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World Embryo 32

World Embryo #32

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Apr 20, 2008 04:18 | Go to World Embryo

-> RTS Page for World Embryo 32


tl by molokidan

Note: thanks to NFKira, as usual, for this chapter raw.

?: Time limits are an important element of games.
sfx: bububuh
sfx: turururu
sfx: shaka shaka
?: Without a sense of anxiety and nervousness, things would never be settled.
sfx: pirororo
?: Now, I've finished my turn.
sfx: burururu
sfx: bububuh
?: It's your turn now. The time limit is--
sfx: purururu
sfx: shaka shaka
?: 3 seconds.
sfx: pirororo!
sfx: bubububububu
R: What is this idiot doing?!
R: An infection in the city like this will lead to--
R: a huge multiplication!
R: There are too many people.
R: I have to stop, I won't make it.
R: This is bad. I don't have time to

sfx: guh...
R: think--

R: Throw away your cell phones!!!
Black text on right: Vol. 4 out on 4/28!!!
R: This instant!!
black text on left: The reckless fighter Riku--!?
R: Anyone who doesn't will be cut to pieces by I, Suraga!!!

Chapter 32 - Distant Starry Sky

P: kyaaaah
P: An explosion!?
P: A terrorist!?
P: Who is that guy?
P: Look over at that smoke!
P: Suraga...?
P: Uhah! Wh-what?
P: It's ringing...
P: Man, what a pain....
sfx: bububu
sfx: bububu
R: Don't answer your cell phones, throw them away!!

?: Oh my...
?: uncouth.

R: Wha...
R: But...I just cut him!!
?: ...I see. A diversion for a surprise attack...?
?(2b): For a split-second decision, I suppose that isn't too bad. You're still lacking in style, though.
sfx: dokun
?: Indeed...your execution was just too naive.
sfx: dokun
R: That was my only chance!
sfx: dokun
R(2b): It's no more and more people are going to crowd around. this next moment, their cell phones...
sfx: dokun
sfx: dokun
R: There's no way...I can do all this myself...
J: Why are you going all out on your own, YOU?!

R: Joe!?
J: I just barely made it. Hang in there, YOU!!
?: Wh-what was that!?
?: Kyaaaah!

C: Come on, this way! You're standing out too much!
R: Clara! Why are you here?
C: You need to hide yourself at a time like this! (Leave the rest to Clara-senpai)
C(2b): I got a text message from Arisu-san. In short, we ended up running straight here.
?: Ahhhh...
?: How unrefined you all are. This was supposed to be a duel, you know?

J: Like you're one to talk, with all these hostages! Just who the hell are you!?
R: Joe! He's the source of the infection!!
J: I you're...
J: ...fine by me...!
J: Burn in hell, bastard!!
sfx: sukah
J: Huh!? I should've hit him, right?! (Shit, time to reload...)
C(2b): Brother! Preventing the infection can come later. First let's destroy all these cell phones! I'll scatter the people!
C: Rikkun! You chase them down!!
R: A-alright!!

G: H-hey, what's wrong...
G: Gu...gah....
P: Eh...wha....
G: Kyaaaaa!
C: Oh dear...looks like it's impossible to save everyone...
C: After Rikkun worked so deepest condolences.
C(2b): Now then, to all those who have just transformed into Kanshu...farewell.

sfx: gain
?: What a shame...I had created this stage just for you and I, but these intruders had to go and ruin everything.
?(2b): won't blame me if I call this one a draw, will you? This is just as annoying as when a new player comes to challenger you in the middle of a fighting game...
R: Huh!? (What are you talking about?)
?: Before that, however, one last thing...
R: Neene!

N: Ne...
?:'re so young. (Fufufu)
?: Hurry up...and grow older.
?: I've...been wanting to talk with you.
N: Ne?
?(2b): ...this is a present. For whenever we happen to meet next. Hold still...

R: Oooooouuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

R: Still?! Is he immatterial or something!?
C: We've defeated them all, but the cell phones won't stop ringing!
sfx: rururu
sfx: rururu
J: Tch! There must still be one more somewhere...
J: Over there!!
sfx: kiri
sfx: kiri
sfx: kiri

?: ...the link has been severed...
?: Unfortunately, Amami-kun, this is goodbye for now.
?: ...I have one piece of advice for you as your senpai, however.

?(2b): It's not enough. Not enough, not enough! The self-consciousness you have for your line of work...
?(2b): Do you lie so as not to cause pain? Do you wish to substain some kind of balance? Then allow me to say this: Absolutely nothing is in your hands.
?: Well then, see you again soon. Neene-kun too.
?: Our next meeting will be through MY Princess.
R: Your Princess...?
R: No way! You...

R(2b): What...memories!
R: Neene!
R(2b): What did that bastard do to you!? Wake up!
R:'s just like back then...
R: This is bad...
R: My consciousness...
R: Far...

A: Hang on, Amami Riku!
R: Arisugawa!?
R(2b): Trying to save me? ...haha, you're too late. Run...this is dangerous.
R(2b): My consciousness is flowing backwards...I don't recall any of these memories...are they Arisugawa's?
R(2b): I can...see...

R: What is this...!?
R: Nothing...there's nothing.
R: An empty world...!
R: This...
R: your memory...?
R: Arisugawa...
R: Rena...!
N: Ne....

R: We're alright...?
R: The source of infection...escaped...

R: Neene!?
N: Uunyu...
sfx: hoh..
?: She is the Kanshu's...
A: You saw...

A: You "saw" it, didn't you, Amami Riku...
R: ...y-yeah....

A: a Lost Rebound.
A: ...the radiance of the sky...
A: There was once a person who taught me those were "stars."
A: I promised that someday I'd recover my memories.
A(2b): That's why I made sure to let no one know of my memories until that day came...I promised.
A: That's why...I couldn't tell anyone.
A: Not even Takebe-san...

A: Even though he called me his "companion," I couldn't tell him...
A: And now...I just showed them to you so easily like this...
A: Fu....fufu....
R: Still...laughing with that face.
R: Yeah...I finally understand the meaning behind it.
R: Now I know why I've always hated that smile.
R: ...I'm sorry I saw them so easily...the secrets of your partner.
A: Eh...?
R: Er, uh, that's what you called him, isn't it...?
R(2b): Despite the fact...that such things aren't even in my own heart...

R: Isn't that the same thing as a "comapnion?"
R: You know all about my secrets, too. (Like Neene, and what happened in middle school.)
R: You could even say we're "partners in crime."
R: H-hey!
A: It's fine. I can stand on my own.
A: gentle.

A: What a gentle...lie that was.
A: You really are...a liar, after all...
A: Gentle words...are useless to me.

P: What happened!?
P: Um, I don't really know...
J: We've cleaned up, just in time. There's a shitload of police here.
J: Huh? How would I know?! Leave it to the HQ!
J: ...what's wrong? Clara?
C: ...I feel like it's going to rain.
J: Huh? With a starry sky like this?
Box: --Companions--

R: It was so easy
R: to deceive them.
R: But now I've realized--
R: They were all just lies to deceive myself...

Right side: Jinki Users are lonely warriors...when is it time for them to show their true selves..!?

*WE is on break until June.

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#1. by NFKira (Registered User)
Posted on Apr 20, 2008
Thanks for translation as allways!!!:tem
#2. by AfterMath (Registered User)
Posted on Apr 22, 2008

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