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World Embryo 25

World Embryo #25

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 5, 2007 04:03 | Go to World Embryo

-> RTS Page for World Embryo 25


tl by molokidan

A: You had one too.
A: An important person you lost, who you can never forget...
A: ...don't misunderstand.
A: I'll have you tell me everything.
A: ...everything!
blue text: It's a...long story...
R: This might take a while...

R: My lie was found it.
R: When I was a child, I wanted everyone to pay attention to me, so I kept telling lies.
R: Gradually...I started lying to cover up for bad things...
R: I became afraid of being left out, and that someday they wouldn't come back...
N(2b): Ricchan, what you did was bad...but, what's worse is not acknowledging your own wrongs,
N: and that you keep telling lies to other people.
R: ...I'm sorry, Amane-nee...
N: Now, how about we return these?
N: Apologize properly, and then this will all be over.

Chapter 25 - Amane

Black text: Two years ago
R: After she reprimanded me back then, she was always close beside me.
R: It felt so natural for her to be there, that it wasn't until I lost her that I was shocked to realize just how important her existence was -- like she was a part of my own body.
R: That's why...remembering her brings pain as well...
R: Pain...

N: Wake up, Ricchan!!
N: You think you can just sleep forever because you don't have chores to do?!
R: ...a...gah....
R: Gggh...there's no excuse to use your elbow, though, is there...
R: Have mercy on me, Amane-nee...

N: "Creating a healthy body starts with a healthy rhythm!"
N: Sleeping in late like that will make your breakfast taste bad, you know!?
R: Are you talking to me? Or Shizu-nee?
N: Both of you!
S: Fuwaaaai~
N: And Uncle Daichi, too!

R: Father! You're home?
D: Yep! Good morning.
S: Hyahh! Da-Daichi-san!
D(2b): Oh, don't worry, just be yourself. If you aren't like this in the morning, Shizuru-kun, it doesn't feel like I'm really home.
N: That's right, Shizu-nee~! You can't try and hide it now! So come on, and wake up already...
R: Once you two get married, you'll be a housewife, you know.

N(2b): The truth is, you just came home too late, Uncle Daichi! The ceremony is next week!
D(bottom of box): Sorry, sorry.
S: Uuuu~ You're so strict, Amane-chan...
N: But Shizu-nee, Amane-nee always scolds you like this.
N: We'll be off now!
N: Hurry up, Ricchan!!

N: Wow, soon they'll be married, huh? I really can't believe it!
N(2b): To think, Uncle Daichi...uwahh! He'll really be my uncle-in-law now...it feels weird~!
R(2b): This won't change anything about our lives, though, right? You've just been a freeloader with us 'till now anyway.
N: Hm, I wonder~! Then you'll have to start calling Shizu-nee "Stepmother," won't you?
N: Shouldn't you start practicing?
N: ...or maybe it'd be more fun if you just irritate her! (Shizu-nee might cry)
R: Uwahhh, you schemer!
Black text: 8 years ago, Amane-nee, one of the Sasamori sister, began living with us.

R: Shizu-nee and Amane-nee's father, Professor Sasamori, died of heart failure the same year our mother died.
R: Having no other family, they were brought into our house as lodgers since they had been students of my father.
R: At first, it was to be until Shizu-nee started working...and then it was eventually stretched to until Amane-nee got out of school.
R: Eventually we began treating each other as family...
R: Then finally, father and Shizu-nee chose to make us true family.
R: After all this...we're just going to keep transforming into a "family."
R: And I felt very confused about that.

R: Being able...to be closer to her,
R: was that too much of a desire?
R: These times...I really, really loved them.
N: Oh, that's right, Ricchan, your undershirt!
R: It's in the classroom.
N: Geh! Since when did you leave it there?
R: These hilly roads that led through my middle and high school years were pretty hard,
N: Are you studying hard? I'll help you out, you know.
R: The level of everyone I'm competing with nationally is serious ridiculous...
R: but in the times when I ran together with Amane-nee, I had no complaints.
N: Bye! Come back safely.
R: Okay!
S: Yo!
R: Morning!
?: Hey.

?: You're in my way. How about moving?
R: Tougo.....
R: It's only morning, and you're already bugging me. How annoying.
T(2b): Huh? That's my line. Coming to school early with that sister you're so well-off with...how childish.
R(2b): You were watching me? You don't have to report every little thing you see to me. I don't care.
?: Uwahh, here they go again, those two...
?: It looks like Kazama went out of his way to start it, though.
?: And to think, they used to be such good friends.

T: Hah! Don't think I'll forget everything just because you're acting serious now.
T: You backstabber!
R: ...still holding the grudge?
R: No...
Boxless text(all):
snicker snicker
That guy...
The other one...
Isn't this bad?
snicker snicker
That's terrible
That guy too
N: From your point of view.....isn't it obvious...?
R: .....My fault...
T: ...hmph. Following your sister's orders, huh?

T: Amane-nee...? Let me tell you something good.
T(2b): She's been hanging around our hospital alot. She's probably got her eyes on my brother.
R: Wha...
T: Huuh? Didn't you know?
T(3b): She's practically been there every day. It's so obvious that she's flirting with him...yeah, he's probably already done her by now.
R: ...stop acting like such a cocky asshole!
K: Kazama, Amami! You two again?!
K: Get in your seats right now!
R: .....Amane-nee was!?

R: I knew that Amane-nee sometimes went to the Kazama Hospital...
N: This is beautiful, isn't it, Ricchan?
R: She was helping out with the vegetable garden the previous director of the hospital had created.
N: This is the director's hobby.
N: How wonderful!
R: Back when I was in the hospital, she became close with the director...it must have continued...
R: But...
shout: FRONT!!
R: Gah!!
F: Amamiii...
F: What's wrong, not feeling well today?
R: No...nothing...

R: It can't be the truth...dammit. Tougo, that bastard.
R: ? Amane-nee...
A: Ahh...Ricchan!
K: Hey, Riku-kun, long time no see!
R: Director Kazama!!

A: My bike broke, so Kazama-sensei was kind enough to help me out and give me a ride.
K: Haha, it was the least I could do.
K: The chain was off, so it would've been bad if you tried to ride it.
A: That's why I told you just to the bike shop would have been fine!
K: I couldn't help myself, you know.
R: ...is that dinner?
A: Oh, yeah. I bought it with Kazama-sensei.
R: Ahh, then I should go get it ready. Here, I'll take it. (Your bike too)
R: Well then...
R: Dammit...can it be true...?!
A: Kazama-sensei, here I'll...
K: Haha. If you had time, I wanted to invite you in for some tea.
A: Thank you, but I have to prepare dinner, so...
A: See you tomorrow!

K: See you.
N: ...alright.
N: I'm alright.
sfx: kyuuu
N: I'll do...my best...!

R: That was when I realized it...that Amane-nee was acting different.
R: When she was alone, she always made a face like she was thinking hard...and if I found her, she'd get nervous and cover it up.
R: If only I could have told the me back then:
R: Be careful..! Those are the "signs!"
R: Amane-nee's sending you signals, isn't she?!
R: But I never noticed that...
S: Ricchan, how about you wear a suit too?
R(2b): What's this all of a sudden? I'm fine in my school uniform...more importantly, father still in the lab?
S(2b): Yep! But don't worry, we're still preparing for the ceremony. There's only 5 days left~? I'm so nervous!
R: ...hey, Shizu-nee.

R: Why father?
S: Eh!?
R: He's a man older than you by ten years, you know? And he has a kid? Even after you get married, it won't change your life at all...so why do it?
S: Hmmmm~
S: I suppose...there's people who would worry about age...or the fact that he has a son.
S(2b): But I...probably just wanted Daichi-san...more than ayone else.
S: That's all I can really say.
S(2b): Ah, but Ricchan, you resemble my type too<3 People with weak tolerance levels. (It's hard to put my finger on)
R: Wha...!

R: And then...finally,
N: Heey, Ricchan!
R: that day came.
N: Come on, the progression is about to start...
N: Kyaah!
R: Amane-nee!?
N: Owww...
R: What are you doing? Here, your bag...

R: A...Amane-nee?
N: A-ahahaha, sorry. I got too worked up.
R: ...is there something important in there?
N(2b): ....ahaha. So you found out? (ahaha)
N: Here.
N: Your birthday present!
R(2b): Eh...ahhh! I forgot!
N(2b): Because we were so busy with the wedding preparations. Here, just open it now!

R: A cell phone!? Really? Are you sure!?
N: You wanted one, right? It's a pretty old model...but it's ok, right?
N(boxless): You can send mails now too.
N: Now we can talk anytime, even if I'm not around.
R: Hahaha, what's that supposed to mean?
R(2b): Not around...the house? What does that mean?
R(2b): Who...? With HIM!?
R: At that moment...Amane-nee's face seemed terribly far away.
R: That's it...don't run away.
R: You have to ask her...
R: You have to ask her!

R: Amane-nee and Director Kazama...are you two going out?
N(2b): Ah...haha! Ahahaha!
N: Me? And the Director? Are you crazy?!
R: ...I was seriously asking.
N: Of course not!

R: So...does that mean...I still have a chance...?
N: Ricchan...

N: Ah...haha....
N: ...sorry...I'm a little surprised.
N(2b): I see...I see, I see...
N: ...thank you, Ricchan...
N: Those feelings...it makes me happy...
R: Eh....
N: Sorry...
N: Oh, no! Not that sorry!
N: I'll reply properly.
N: ...I'll reply...
N: Just wait one day.
N(2b): If you can do that...that'll definitely have ended, so...

sfx: bata bata x2
R: U...
R: Uuu...
R: I finally said it!!
R: That means it's OK, right?
R: Wait, wait, wait, she'll reply tomorrow.
R(2b): But she told me! She was happy! She told me she was happy!!
R: I wonder what kind of face I'll see on her next~!!
R: Ahhh, man! I definitely won't be able to sleep tonight!

R: Hah.
R: Uwah, I fell asle...
R(2b): Geh! What time is it!? Breakfast...
R: Amane-nee...isn't home?
R: That's right, she had somewhere to stop by on her way home, so we split up.
R: A place to stop...? ...where?
sfx: ...dokun x3
R: ..........the Kazama Hospital?

?: Get down!
?: Please get down!
R: This is...

?: Hey, you! It's too dangerous!
T: Please, I beg you!!
T: My brother's inside there!
T: Please help him!
R: Tougo......
?: Whatever the case, it seemed like it exploded suddenly.
R: She's inside the Kazama Hospital...
?: The patients!?
?: We've finished evacuating them.
R(box): Then Amane-nee is?
?: Unfortunately, the west side is the laboratory...
?: So the Director's in there!?
?: Yes, at least, until a little bit ago...
R: Amane-ne...

R: Eh...
R: What...
R: is this...
N: Ricchan...

R: Amane-nee...!

R: Amane-nee.....
R: What...is this...
R: What's...going on...
N: ...I'm sorry.
N: I wasn't...able to reply.
N(2b): I came to say goodbye...we can't be together anymore.
R: Eh...?
N(2b): I've been doing my best until now, but I can't go on any longer.
N: Here...I'll disappear as Sasamori Amane-nee...so...I beg you...
N: Forget...about me...

R: I knew it couldn't be a joke.
R: What...are you saying...
R(2b): Disappear? Forget?
R: How could I do that?!
R: What happened? Let's talk it out.
R: Come home and talk it over with me!
R: Next week is Shizu-nee's wedding...
R: You haven't even thought up a speech, have you!?
R: Forget about the reply.
R(box): As I was talking, I realized.
R: As long as you're here, I'm fine...
R: That's why...that's why...!
R: Those days with Amane-nee were so fleeting.

N: Thank you, Ricchan.
N: I guess I was wrong after all.
R: And that was Amane-nee's...last embers of life.

N: If...we could have met again,
N: it'd be nice if I could truly be a member of Ricchan's family...

?: What was that light just now?!
?: On the back hill, there was an explosion?!
?: Black smoke is rising up from the summit.
R: That was a dream just now...
?: Head there immediately!
R: It's too strange to have not been one.
sfx: pih
S: Hello, Ricchan!?

Box: But...from when did the dream start?
R: Shizu-nee? How do you know my cell...
S(2b): I heard Amane-chan gave it to you. (I got your email too!) Where are you now? With Amane-chan?
S: No? ...can you see it from there? There's a huge fire at the Kazama Hospital, a huge fire!
R(box): Was...that fire a dream too?
S: I thought Amane-chan was going to the hospital today...
R: Amane-nee's...bike, as well?
S: ...hello, Ricchan?
S: Ricchan?
R: If this is a dream, then please quickly wake up!

R: The incident wasn't widely reported.
R: "Yesterday, at 10:30 pm, in the private Kazama Hospital on the outskirts of Yasaka City, there was a fire outbreak.
R: The fire itself originated in one of the three wings of the hospital. One was reported dead, one whereabouts unknown, and ten received light wounds.
R: The person reported missing was the hospital's director, Kazama Haruki (29).
R: At the time of the outbreak, he was thought to be close to the fifth floor of the west wing, in the research lab, where the fire is said to have originated. Currently, a search is underway to try to locate him, as well as the true source of the fire."

R: --Also--
R: "On the same day, in an area slightly removed from the Kazama Hospital, a large amount of blood was discovered."
R: "Wondering whether it had something to do with the accident or a separate case, it is being investigated on those grounds."
R: ...the next day, a fter the DNA test went through, it was determined to be Amane-nee's blood...
R: But no other concrete proof ever surfaced...
R --And so,

R: And so Amane-nee disappeared from this world.
R: To the world, what was just a tiny scratch...left an immense wound on me...

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#1. by worrian ()
Posted on Dec 5, 2007
thanks for the translate, btw can some1 upload the chapter? cant find it anywere

EDIT: thanks rokuso3 for the link
#2. by rokuso3 ()
Posted on Dec 5, 2007
Thanks molokidan ^__^.
To worrian: http://www.sendspace.com/file/lfwt03 <-- chapter 25 RAW
#3. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Dec 6, 2007
thanks molokidan!!! great work!!!
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