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World Embryo 28

World Embryo #28

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 7, 2007 05:38 | Go to World Embryo

-> RTS Page for World Embryo 28


tl by molokidan

J: Jinki Users who were once a part of the FLAG Annexed Department...the point is, we are the magnificent predecessors of YOU!
J: I'm Kirishima Joe!
C: And my name is Kirishima Clara.
C: Nice to meet you, Mr. Novice Jinki User <3
R: ....okay.
R: Are you even Japanese?!
C: We're 1/4! <3
J: After receiving direct notification from the HQ, we've once again returned to active duty!
C: Let's work hard together! Boy!!
R: Annoying...

Chapter 28 - Executioners

A: What's wrong, Amami Riku...
A: Ah...
A(2b): Joe-senpai! Clara....senpai.
C: Well, well, my, my, if it isn't Alice-san!
R: ...Alice?
A: P-please do not call me that!!
C(2b): You're Arisugawa, so you're also "Alice." It's the first name we created for you full of deep affection.
J: The one who told us to use your surname was YOU, remember?
A: That's...true, but...
R: They have a thing for nicknames...(They seem kinda like they enjoying teasing people too)
C: ...by the way,

C(2b): Who's this girl? A child of a victim or something?
N: Papa, I'm scared...
R: Ahh!
C: Papaaaa!? Could this really be your child?!
R: Damn, that caught me off guard!
C: Bringing your child to work like this sort of brings suspicion to your true character...
R: Crap, how can I evade this...?
sfx: gabuh
C: Gyawahhhhhhh~!! What are you doing~?!
R: Ah, sorr...
N: Beeeeeh to you~!

A: Jinki Users become such for their own reasons.
A: The fact that he has a child with him is also for a reason...I believe such a carefree inspection would be...
R: She..covered for me again...?
C(2b): Well, well, the words of an excellent student, I see. Indeed, that is true. The situations surrounding everyone are the same.
C(2b): The same goes for you, (maybe) Alice-san.
R: Circumstances...?
R: Since then, I haven't been able to ask her..why is she covering for me...?
R: Dammit...it's because she makes that face at me...

J(2b): But man, seems like we're up for a big job this time. Having to round up two units and everything.
R: Eh...?
C: That's true. We may become a hindrance, you know.
J: And for the first time in a while, I'll get to have a go with that guy again!
J(2b): This time I'll settle things between us! Youhei!
C: Is something...wrong?

C: So...he...
C: During the fire at the NEFT building...
C: I didn't know. Since we became reserves, not much news has reached us...
C(2b): Hayato-san should have told us sooner...what a shame...
J: That can't be...Youhei...!!
C: Brother...
A: Joe-senpai regarded Takebe-san as a rival...
A: Before he became a reserve, they'd compete with eac other over various things....

R: Wha...
J(2b): Riku Amami, was it? YOU took over Youhei's Jinki...?
R(2b): Y...yeah.
J: "RICK"...huh? Yes, I see.
J: That's too much of a joke.
J: It means YOU gotta CONTINUE it!
J(2b): You have to take over the pennant race between Youhei and I! The one to see who can kill the most Kanshu!!

R: Hold on a second!! You can't just decide...
C: Well, well, my, my, this sounds interesting!
C: In that case, why don't we make it a team battle?
C: This time we'll have Alice-san participate in the game too.
A: As usual, she's saying a bunch of stuff that doesn't make sense...
R: Are Jinki Users all like this...?
C: Hey, look at that.
C: We made our decision just at the right moment!

A: When did they become...this many?!
N: Papa...
A: Kuh! We wasted too much time talking...!
C: Alice-san, getting flustured like that will allow your abilities to be known.
C: I suppose I'll take my turn, then.
C: Game Start!!

C: Flail-Type Jinki "Starlight Glory!"

C: Please disappear,
C: you monsters!!

R: That's also...a Jinki!? (What is it)
J: It's still too early for you to be surprised!!

R: If you look closely, she isn't just defeating them...
R: She's pushing them all into one spot...
C: Brother!
C: Now's your chance!!
J: Yeah!!

J: Bow-Type Jinki "Tri-Edge Burning-Arrow!"
R: A bow...!?

R: It hit! ...but
R: It didn't have any effect!
J: That's only one!!
J: The real show has yet to begin!!

R: The area encased by the blades...
J: Just like the old saying, "Three Arrows," boy!
J: This is our combination!
R: Three arrows..? (*Okay, so this is actually harkening back to a famous historical figure named Mouri Motonari, who lived during the Warring States Period of Japan. He had a style of teaching that he called "Three Arrows," which involved his three sons, who he had sent from his home each out to different places. His example involved breaking single arrows, but not being able to break three when they were all together. The point I guess then is that if you stick together, you can't be defeated.)

J: That's how it's done.
J: Learn anything, boy?!
C: Fufu, brother...
C: Brother!!

R: Wasn't it written in the manual that you aren't supposed to cancel your Jinki until you've confirmed the site is totally safe?
J: You've got some mouth...I think I like ya, kid!!

C(boxless): We're finished!
A: Hey, come over here...!
R: Arisugawa?
R: Don't look, Neene!
N: Ne?
C: What? Is this the work of Kanshu?
sfx: ugehhh
J: No. The cuts are too sharp. If Kanshu did this, it'd be more...rough.

R: ...Amami Riku.
R: Bring back any memories? This scene...
N: Papa!
R: This is...
?: Beaten again.
?: Again.
?: Found again.
?: Takao.
?: Again, he...

?: Now, now, there's nothing to worry about.
?: They still can't be reached.
?: For Takao, the Jinki Hunter chasing the source of infection, Karasawa...he is far from his final purpose...
?: Even if "that time" happens to come.

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#1. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2007
thanks molokidan!!!!
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