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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

World Embryo 29

World Embryo #29

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 7, 2007 08:32 | Go to World Embryo

-> RTS Page for World Embryo 29

We are now up to the current chapter of WE. Thanks to everyone for helping me out with the raws. #30 will be out at the end of this month!


tl by molokidan

Chapter 29 - A Portrait of What Used to Be

J: At the very least, I'll introduce them.
J: As of today, they've returned to active duty with the annexed department. Kirishima Joe-kun and Kirishima Clara-kun.
J: Let's do our best together!
C: Thanks for taking care of us, now and in the future.

H: This is Amami-kun, who's been with us since March...
J: Introductions aren't necessary! We've already figured out what kind of guys we are.
J: Right, boy?!
R(boxless): Did he just wink at me?
R: ...yes.
J: So, how was it yesterday, YOU?!
H: The victims' personal information and autopsy results still haven't reached us yet.
J: Hey, hey, are you still being excluded by the HQ like that, YOU?!
H: ...I'm waiting for the results.
H: In return, I've learned quite a bit about that "TV Mountain."
H: Please look at this.

H: Here is the mountain of TVs I discovered earlier. It seemed to be inside a hotel that had had its construction suspended.
H: And then this is what we discovered at the factory earlier.
J: They look exactly the same.
H: Indeed. I understood that the regularities of the both arrays were the same.
sfx: kata x3
H: Perhaps this mountain of televisions acts as an circuit of accumulation for something...or an amplification device.
H(2b): Here are the points until now where Kanshu have "first" appeared after sundown, excluding secondary outbreaks by Kanshu that happened later.
H: There are places where the points of appearance are concentrated, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're close...
A: ...eh?

sfx: pih
H: That's right. It is my hypothesis that there may be another "circuit" here...
H: ...even if all Kanshu signals are completely destroyed by dawn, by the next day, they will appear again...
H: Where that "first" Kanshu comes from is a mystery.
H: With this, however, we can see a consistency.

K: So not only will listening to your cell phone when a Kanshu is near do it, but getting caught in this trap can infect you as well?
K: Then it's no wonder that they keep coming back even after we kill 'em all!!
H: The two points we've found so far make a line.
H: If we keep guessing in this fashion...we should find a third one.
H: The search and removal of these "seizure circuts"
H: is now our mission!

R: Searching...?
R: Unless we fight, Neene won't grow...
R: But if she grows too quickly, people may grow suspicious....what a dilemma...
C: My, my, well, well, isn't this a shame? Rikkun!
C: You're thinking that there won't be enough action with this, aren't you?
R: N-no...
R(boxless): And don't call me Rikkun
J: Don't fight, YOU!!
R: Wah!
J: Hayato! This kid's got some spunk!

H: Is that so?
A(2b): It seems that he helped Joe-senpai when he was caught off-guard. Unfortunately, I didn't see it, though.
C: How rude! Brother wasn't off-guard at all!!
J: Hey, it's alright. He's got reliable fighting abilities.
H: I see...
H: Then I'll count on you from here on out as well.
R: ...thanks.
R: A compliment only of words...?
R: It doesn't matter...I have Neene to worry about, so I shouldn't loosen up.
R: To me, F.L.A.G. is...

J: allies, right?
J: What's with this strained FEELING?
J: Hayato! Did YOU take care of IT!?
H: It...you mean that thing you two always...
C: My, my, well, well, how careless!
C(2b): Giving us a proper welcome is the least you could do! That isn't very gentlemanly, you know. --Suzu-san!
S: Yes ma'am!

S: This is what I've managed to prepare.
H: WHEN THE HELL DID YOU--?! (You were with us the whole time!)
S: A sukiyaki party to welcome Riku-san and welcome back Joe-san and Clara-san~!
J: This is a party for YOU! Drink up!
R: Eh?
C: Hurry onto the third glass! Come, come, come!
R: Eh...ah...isn't this illegal?
J: It's alright! This is yellow Coke!!
R: How does dressing it up change anything?

J: Don't worry about it, just gulp it down, gulp it down!!
Box: Since it's illegal, we can't show it to you.
H(2b): They're always like this...Suzu-san, is the grill ready?
A: Yes...
S(2b): Arisugawa-kun's already begun. Here, eat some shirataki. (*Noodles made from konnyaku)
H: ...administrator?
Box: It's illegal for minors to consume alcohol.
C: Brother, I want some yellow coke too~
H: No, you musn't! It's still too early for you, Clara-kun!!
R: ...how old is everyone, anyway? (Isn't this the minors group?)
C: 13.
H: 19. What's the matter?
R(2b): You're both out...eh-EHHHHH!!?
J: 18!
S: I'm 26~

R: You won't join them, right, Arisugawa...
A: Yeah.
R: ....you sound a little high-pitched, CLASS LEADER.
A: N-no, it's not like you're thinking. You see, it's just too rude to turn down something offered like that.
A: So in an instant, I just quickly--
S: Here's your refill~
A: Ah, my thanks.
A: You don't need to worry, I would never get drunk off such an amount...
R: Wahhh!!
R: Is she alright...
?(2b, bottom): Ah, this happens every time. It really does.
?: I assumed it would.
?: It does happen all the time.

S: Someone should probably sleep beside her. Riku-kun, I'm counting on you.
R: Eh!?
S: Aren't you her partner? Come now.
R: Alright...
R: Carrying her on my back like this...
R: she's really got "none."
R: Owwwwwwwwwww!!
S: Stop that, Rena-san, you'll hurt him~!
R: Do you have ESP or something!?

R: Oeuppu!
R: Uuu...my head hurts...
R(2b): My pace has really gone out of control ever since those two showed up. Not just me, but everyone else too...
R: This place really is something...
R: ...allies, huh...?

R: I'm not...their ally.
R(2b): In order to raise Neene, I must continue fighting while hiding the truth about her...with FLAG as my greatest impediment.
R: Even with Arisugawa staying quiet, my enemies are the same...I can't let my guard down against FLAG.
R: No matter what kind of a group they are...
R: Amane-nee.
R: In order to meet her...I'll accomplish anything...
R: And I'll do it...alone...
sfx: butsu butsu
black sfx: Don
R: Uwahh!
C: Hyah!

C: Owwww~!! Where were you looking, walking like that~?!
R: Ah! S-sorry...
R(2b): I did this to you too...are you alright?
C: Wait a moment! I've been a Jinki User much longer than you have!
C: You most call me Clara-senpai!
C: Honestly, when I was bit yesterday, broke off our first meeting with an injury!
R: Yes ma'am...
R: You were here in body, but not in spirit...as they say?
R: Eh...

R: Ah...
R: Eh!?
C(2b): Wide awake yet? That's payback from yesterday! Getting angry at a child wouldn't be very mature of me, after all!
R: You're already plenty immature...!

R: Just the fact that she was waiting for me in a place like this...
R: Photos...?
R: Amazing, huh...I heard that they're all records of Jinki Users...
C(2b): Hmph! Who told you that? (There's a ton of photos here that aren't related at all)
C(2b): But I suppose they are, in a way. The memories left by a single "Jinki User."
R: ? What do you mean...

R: Youhei...
C: That picture is from two years ago.
C: Just barely...after Youhei first entered our department.
R: Really...although it looks like you'd all been together for years.
C: He was a very open-hearted person...we became friends quickly.

C: At the time, Hayato-san was still on active duty with us...fighting gruesome battles day after day...
C: But we had radiance.
R: You sure know how to tell stories passionately...
C(2b): That's how one is with "allies"...although it seems like you aren't too good at that.
R: ..."That's not true"...

C: I know you're lying.
C: Those with screens over their own hearts are less likely to let their guards down...even if it may seem like they're trying to become friends with you on the surface.
C: I'm well-attuned to lies.
R: ...This girl...

S(2b): Ah, so this is where you two were. Would you mind if I joined in on the conversation?
C: Sure, but...will Hayato-san be alright by himself?
S: I felt that way too. But right now, he's undergoing something rather uncouth...

H: Feel better...?
H: You have a bad habit of shifting the blame onto others. You've gotten into trouble with the HQ over that more than a few times, remember?
J: Yeah, you're right. So now that I've shifted the blame, lemme ask YOU something.
J: Why didn't you tell me Youhei died?

H: Duty of confidentiality? That can't be the only reason, right?
H: Because Amami Riku's Jinki...came from Youhei's Jinki Core.
H: That day...Amami Riku was about to become a Kanshu...and Youhei-kun gave everything for him...and died.
H: No wonder...it looks like Youhei's Jinki, "Karadachi."
H: Even now...I can't get my feelings in order.
H: There should have been something I could have done...
H: "One clear option to choose" should have been right there...

J: Dumbass!
J: What the hell are you doing? Sitting there muttering soppy shit and brooding to yourself like that!
J: Stop acting like such a know-it-all, YOU!
J(2b): YOU did all you could at the time, right? But it didn't work out.
J: Then there's no use in worrying about it!
J(2b): ...even if you know it later, you can't do anything. All the anger and sadness I feel now is facing the fact that it's already "over."
J: There's truly nothing...I can do for him.
H: ...I'm sorry.

J: Don't forget those soppy feelings you can't put in order.
J(2b): Someday you'll be faced with the same decision again...and then, if you come to arrive at an answer that time, it'll definitely be thanks to him.
J: ...so, you thought I'd get pissed at the boy and hit him instead, huh?
H: ...I guess.
J(2b): Well, Alice seems the best for him to be with anyway. Good job making them partners. At least we don't need to worry about that.
J(2b): This should be entertaining! I'm really interested to see just what of guy the man Youhei gave his life for really is.
J: If turns out to be a good-for-nothing, at the very least I'll kick his ass then and there.

H: Haha...looks like my days of headaches are starting again.
J: No they aren't! These are stimulating days.
H: ...those stimulations resound in my head.
J: HAHAHA, that's for sure!

C: Hoh! What a relief.
S: That's why I told you there was nothing to worry about~!
C: Brother always did have a short temper~!
S: I'm sure Joe-san bears that in mind. Probably...
R: I'm not...their alley.
R: They're
R: Youhei's allies.

R(2b): Keeping Neene a secret from FLAG and raising her means deceiving them...deceiving Youhei's allies.
R: I will not hesitate in deceiving them.
R(2b): But...if Youhei ever found out that I was deceiving his own allies...
R: would he blame me?

Next Chapter: 12/28

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#1. by worrian ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2007
thanks once agen for translating this serie. great speed on the trans thanks for that =) hope that you have a great weekend
#2. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2007
on a roll molokidan!!! thanks very much!!!
#3. by Corax ()
Posted on Dec 9, 2007
Thanks for this
Do you know where i found raw scans please?
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