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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

World Embryo 26

World Embryo #26

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 6, 2007 22:06 | Go to World Embryo

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tl by molokidan

K: Amami and Kazama...
K: ...are both absent today?
F: What's going on with those two?
F(2b): At Kazama's place there was, you know...ah! That insane fire!
F: Eh? At Amami's too? Why?
F(2b): Oh, I know what happened. Over there, that guy's sister was--
R: I searched.

R: and searched.
R: and searched.
R: and searched.
R: I walked around searching, trying to reclaim the scenery Amane-nee had once lived in.
R: Every day, every day.
R: Yesterday, today, and again tomorrow.
R: In that way the world began to take form again...and I realized.

R: She was the only thing missing from the world...
Chapter 26 - And Then...

D: Well, I'm off now.
D(2b): I'm truly sorry that I can't stay here...during such a time.
S: I understand. Come back safely.
S: Fuuuu...
R: Let go of me, Shizu-nee!
S: Calm down, Ricchan!
R: Forget about Amane-nee!!?
R: What are you saying, father?!

D(2b): That's not what I mean. Leave Amane-kun to the authorities. I'm telling you to return to normal life with the rest of us.
R(2b): That's no different!! Isn't Amane-nee important to you two?!
R(2b): You and Shizu-nee searching for her is what members of her family should be doing!! Oh, I get it! You two just aren't truly worried about...
D: Ricchan!!
R: ...Shizu-nee.
S(2b): Ricchan...the blood they found...pretty much only belonged to one person. Do you understand...what that means?
S: Now, I'm barely a doctor, but I think this is something even a child could understand.
S: Ricchan, when the police say "We've found Amane-chan"...there is one thing we all must be prepared for.
sfx: kon kon
S: Ricchan...are you awake?

S(2b): I'll leave your breakfast here. If you don't eat a little...you'll start to become weak.
S: Sorry...I have to go to work, so I'm off now, okay...?
sfx: kotsun
S: ...thank you, Ricchan, for thinking so much about Amane-chan...
S: But now I'm more worried about you, Ricchan...how many days to you intend to take off school and go searching around...you're so worn-out...
S: Don't overdo it any more...let's return to our daily lives...
sfx: pisha!
S: The ceremony's already passed...
S(2b): This house is too big for just Ricchan and I. Amane-chan...

S: Ricchan!!
R: ...I'm going to school.
S: R-really...?
R: I'll be off now, SHIZURU-SAN.
S: ...Ricchan...
R: It was wrong of me. Her kindness didn't faze me at all.
R: I later learned that they hadn't withdrawn the search request, and that the obituary notice still had yet to be sent.
R(2b): Despite the fact that they both hadn't actually given up on Amane-nee...acting as if I had nowhere else to turn...was just another excuse of mine.

F: ...so I hear.
F(2b): Really? Shouldn't they be finding out soon, though?
F: Ah...
sfx: snicker snicker snicker
R: ...Tougo...

R: A lot had been going on in the center of the upheavals surrounding the Kazama Hospital.
T: ...Riku...
R(2b): Having both lost parts of our family, it was hard to look each other straight in the face.
R: ...it's not like anything has changed... (...why isn't he going in?)
T(2b): That's why, it's so obvious that Amami's sister was the criminal.

C: He was just taking on women one after another, right? That Kazama guy.
C: I dunno. He was a doctor, so I guess so?
C: She set him on fire as a way to curse him.
C: And then he just aborted it in secret. You know, he was a doctor, after all.
C: Uwahh, that's so sad!
C: He'd probably be the kind of guy who'd only want a son.
C: Ehh? So he wasn't coming to school because he was searching for his sister? Even though she died!?
C: What a loser!!
C: And then his mother now is some pretty young, you know. (Sakaikou told me)
C: wait, wait, and she's with some old dude?
C: So then that girl was his stepsister?
C: No way! That sounds nice.
C: He must have been doing both of them, then! It's gotta be...

T: ...rumors are all over the school.
T: That Amane-chan stabbed him and burned him to death over a lovers' dispute.
T: ...just ignore it, Riku. We know the truth...
T(2b): Trying to convince them of the truth won't come to anything. They'll still just whatever they want...you understand, right?
T(2b): Eventually it'll all be forgotten. That's how it is...that's...
T: ...dammit!
T(2b): But why...why do they even have to badmouth my brother like that...

C: Ha...
sfx: gatsu...
C: Uwahh, Amami!?
C: What the hell are you...

R(2b): Don't just decide stuff like this based on speculation!! Not only were you doing that, but exaggerating shit as well!! You think that makes it more entertaining or something?!
R: Just because "everyone" says something, you think that makes it alright for you to say it yourself?!
R: Don't even say that Amane-nee is "dead!!"
R: I saw it all!! Amane-nee turned into light and disappeaered...
R: Telling me goodbye...and to forget her...

T: ....Riku...
C: What's he talking about?
C: Turned into light and disappeared...what's that mean?
C: He's really being weird, isn't he?
C: Sensei, over here!
C: What a liar..
C: Amami, what are you doing?!
C: Stop!
C: Ah, that's right, his old nickname...
C: The liar...

R: After that...class a place for me to be in anymore.
R: Kazama...transferred.
R: With all the reparation fees they had to pay to fix the damage from the fire...there was a lot going on for him. (And he probably didn't want to stay in this town...)
A: Then...that girl......

R: The cocoon...was the beginning of everything.

R: What kind of existence Neene has...I don't understand.
R: But just like the text message from Amane-nee that should have disappeared showed me, Neene appeared from within that cocoon.
R: That's why...I believe Neene is something sent to me from Amane-nee.
A: "The cocoon was the beginning of everything"....?
R: ? Did you say something?
A: Nothing, just talking to myself...

A: ...now that I've heard the whole story, let me ask you this.
R: The very existence of that girl is shrouded in mystery.
A: Even if...it may be a dangerous one due to the power she holds,
A: do you still intend to raise her?
R(2b): ..........a dangerous existence, huh...that may be true. Takao, the source of the infection, they all came in contact with me with Neene as their goal.
R: But that has nothing to do with me!!
R: She's the miracle that remains of my important person! This isn't a problem of danger!!!
A: If that's the case...

A: If that's the case, then you shouldn't mind if F.L.A.G. turns into your enemy, should you?

R: I thought so...you just covered up for me so you could judge me directly...
R: ...I don't care!
R(2b): If you guys try and take Neene from me, I will not falter!
N: Ne....
A: It feels like...the first time I've ever seen your true feelings...
A: Now I know you're truly prepared!

N: Meh!
sfx: beh!?
N: That's not nice!
N: Papa! Mama!! No more fight!!!
R: ...Mama?

A(2b): Eh....EHHHHH!?
R: Wa...wait a minute!! What are you saying, Neene?!
R: That's not mama! If it was Shizuru-san, I'd understand, but no matter how you look at it, it's weird to see that no-breasted one as your mama!
sign: No Breasts
A: You bastard!! Why are you saying such blatantly misleading things to her?!?!
R: Wahhhh!!
R: Calm down!!!

A: ...at the very least, now I understand you have no evil or murderous intentions.
R: Ah...
R: O-of course I don't!
A: Neene, please come here.
N: Neh?
R: H-hey...
N: Hyah!?

A(2b): It isn't ringing, (Obviously, but) which means this girl isn't the Kanshu or source of infection we know of.
A: In other words, she has no capabilities of infecting others.
R: Ah...
A: Although she's full of mysteries, for now, we can't say she's the most dangerous thing that exists out there...
R: Then why were you trying to stir things up...just to test me!?
A: Remember what I said. We're partners.
A: I just felt it was necessary to know you were prepared.

A: Then I'll ask you once more.
A: This girl...Neene, has a "power." If that ever goes out of control, the one to suppress it will be you, her "father."
A: Are you...capable of that? Amami Riku.
R: I don't know what would happen in that case. I don't even have any confidence.
R: ...but Neene is Amane-nee's memento.

R: That won't happen. I won't LET it happen.
R: There's my answer.
A: I see...
A: She really was an important person to you...that "Amane-nee."
A: ....very well.
R: --Speaking of which,
R: Don't you have one? A person like that.
R(2b): Why? Why is she hiding us from F.L.A.G.?

R: Just what are you...Arisugawa Rena.
R: I...
R: want to know the answer to that as well.

R: She smiled.
R: ...what's wrong? That's a weird face.
R: Eh...ah....?
R: This turned out to be a long story after all. Come on, it's gotten really late. Let's go home.
N: Neh!
R: Yet...somehow, you still...
R: seem so sad...

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#1. by worrian ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2007
thanks for the translate!

if some1 is looking for chapter 26 i got i here
#2. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2007
thank you molokidan!!!
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