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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

Hunter x Hunter 272


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Mar 8, 2008 00:22 | Go to Hunter x Hunter

-> RTS Page for Hunter x Hunter 272


tl by molokidan

Black text: Knuckle suffers!!
H: Time's up.
H: The interest will now be added.
K: Wha...
K: It's only been ten seconds!?
K: Only that!? No way!
K: Even after all the unbearable, choking pain so far...
K: How much longer must I withstand this!?

Right side: You've gotta be kidding me!!?
No. 272 : Miscalculation
Left side: This is ridiculous...!!!


sfx: pon pon
Box: What stopped Knuckle's violent dash
B: Was Meleoron's first tap.

K: Are you serious? There's only 10 seconds left?
K: But...could that just have saved me?!
B: This of course had nothing to do with Knuckle's thoughts,
B: but because Meleoron was also at his limit.

K: Dammit....!!
K: Even though his claw just barely touched me...
P: Whoopsie!
K: It dealt enough damage to null the interest and halve my power as well...!!
B: Yupi failed to notice the fact that he had grazed something, nor Potclean's proclamation of interest,
K: Shoot's fighting with his life on the line...
K: and yet I, completely unscathed, just made an idiotic mistake!!
B: nor Knuckle's howl.
K: Calm down, you fool!!
K: Or everything will be ruined!

K: I suppose this is the best range I can get.
K: It's not close enough to be seen, but it isn't too far that I can't get close to him!!
K: As long as Shoot is doing his best...
K: He shouldn't have any way of noticing Potclean for an instant!!
K: Take a breather with all your might, Meleoron!!
M: God's Accomplice -
M: Rescinded!!

Y: What the hell is that!?
Y: When did it...no.
Y: There's no way I couldn't have noticed it!!
Y: It just appeared all of a sudden!!
Y: Was I attacked!? No, there's no way...!!
Y(2b): Is it a delayed effect...but then that means it's from back then...!! Or could I have somehow fulfilled the conditions to make it spawn during battle!?
Y: What are these numbers!? A countdown!? A bomb!?
Y: No, the numbers aren't rising or falling!
Y: What a pain in the ass!!

Y: It just means I have to get rid of the source, right!?!
sfx bubbles: buh x7
S: Something's coming!!
S: From far away!!!
B: One reason
B: as to why, Yupi, despite the pride he had in his own overwhelming power, could not hit Shoot,
B: could be explained as a difference in true ability.

S: Fast!!
S: I can't get away in time...!!!
Y: One skewered piece meat...
Y: comin' right up!!!

sfx: gun

sfx: tch
Y: He hit himself to speed around to the rear.
Y: Whatever.
B: The response "I always win"
B: was a drawback to the plan-less Yupi, who was not the type to polish up his own battle strategy.
S: That was close!
B: Yupi's readings were more or less correct.
B: Eventually, he would come out on top -- that was indeed true.
B: But if there was any miscalculation,
B: It was the fact that Shoot thought "that's fine," and Yupi did not notice.

S: I can still fight!!
S: I...
B: And yet quietly, certainly,
S: I can still fly...!!!!
SL Still...
B: Shoot's limit crept up on him.


K: The conclusion that the cooled-down Knuckle had come to,
M: Knuckle...
K: was to reveal himself.
K: Purposefully reveal to the enemy that he has another opponent!?
K: Excellent!!!

K(2b): This is the only way to distract Yupi's concentration, and save Shoot!!!!
Y: ...I see.
Y: So you're the one over here.
Y: Knuckle was more or less correct.
Y: But if there was a miscalculation...
Black text: Carelessness!!!

Next Issue: Knuckle and Yupi...!! And what's waiting ahead for Gon!?

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#1. by AfterMath ()
Posted on Mar 8, 2008
thanks a lot!
#2. by imintheradio ()
Posted on Mar 8, 2008
#3. by Tessho Kawachi ()
Posted on Mar 8, 2008
#4. by Rock-Bird ()
Posted on Mar 8, 2008
thanks molokidan :)
#5. by jolanar ()
Posted on Mar 8, 2008
much appreciated molokidan
#6. by Navid. ()
Posted on Mar 8, 2008
Thanks, great stuff... :)
#7. by jotaro ()
Posted on Mar 8, 2008
thanks man
#8. by noonethere ()
Posted on Mar 8, 2008
#9. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Mar 12, 2008
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