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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

World Embryo 30

World Embryo #30

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 11, 2008 07:33 | Go to World Embryo

-> RTS Page for World Embryo 30


tl by molokidan

A: What I remember are the vibrations of a systematic rhythm.
sfx: tatan x3
sfx: kyuu
A: What I remember is a face floating in the frosty window.
sfx: tatan x2
A: What I remember is a long, long tunnel, and

A: a black barrier.
Black text: The Jinki User Rena...
The memories of a time passed that remain in her heart...
A: Where...are you heading?
?: Anywhere. Until I find it.
?: What I'm searching for is everywhere.
A: Is that...the same as this?
A: This radiance in the sky...
A: What I remember are the fragments filling the entire sky.

Chapter 30 - Investigation Commenced
?: ...the stars are our guides.
?: That radiance will soften the night's darkness a little.
?: It's the same with our hearts.
A: What I remember is a warm hand.
?: The radiance can illuminate the darkness within the hearts of man, and
?: will certainly lead us to...
A: What I remember is--

A: What I remember is--
R: ...gawa
R: Arisugawa!
A(2b): Wh-what...ah, owww...
sfx: zukin
R(2b): Wah! Wait, wait! I haven't done a thing! I just came to wake you up in time for the last train!
A: ...did I do it again...
R: What should we do? Suzu-san said it'd be fine if we stayed the night.
A: No...we mustn't.
A: ...Amami Riku.

A: Did I...say anything...?
A: When I was...asleep.....
R: "How embarassing for you! I did hear something: 'Oh, I can't drink anymore'!"
A: S-silence! I didn't ask you about that!!
R: Haha, looks like you're feeling better. Hurry up and get ready~!
R: I'm certain I heard it...
R: "The guides that will lead us to the cocoon..."
R: ...cocoon...!?

sfx: hyoko
C: Bingo!
C(2b): I found it, brother! The third seizure circuit!
J: Hayato! Your hypothesis was a STRIKE!
H: Is that so? Good work!

H: By the way, about the abolished factory yesterday...I received the autopsy results from the corpses we found there.
H: All the characteristics of their slash wounds matched up perfectly with those the NEFT invasion incident.
H: The culprit is that Jinki Hunter,
H: Takao.

J: So that just means sooner or later we'll run into him...interesting!
J: That bastard's got a lot to answer to...including Youhei.
H: Incidentally...I figured out something odd.
J: Huh?
H: The times of death for all the corpses don't seem to match up.
H(2b): The expiration of their postmortem lividity came roughly 12 hours after their death. This was the same for everyone. However, the progress of advancement of necrosis within their brains varied widely...it can be presumed that one even continued for a week after their supposed death.
H(2b): Additionally, up until the day before that death, there are records showing that the person went to work. In their wallet were receipts from that day, as well as undigested particles still left in their stomach.

H: In other words, I have deduced that one of the deceased parties who should have died five days ago, went to work as usual the day before,
H(2b): and then after finishing work, went to a convenience store and had dinner. Yet for some reason, before dawn came, they suddenly went straight to the abolished factory and were killed by the Jinki Hunter...
H: ...that is my conclusion.
J: ...What the hell...
C(small): Brother?

A: ...seems like Joe-senpai's group found the third one.
R: Oh...hooray for them.
A: ...what's with that unenthusiastic attitude of yours?
R(2b): Who cares about the third one? The range it was projected to be in was so tiny. And yet we have this huge range to search for ours in. It's too wide!
A: That's why we need to walk around looking for it! It's too early to give up!
R: Alright, alright.
R: Besides, Arisugawa, you look really tired. Aren't you hot in that thing?
A: N-no, I wouldn't get hot just from this...
R: But it's the middle of the day. Don't you think wearing something like that will make you stand out too much? (This is a residental district!)
A: Uu...
A: ...fine, then I'll go change.
N: Neene's coming too!
sfx: puh
R(2b): Alright, then I'm gonna go buy some juice. Yikes, she really isn't shy...

M: Huuuuh, Amami-kun~!? What a coincidence!
K: Ohhh!
R: Everyone! Why are you all here...
K(2b): Well, we all live nearby...over there. That's right where Komaki's apartment is.
M: We're just coming back from shopping~!
M(2b): Check out Yui's cell phone...here! Yui, let go of your phone!
Y: Ahh, s-sorry...
R: Azuma-san, did your cell phone get broken?
Y: Yes...back when the school caught on fire...

R: It must have been tough on you, huh, Azuma-san?
Y: Y-yes. My body's fine, it's just where I was living...
K: Next to where that huge hole was! So that's where you lived, Yui? I couldn't remember at all.
R: Is that so...
small sfx bubble: hoh
Y: Amami-kun, did you see that big hole?
R: Eh? "No, I went home right after it happened."
Y: Oh, so you must have missed him.
Y: "Suraga."
Y: Ah, Suraga is the name they call him online.
Y: Here.
sfx: kakah
sfx: kakakaka

Y(2b): Eh? Look, this white-haired boy who was on top of the NEFT building...don't you know about him, Amami-kun!?
R(2b): All this has been going on without my knowledge?! And I even got some weird nickname!
M: Ahaha! Figures it sounds so weird, being from the internet. (Maybe it was a typo!)
M: And Yui, you said you were saved by this Suraga, right?
K: Really? So was he the guy who blew up the school, then?
?: He was wearing one of our uniforms, right? Before the masses came...
Riku sfx: gaku gaku buru buru
Y: Ohh! Stop it already, Komaki-chan...
Y: It'd be nice if he was, though...

A: Just how far did he go for some juice...
A: Ah!
M(2b): Ahhh, if it isn't Arisugawa-san and Nene-chan? Hrmm, what could be the meaning of this~?
N: I'm on a walk together with papa and mama!
M: Ma.......
R: Ah....hahaha! "You've been watching over Nene so much lately, she must be confused! It does seem a bit like we're a family, huh, Arisugawa?!"
A: Wha...
R: Sssh! There's no other way to cover this one up!!
M: Hmm...is that so...(Mama, huh?_
?: How surprising...(Aisu, of all people...)

Y: Hello there, Nene-chan...
Y: ...hm?
Y: ...haven't you gotten bigger since I last saw you?
M: You're right! Ehhh!? What's going on here?
R: This is bad! I have to do something...
K: Woah, woah, this is more than just some speedy growth!
R: But what? I've got to do more than merely cover up what they're seeing.
R: Ahhh, dammit...!
R: "I-it was supposed to be a secret,"
R: "But Nene has an illness."

R: "She grows slower than other people."
R(2b): "Thanks to some healing of her genes that happened recently, she's suddenly gotten a huge growth spurt, though. She's really supposed to be 9 years old."
R: It's no good...this is just getting messier and messier.
R: "I didn't really know how to explain it, so I just kept quiet..."
R: Who would believe a story like this...?
R: "That's just how it is...I'm sorry."
K: Ah...that makes sense...
Y: I get it now...
M: I didn't know, that was wrong of me...

A: Amami Riku, we should get going.
R: Ah, okay! Sorry, everyone, but please keep this a secret!
M: Y-yeah, don't worry about it. See ya!
Y(2b): A-Amami-kun. Umm...thank you.
R: Eh? But I didn't do anything...
Y(2b): Eh? Maybe...I just felt like I had forgotten to thank you for something...ah, sorry. Anyway...ummm,
Y: Thank you.
M: Yui, hurry up!
Y: Waaait!
R: Neene...

R: Did you do something just now? Neene...
R: Neene!
N: Papa, over here!
R: Ahh!
R: Wait! Neene!!

R: Neene!
R: Neene!
R: Neene! Where in the world are you...
N: I found it...papa!

N: Papa?
R: ...wonderful, Neene.
R: By the way...what did you do back there?
N: Ne?
R: Did you do something to Masaki-san and them?
N: Ne...I don't know.
N: But I felt it.
N: That papa had to do something.
N(2b): Neene thought she had to do something to, and then...I don't really remember...
N: Neh?

R(2b): Thank you, Neene...but you can't.
R: You can't use that power of yours.
N: Even for papa?
R: Yes.
R: Deceiving someone and lying...
R: I don't mind having to do it myself...
R(2b): That's why...you don't need to use it. Promise me.
N: OK! I promise!

A: Yes, we've found it.
A: Yes...then we shall end today's search here.
small sfx: Pih
A: Truthfully, I'm surprised.
R: Huh? By what?
A(2b): I wondered whether or not the maximum potential of her power could be utilized. And I doubt that merely deceiving those around her is the extent of its effects.
R: I...felt a little uneasy, that's all.
R(2b): I just had a feeling that Neene's power...might distance her from Amane-nee.

A: I see...
S: Huh? Ricchan, you're home early today.
R: Shizuru-san! (You just got back?)
S: Don't think you can be out all night tonight like you did yesterday just because you have the day off.
R: S-sorry.
S(2b): Ahh, neighbor, did you accompany him today? That's right! How about having dinner tonight with us?
A: Eh!? Umm...
S: It's fine, right, Ricchan?!
R: Uh...yeah...

N: Yaaay! I wanna be with Mama!
R: Ahhh! (Dummy!)
S(2b): Would you mind telling me what this is about...? MAMA!
A(2b): Eh!? No, er...
R: Ahh, Arisugawa, I think I'll head back now and get dinner ready...
A: W-wait, Amami Riku! Don't run away!
S: My! You call him by his last name?
N: Papa, I'm scared!

Next Issue: 1/30

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#1. by NFKira ()
Posted on Jan 11, 2008
Just find out about your translations of world embryo, thank you so much for all your hard work!!!
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Posted on Jan 11, 2008
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thanks for the translate =)
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