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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

World Embryo 33

World Embryo #33

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jul 27, 2008 15:00 | Go to World Embryo

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tl by molokidan

N: Puahh!
N: It's hooot~ I'm getting ooouut~
S: No, wait! We haven't finished yet!
N(bottom, pink): Ahh, papa!
S: Eh? Really?
N: Papa has been gone a long time!
S: Yeah, but he didn't have a choice. Today was his "job."

N: Welcome home, papa!
R(2b): Uwahh! Put on some clothes...wahhh, Shizuru-san?!
S: Wai....kyaaah!
S: Welcome home! How was your job?
R: Fine...
R: I'm sorry Neene...I'm really tired right now, so we'll play later.
N: Papa...
S: I wonder what's wrong...Ricchan...

Chapter 33 - Grandpa Returns

R: Don't misunderstand -- I just want to know.
R: What happened during my blackout?
T(2b): At 7:10 PM, the FLAG HQ's temporary server experienced a momentary system failure due to hacking by an unknown entity. During that period of time Transport #6 disappeared from our GPS. At 7:58 PM, it reappeared, but it had somehow already entered the battlefield at the north exit of Mitaka station.
T(2b): The death count from that battle, excluding those infected, was 8 people. One out of those 8 was a member of the FLAG Disposal Unit - the person who was driving Transport #6...

T: Disposal Unit members are professionals. While they may not possess Jinki, their ability to perform duties and make decisions could rival that of any army.
T: Your declaration that one of them was unprepared enough to get infected is something very hard for me to accept.
R(2b): "...I've explained it enough times already. It doesn't matter if you don't want to accept it, there is nothing more I can say. At the time, I was in a bit of a panic myself, so that's all I saw..."
T: This boy...it's incredibly hard to read his expressions...
T: Hmph.
T(2b): It seems that no matter how much longer we continue this, you won't remember anything else...you're free to go.
R: OK.
T(middle box): Motomura Kentarou.
T(2b): The name of the deceased Disposal Unit soldier. While he may not have been as critical a member as a Jinki User, his role was by no means a minor one.
T(2b): A member of the same team you work with to complete missions has just died. If you can only remember one thing, remember that.
R: ...OK.

R: There's no way I could have said it...
K: Neene
K: is the Queen of all Kanshu.
K: "She grows by absorbing human memories."
R: In other words, many more sacrifices are necessary in order to make Neene grow, correct?
R: The source of the infection told me to "kill Kanshu and suck up memories," but...
R: is that really all I need to do...?

R(2b): Wahhh...oww!
N: Pyaah! You surprised me...
N: Papa, it's boring being at home all the time~
N: Let's go play~! On the swings! The swiiings~
R: Haha...it's raining really hard outside.
R(2b): Go downstairs and watch TV with Shizuru-san. "Pakupon" will be on soon!

N: Pa...
R(2b): Also...can I say it to Neene? "You grow as a result of others' sacrifice"...
R: I can't tell anyone...not even Arisugawa...
R: She lost her memories.
R: How could I tell a person like that...that Neene grows by absorbing others'...
R: I haven't seen her at all since then...
R: She lives next door, yet she seems so far away...

R: Isn't that the same thing as a "companion?"
A: You really are...a liar, after all...
A: Gentle words...are useless to me.
A: The real liar...is me...
A: I hid the truth from everyone...even Takebe-san...
A: And then...I realized.
A: That's what the truth is...

A: "Don't recover your memories."
A(2b): But if I do...then what? ...sensei...

J: It's been a while since we had an inquiry meeting.
C: I know! There go all my plans for today...
H: Huh? Where's Riku?
H: He's the concerned party, I figured he'd be here already.
J: Geh! Man-to-man with the boss?
C: I suppose he'll really get a good scolding this time.
H: With the incident concerning the GPS interference, and the Kanshu going mad in town when they were supposed to be vulnerable to light, there are many mysterious topics at hand.
H: I have a ton of questions to ask Amami-kun.
J: Mysteries...? Seems easy enough to figure out to me.

J: He came in direct contact with the source of the infection. Take that into account, and it all makes sense.
K: Wh...what!?
J(2b): Huh? Didn't he report it to you? That's what he told me? I thought you'd already know about it? That the source of the infection suddenly appeared...
H: No I didn't!! What the hell are you guys talking about?!
J: We didn't know! You never send news to reserves like us, so...
H(2b): Amami-kun...? Fine. What did he look like?
J: He was wearing a hockey mask!
C: No he wasn't, bro! The mask looked like one a kitsune, one of those fox beasts!
H(2b): Hockey? Kitsune?
J(2b): Also...he was wearing a black suit. Yeah, that's right, like one of the guys at the HQ.
J: ? What's wrong, Hayato...
H: ...have you told this to anyone else...?
J: Eh? No...

H: This incident...don't tell the HQ about it.
H: There's something I need to check up on.
J: You telling us to put on an act during an inquiry? That's tough!
C: Don't worry, brother! Just let me do the talking.
C: Did you...figure something out?
C(2b): Direct contact with Amami-kun...black suit...
C: A fox mask...
H: They're just facts right now.
H: It seems like a stretch right now...but I have a hunch that there may be some connections...

S: Ah, OK...
S: Eh? Really!?
S(2b): Wow...so you'll be able to stay for a while, huh? OK, got it!
S: Alright, I'll be waiting!
sfx: pyuu!
R: Shizuru-san, who was that?
S: Daichi-san! He's at the airport right now.
R: Hmmm...
R: ...eh?
S: He's gotten his first vacation in a long time, so he's coming home!
R: ...Shizuru-san.
S: It's so sudden, as usual! I wonder if he remembers me asking him for a souvenir...
R: Shizuru-san!

TV: Take these Gospel Bullets!
(Note: It appears she's watching Chrno Crusade on TV.)
S: Ahhhhh! I forgot about Neene-chan!
N: Neh!?
R: You idiot!!
R: This is a problem...I haven't told him a thing about Neene...
S: Yeah, what should we dooooo~
R: Shizuru-san, calm down!
S: We can't try to hide her or anything. We'll just have to tell him everything...(of course)
S: Y-yeah...and we can't act weird or nervous...
R(2b): Neene, this way. Calm down and get ready to talk to him before he comes home...

G: I'm hoooome!
G: Hm?
S: Ahahahaha! Welcome home! You're really early, aren't you? (It hasn't even been 5 minutes!)
R: ...Shizuru-san...
G: The truth is, I called you from the taxi!
G: I just wanted to surprise you a little! Hahaha!
G: ...what are you doing?
S: N-nothing...
G: Alright. Here's your souvenir, I'll bring it into the living room.
S: Ahhhh, that way...

G(2b): Ahhh, it's so great being home again after so long. It's nice seeing things scattered all over like this. Say, where's Riku?
S: Oh, he must be at school~
G: On Saturday?
S: Ahhhh, hahaha! That's right!
N: ...papa...
N: Papa!
N: Pee-pee...
S: Well, come in and sit down, Daichi-san! Would you like some tea?
G: Haha, thanks. Coffee will be fine!
G: But before that, excuse me for a minute!
G: I had to hold it all the way through that taxi ride...

G: Riku...!? Youuuuuu---!!
S(black): aaaaaahhh...
G: I see.
G: I think I've gotten the jist of it now.

G: Well, is there anything you have to say?
S&R: We're very sorry for not telling you.
G: Wow...a child who looks just like Amane-kun that was born from a cocoon...(and has grown so much just over 3 months)
G: What an unscientific situation...
G: But with it right in front of my eyes like this, it's hard not to believe...
S: ...you sure are flexible~
G(2b): I'm quite disturbed, thank you! A development as shocking like this has dealt a severe blow to my mind...
G(2b): Ugahh!! What's with these ears?! This is something beyond a simple old discovery!!
G(3b): ...well, from an intellectual point of view, I'm quite interested, but...since you two have decided to "welcome her in as a part of the family" instead of looking at her as some kind of strange specimen, then I shall do the same...
S: Daichi-san...
D: ...In which case, I'd like to know about something else.

D: Riku...your perception.
D: You found her, correct? What do you plan to do from this point on?
R: My plan...? Well, raise her...of course.
D: Soft.
D(2b): I suspect that the only "family" where this girl can happily grow up is this one...since there is no other "family" who, after acknowledging her unusual origins, would continue to pour love onto her.
D: But it is there that I foresee a big problem.
D: Since she matures at a blinding speed, she will soon become older than anyone else. But in order for one to truly become an adult in this society, there exists a wealth of information for one to learn.
D: And she's going to have to learn it all in a shorter time span than anyone else.

D: The speed at which she will become an adult will leave her unable to share her time and experiences with anyone who would otherwise be of the same generation as herself.
D(2b): Even if she makes friends, she'll definitely grow up before them. No one will be able to follow her...and she'll go on with a feeling of loneliness forever.
R: ...what are you trying to say?
D: From this point on, support from her "family" alone will not be enough.
D(2b): In order for her to receive true happiness, this girl will require the acknowledgement and aid of society...definitely.
D(2b): And yet you intend to raise her quietly while hiding her from the eyes of the public? Like a child secretly keeping a kitten in his closet so his parents won't find out? So that she never sees the light of day again?
S: Daichi-san, is it really that big of a problem...
D: One person controlling the life of another -- isn't that a big problem?

D: Let me ask you again, Riku.
D: This house is too small a place to bring this girl happiness.
D: And yet, can you still honestly say that it's a good idea to welcome her into this place?
R: --Dad is...
R: the type of person that is hardest for me to get along with.
R: Half-assed logic will be rejected with unwaveringly correct opinions.
R(2b): He's implying that it'd be best for us to move Neene somewhere else. How should I argue back...? I don't know.

R: No...that's not all.
R: From that moment...I've been...
R: I've...
R: been afraid...
R: of Neene...
R(2b): ...you're right...I don't even know myself...Neene...
R: Maybe it isn't best...if she stays here...
S: Daichi-san!!
D: Shizuru-kun?
S: You're really being a bully today!!
S: I think there's something wrong with this whole questioning thing of yours!

S: It's only been three months...we have nothing to go off of, so it's not like we can just see what happens and determine what the best thing to do is.
S: But just because she's maturing quickly now doesn't mean it will continue...
D: ...you're right.
D: The more we question, the more we'll just confuse ourselves...
D: But Riku, think carefully. This isn't a matter where thinking too much is a bad thing.
R: ...yeah.
D: Well, how about some dinner, eh? I'm really hungry.
S: There isn't any! That's what happens when you come home unannounced!
D: Ehhh!?
D: Delivery, huh...what do you feel like?
S: Ah, I'm going to go wake up Neene-chan.
D: What's wrong, Shizuru-kun?
R: Huh? Where's Neene?
S: R-r-r-read this--!!

N: I'm going to become an independent woman! I'm going to travel!
N: She ran away!!!

N: It kinda itches...
N: ...papa...
R(2b): I don't even know myself...Neene...Maybe it isn't best...if she stays here...
N: Neene isn't wanted...
S: Come on,, if you don't learn to dress yourself soon, papa won't like you anymore!
S: Papa likes independent women, you know.
N: What does independent mean?
S: Uu...well it's kinda hard for me to define it just like that...hmmm...

S: Someone who can do anything by themselves...like traveling by yourself...?
Box: Not really trying
N: Neene's going traveling!
N: I'm going to become independent so papa will want me!
N: Adventure!
N: Adventure!
N(2b): It's the spring staage of liiiife!

N: Oh?
N: Ahhh...
N(2b): But it's alright! (Because I'm independent!)
N: Umbrella!!
N: Wapuh!
N: Ohhh!?
N: Oh-
N: Ohhh...

N: Ahhhhhhh!!
N: Fuehhh...

N: Achoo!
sfx: kyurururu
N: Independent...

A: ...Neene?
N: Mama...?

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