC but you need to know guys who fserve raws and the like...preferably people who also use Share, Winny or PerfectDark to scrounge up new files right out of Japan.

I managed to find chapters 27 and 28 (latest) a few days ago on IRC, so I'll pm the dl links to you whenever possible. No worries.
#4. by rokuso3 ()
Posted on Dec 3, 2007
OH!! I love you, molokidan lol, you are the best... a lot of chapters in a small time... *__*, thanks a lot, really.
P.D: I've got chapter 25 and 26 of World Embryo. If Renegade334 don't upload it tomorrow, I'll upload chapter 25 and 26. I wished to make today, but internet is... bad TT___TT....

P.D: Sorry for my bad english
#5. by Renegade334 ()
Posted on Dec 3, 2007
It's okay, it seems he already had 25&26 and I just forwarded him 27&28...but thanks for the offer anyway. ;D

Keep up the good work, molo.
#6. by rokuso3 ()
Posted on Dec 4, 2007
Quote by Renegade334;634457:
It's okay, it seems he already had 25&26 and I just forwarded him 27&28...but thanks for the offer anyway. ;D

Keep up the good work, molo.

¡Ah! Of course, as I understand it. One question ... I do not have scans of chapters 27 and 28 ... Since you uploaded, did you could also put them here? Thanks, and sorry to be a bother.
P.S: Sorry for my bad English T__T
#7. by Renegade334 ()
Posted on Dec 4, 2007
Sure. Here you go:
- WE Vol.04 Ch.27.
- WE Vol.04 Ch.28.


EDIT: WE Vol.04 Ch.29, courtesy of NFKira.
#8. by molokidan (Hidden Boss ΣΣ(゚Д゚;)ナヌッ)
Posted on Dec 4, 2007
WOW! Chapter 29, already? Thank you guys SO much!!
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