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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

World Embryo 31

World Embryo #31

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 13, 2008 05:50 | Go to World Embryo

-> RTS Page for World Embryo 31


tl by molokidan

R: We've found a seizure point -- it's in a warehouse in Tanashi.
H: Hypothesized Point F-12? Please continue.
N: Neene wanna talk too!
R: I said no!
J: Do these actually work...?
C(2b): We found it, Hayato-san! A new pair of shoes would be perfect for my reward!
H: ...we'll talk about that after you finish your next two assignments.
sfx: kata
sfx: kata
H: ...there're even more than we estimated...

Chapter 31 - Visitor
R: Okay, we'll end here today...
sfx: pih!

R: Fuwahh~we're done. Today we made pretty good time.
A: Now that we've found a few, we might be able to understand the system through which they've been set up.
R: Huh? We're splitting up now?
A: I have a report to attend to with Tsukishiro-san.
R: Well, we have a few stops to make too, so...
N: We're going to granny's!
A: Well then, see you tomorrow...
R: ...too bad a Kanshu or two hasn't shown up lately. (Then Neene'd be able to grow a little more)
N: Ne?
sfx: purururu

N(2B): The NEFT HQ...? Hello?
R(boxless): Hey! Quit it!
N(boxless): Neene wanna talk too!
N: Y...yes.
N: Eh? Kanshu?
N(2b): Eh...teaming up? Us? With the headquarters?!
P: No. Only you will be joining us from the annexed dept.
P(2b): You will be placed under Captain Kanzaki in the HQ's Special Operations Squad. We are sending a car over to your current position as we speak, so please wait there.
R: ...R-right now?
P: Yes. This notification is of maximum priority, so it supercedes that of your home department.

P: The car will reach you shortly, so please do not move from where you currently stand.
sfx: pun
R: This is bad...damn, this is bad!
R(2b): The HQ saw Neene when she was a baby! If they see her now, they'll definitely get suspicious!
R: That's right! I can give her to Arisugawa...
Phone: We regret to inform you that the cell phone whose number you have dialed is currently out of its service area.
R: You gotta be kidding me!?

?: Amami-san, I presume? We have come to pick you up, please come over here.
R: It's too late!
P: This is the NEFT Director -- I will now proceed with your instructions. Ready?
P(2b): There are currently three located close to the Hanka District. There is a high possibility that they will soon begin to rapidly multiply. The Special Operations Squad and the Disposal Squad, Squads #1 and 2, respectively, are now in the process of surrounding the area. You will link up with Squad #1 in the Hanka District and assist them in blocking all routes of escape.

P(2b): ...Nene-chan is with you, isn't she? This was all on short-term notice, so we had no choice. After you make contact with the Disposal Unit, you can leave her in their care.
R: ...Yes ma'am.
sfx: pih!
P: If by chance you happen to let one escape...we'll be sure to use her as a decoy to draw them back,
P: Suraga-kun.
?: Director!
R: They still haven't found out, but it's just a matter of time now.
sfx: dokun
R: Arisugawa...at least read my text mesage...
sfx: dokun
sfx: dokun
sfx: dokun

N: Shit...we're here already, what should I do?
sfx: dokun x3
N: If Kanzaki sees me, it's all over.
?: Is something wrong?
R(2b): "No, I'm fine..." More importantly, why are we meeting up in a place like this...
?: Yeah, good point.

?: The truth is, I just wanted to find a place where we could talk one-on-one without any interruptions,
?: Amami-kun.
R: Huh?
?: You really are slow...
?: Too slow, too slow! That's no good!!

R: You're....!
?: Correct!
?: Good evening, nice to meet you.

?: I'm...just as you guessed, "that thing."
?: The one FLAG calls the "source of infection."

?: What's going on?!
?: Our circuits have been intercepted! Someone has hijacked into our server!!
?: The GPS too?! All of the Kanshu signals are missing now!!
?: Ah! Communications are back up!
K: It's Kanzaki! Contact Vehicle #6 immediately!
K: I sent it to pick up Amami from the annexed dept, but I have yet to receive any contact from them! What's going on?!
?: The Vehicle #6 signal has disappeared from the GPS!
?: Amami-kun...!?

R: What do you want?
R: Now what
R: do you want from me?!
S: Aha
S: Ahah!
S: Aha, aha!
S: Aha, aha, aha, aha!
S: I wish you'd thank me.
R(2b: What is this guy...it doesn't feel like he's really standing in front of me. Like this is all a bad dream.
S: I helped you out back there, didn't I? You didn't want them to notice, did you?
S: Neene's true form...

R: Like a bad dream incarnate.
R: ...true form...
S: Huh?
S: So you still haven't noticed? How surprising.
S(2b): The purpose of my visit this time is to introduce myself. After Neene "matures," I of course would want to work with us.
S(2b): Last time I was thrown totally off guard -- to think she'd still be that small! Ah, that's it. You still don't know the rules, do you? That's why her maturation has gone so slowly.
R: Rules? ...I know them.
R(2b): If I fight...no, if I defeat Kanshu, she'll grow up. That's why when FLAG called me...
S: Nnnooo...not quite.
S: The truth is, just defeating Kanshu alone won't cause her to mature.

S: This is because the Kyuuki (*T/L: Coffin Princess) matures from absorbing a "certain something" Kanshu has gathered inside them.
R: ...certain something?
S: Yes...memories.
S: Kanshu are like honeybees, and humans are like the flowers from which the precious treasures are extracted.
S(2b): Now, where could all those memories hbe going? For what queen could these honeybees be working?
R: ...shut up...
S(2b): Have you truly not realized it yet? Or are you just pretending like you haven't?

S: The Kyuuki is the Queen of the Kanshu.
S: Absorbing Kanshu also means absorbing humans.

R: ...So it really
R: ...is like that...
N: Pa...?
S: Was that too much of a shot? Are you alright? Shall I administer CPR?
S(2b): The time is not yet come, though -- Neene is still too small. If she's grown more by the next time I come, I'd be very grateful.

S: Truthfully, I'm a little disappointed.
S(2b): When you were merely a human, I had no interst in you. But that time, you truly moved me. As a human, you did your best.
S: More than anything...I was surprised at how you retained your sense of self after becoming a Kanshu.
S: You overcame your limits.
S: And yet...you've barely been able to hold your own ground.
S: I can't believe it. To think you'd be attached to someone in that kind of situation.
S: The worst kind of person -- a soft-hearted one -- brought you to a complete stop.

N: Papa...
R: ...take that back!
N: You're surprisingly short-tempered.
N: You wanna fight? I didn't intend to become your enemy, though.
R: If you take it back, I'll pretend like I never heard it!
N(2b): ...do you even understand your own position? I was giving you advice out of my concern for Neene...
R: Yes, I fully understand. Thanks for the advice...!

R: Kanshu collect memories, don't they?
R: Then I'll gather them all up in order for Neene to grow...!
S: What a dark conceptualization you have.

R: Wha...!
N: Papa!!
S: Fuuu...it's good to have a change of pace once in a while.
R: How did I get here all of a sudden...what did he do?!
R: If that's truly how you feel, Amami-kun...
R: Then let's play a little.

R: Kuh...

S: How about this for our stage?
sfx: vuvuvuvuvu
sfx: shaka shaka
sfx: puiiiiin
sfx: pururu
S: The bigger audience the better, right?
sfx: rurururu
sfx: vuvuvuvu
sfx: Briiiing
sfx: purururu
sfx: jyaka jyaka

Next Issue: 2/29.

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#1. by NFKira ()
Posted on Feb 13, 2008
Thanks for translation molokidan!! I was waiting for that chapter))
#2. by rokuso3 ()
Posted on Feb 20, 2008
Thanks a lot, molokidan!! Umm, one question... Where can I find scans for chapters 30 and 31?
P.S: Sorry for my bad English
#3. by NFKira ()
Posted on Feb 22, 2008
rokuso3 I uploaded raws here
WE chapter 30
WE chapter 31
#4. by emtelka ()
Posted on Feb 22, 2008
thankies :wtf
#5. by rokuso3 ()
Posted on Feb 24, 2008
Woooow!! Thanky you very much, NFKira!!!
So, where do you download usually? o_O
P.S: Sorry for my bad english
#6. by Renegade334 ()
Posted on Feb 24, 2008
A great majority of fresh raws is usually downloaded from the Winny and Share networks, as they are directly scanned in Japan and distributed through those tailor-cut outlets.
#7. by NFKira ()
Posted on Feb 24, 2008
I use Share.))
#8. by worrian ()
Posted on Mar 12, 2008
thanks for the translation
#9. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Mar 12, 2008
thanks for the translation!!!
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