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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

World Embryo 27

World Embryo #27

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 7, 2007 01:33 | Go to World Embryo

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 27 - Under the Surface

R(2b): Hello, Shirai here on the scene. What you see behind me is the scene of the large fire that happened last night at the private school, Yasakadai High. Please look closely, and you should understand.
R: It appears that at the same time as the fire, in a single instant, a circular portion of an adjoining building was carved out.
R: Specialists have reported that previous cases of such a collapse do not exist. Examinations will continue--
S: .........hmmmm...
S: We're done now~
S: ...as far as health goes, I can't see any problems...
S: But...this speed of growth... (You're about 6 years old now....)

R: So there are no other problems?
R: She came out of a cocoon. We've got to check her out a ltitle bit more.
S: ...what are you doing, Ricchan?
R(2b): Contacting everyone in class about the school closing down...even though the school should be doing it. The class leader's been really bugging me..
A: Yes, now please tell them all.
S: Hey..is it really unrelated? This incident and...

R: "Just a coincidence."
R: "I got a text message from a friend so I thought I'd go see it, but there was the problem of leaving Neene, so..."
S: O-oh...
N: Nee~, peepee...
S: Eh...ahh!
R: Ah, sorry, take care of her! I have to call...
S: ...nevertheless...is this really alright...
S: ....maybe it would be better to consult...Daichi-san...
N: Neh?
S: Ahh, my husband...papa's papa.
S: Neene-chan's grandpa...I suppose.

N: Papa,
N: Mama...
N: Gramps?
N: Granny!
S: Neene-chan, you don't think that's true, right!? Mama, I'm Mama!
N: Mama? I have a mama!
S: EHH!? What does that mean!!?
R: ...ah, sorry for the noise.

K: ....oh, so the school really is closed?
K: Yeah, I got a call from Amami. It's closed until next week.
K: Ahahaha! Well, it did get pretty damaged. (Wanna go out somewhere?)
K: What about Yui? Is she still sleeping? Last night she was questioned by the police and stuff, right?
K: It wasn't that big a deal, they just asked her a few questions.
K(2b): Right now she's in the shower....ahh!
Y: Komaki-chan, is it okay if I have some milk...

Y(2b): Kouta-ku...KYAHHHHHH!!
K: Idiot! Kouta, don't look!
K: Wha? How could I see anything from this distance...
K: That's not the problem here!
K: .....anyway, seems like Yui's in good health.
Y: Ahh, that surprised me...
K(2b): Yep! Of course she is, in the care of Komaki-san!
R: The adjoining building in yesterday's fire...
R: There are also eyewitness accounts of suspicious characters before the incident.

sfx: gacha
Y: Hmmm...
sfx: kata x5

Y: He really is...
Y: the same person........

C: Indeed, a bit too conspicuous.
C: This is the second time since the attack on the HQ in March that he's been caught on camera.
C: "The Battle with Takao" and "The Suspicious Person in the Fire" are beyond the limits of Kanhu's memory lapse....
C: Even if we control the media, the internet will be rather difficult. Erasing all the footprints would be...
C: For the time being, should the annexed departmen be kept tied up doing investigations and away from extermination...?

C: Wait!
C: Let's be sure an include them in wide-scale "exterminations" from our side.
C: Especially in situations when it's easy to manipulate the public eye.
C: Even if there's only a single rose in a bouquet of baby's-breaths, the rose will be the one that impacts you, right?
C: ...even though he's being hidden by our organization, you plan to use him?
C: People, with their "mysterious white-haired boy," would trust the internet more than an organization such as ourselves, right?
C: Fufu...this will be just like that "Monster."

K: The monster...?
K: It took quite a while to obtain the documents which contain the results of the analyses...
K: The attack on the HQ, the attack on the group of Jinki Users two years ago, and then the "Graduation of Blood" incident...
K: A certain section of all the analyses were the same in this regard.
K: He is, without a doubt, the "Jinki Hunter."

K: In the very middle of all the chaos on that night two years ago, ten Jinki Users were murdered...
K(top left): A cooly-executed crime in which he took back nothing but Jinki cores, through unparalleled swordsmanship and secrecy incapable of being documented by our monitors...the possibility that he was a Kanshu soon faded....
K(bottom right): Thanks to the report on the 10th victim, it became clear just what this being that in theory, could be nothing but another Jinki User, truly was:
K: another threat on that night.

T: I'm finished...

T: Find 'em and crush 'em...then find more and crush them too...
T: Just playing the same game over and over again with the source of the infection...
T: Laugh...
T: This is what happens when we're rushed.
T: In order to reduce the distance between us and it, we burst straight into the heart of the Jinki Users and tried to bring back the "Coffin Princess" and its "Keeper" with us.
T: And we lost 4 Cores...
T: ...I'll have to pay him back...
T: Before "that time" comes...
C(2b): Whatever the case, the true problem at hand now is figuring out a countermeasure against the Jinki Hunter. Reconsidering information from the past regarding the "Monster," we'll place more focus on the movements of the police.
K: Yeah...

sfx: pushu
G: Good morning, Chairwoman!
G: Good morning!
G: Also, about the team's formation plan...
G(2b): We're overwhelmingly low on people in both our disposal unit and our Jinki Users...our losses in March were too great...
K(2b): The disposal unit should be finished with their training next week. There should be enough replacements that come to us from that, but the same can't be said for our Jinki Users. (We lost 4 at once)
C: That's true...we're at our limits...
C: There's no choice.
C: How about you just make use of what you can from our registered reserves?

S: Yes.
S: ...Yes.
sfx: butsu
S: Master, that phone call just now...
H: ...it seems like they're going to re-deply some list members from our registered reserves.
H: And we, as the annexed department, are no exception to that.
H: ..please don't make such a face. I've got enough pressure on me.
H: I guess there's no helping it. We don't have enough workers...
S: Master...

sfx: torururu...
H: Ahh, thanks for waiting while I contacted the HQ.
H: Have you reached the site?
A: Yes. I'm in front of the second abolished Yasakadai factory.
H: It seems like yesterday's incident has slipped out, and that the flash was seen by a number of witnesses...
A: Understood. Please send me the information regarding the positions of each at the time.
H: Where is Amami-kun?
A: He should be heading here now.

N: Neh?
S: Now...
H: Although I feel uneasy about this, I'll just have to leave it in their hands.
sfx: pih
sfx: rurururu
sfx: rurururu
sfx: rurururu

?: Helloooo?
H: ....it's been a while. This is the director of F.L.A.G.'s annexed department, Tsukishiro.
?(2b): Well, well, my, my, Hayato-san!? It's really been a looong time! Since last year's Christmas, right?!
?: I was really sad, I thought you had forgotten me! <3

?: Well then, what can I do for you? Inviting me for tea? Or could it be a job? I'm happy either way!
?: This is really exciting me! Because, you know, I'm always, aaaalways so bored, with nothing to do. And you know--
H: U-um, well there's nothing to day, but very soon, there will be a meeting here...
?: Oh, but we've already come
?: To the site.

R: Wh...
R: Who are you?!
?(2b): Heh...don't know me, eh, YOU? A newbie, huh? (*Joe has a really annoying habit of using the english word 'you' in his sentences...)
?: Dearest brother, have you taken care of things?

?: We are the magnificent predecessors of YOU!
J: Executioner Joe and Clara!
J: Remember it well, YOU!
R: Some kinda....
R: weirdos are here!!

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#1. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2007
thank you very much molokidan!!!
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