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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

World Embryo 34

World Embryo #34

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jul 27, 2008 15:01 | Go to World Embryo

-> RTS Page for World Embryo 34


tl by molokidan

S: ..it's no good, we can't find her. We've been searching for close to two hours now...
S: It's because of the rain...we can't find anyone who's seem her...
S: ...we'll have to go to the police...
R: No! How are we supposed to explain Neene to the police!?
R(2b): What dad said is really sticking in me right now...at times like this, our power alone just doesn't cut it at times like these.
S: Calm down, Ricchan. You're getting too worried!
S: Let's try to widen the area we're searching in a little.
R: ...alright.
sfx: pih

R: Now that I think about it, I can't come up with any places that Neene might go to...
R: She's always just been with Shizuru-san and I...
R: I...thought I was everything to Neene....
R: And that I understood everything about her...
R(2b): Why did she leave? Did she realize that I was avoiding her...? That's why she went off alone...
R: Haha...
R: The one alone...is me...

R: Just like that time.
R: I couldn't do anything alone...

Chapter 34 - BONDS

N: Yaaay, mama's house!
N: Mama's hoouuuuse!
A(2b): I'm in the middle of cleaning, don't go crazy! I'll bring you some clothes to change into...
A(2b): Hey, don't wander around so much! Ahhh, come on! Sit still!!
A: I wonder where they are...why isn't anyone home?
N: Neene's traveling all by herself! I'm not going home until it's over!
A: Traveling!?
A: Where are you going?
N: Fueh?
A: Any sort of travel has a goal point in mind, right? Are you walking there?

N: Huhhh?!
A: You didn't think about it, huh...
N: Yeah, why did Neene travel in the first place again...
N: I wanted to become an independent woman so papa would want me.
A: "Want you?"
N: Hey, mama...
N: Mama, do you live here alone?
A: ...that's right, this is my house.

Black text:
mama lives alone
| | equals
mama can do anything by herself
| | equals
independent woman
sfx: poku poku poku
sfx: chiiiin!
N: Mama, you're so cool!!
A: Eh!?
A(2b): Cool...huh? That's not true. The reason I live alone is to not get involved with others.
A: ...because I'm a Jinki User...
N: Jinki Users have to be alone?
A(2b): ...Jinki Users live outside the scope of memory...if a member of the public sees us Kensei, they get pulled over to our side...which gives birth to Lost Rebounds.
A: As long as I'm alone, that won't happen.
A: Which isn't to say I'm lonely. I'm fine...

N: People who are fine...don't make that kind of face...?
A: ....! ...Well...you certainly saw through me...
A: Looks like I can't hide anything from you.
cell phone sfx: bububu bububu
A: Who is it...

sfx: purururu purururu
R: I guess it's no use...after what happened...
sfx: gacha...
R: A-Arisugawa!?
R: Um...er...it's...Amami Riku.
A: ...what is it?
R: ...I'm sorry...don't hang up...just listen to me.

R: Neene disappeared.
R: I don't know where she went.
R: ...I'm begging you! Can you please help me search for her...?
Neene(black text): Neene isn't here! Isn't here!
A: ...you still have the nerve to ask me for help after what happened...?
R: Uu...ahh...well, yeah...
R: ...I know it's selfish.
R: I know that us being partners is just a formality...and you can't trust me.

R: And yet...you're the only one I have to talk to.
R: The "world" to Neene is just me, Shizuru-san..and you.

N: Mama...?
small sfx: kusu...
N: Ahhhh! Mama smiled!
A: H-hey! I thought we were keeping it a secret!?
R(2b): Eh...Neene? ...ehh!?

?: ...really?
?: OK...OK!
S: We found Neene-chan!
G: Oh! Great!
S: Our next-door neighbor found her.
G: Riku's classmate, right? We'll have to thank her.
S: ...preparation...is that something one gets immediately?
D: ...Shizuru-kun?
S: The incident with Neene-chan...I don't think we were prepared for it...
S: But I think perception is something that one gets with time...

S: Ricchan...he was a little scary before...even when he smiled, you could tell that there were no emotions underneath.
S: But...when Neene-chan came...he's slowly begun to change.
S(2b): Neene-chan isn't Amane-chan. But I think she can become a new member of our family.
S: The days that Neene-chan has been here have helped to close the distance between Ricchan and I.
S: And...as these days pile up, I think that...family bonds are being created...
D: Shizuru...

R: If you found her, why didn't you tell me sooner?!
A: W-well what were you doing leaving her all alone like that?!
N: Ne!?
R: She just disappeared all of a sudden, how was I supposed to know?!
A: You want to start arguing again, huh?! You really are...
N: Uuuuu~
N: Papa! Mama! Stop having a lovers' spat!
R&A: We aren't lovers!!

A: ...come over here for a second.
R: Wh-what?
Neene's words: Tea? Sweets!?
A: Neene, I'm going to go make tea, so just sit quietly.
N: Ne!
R: What kind of sweets do you have?
A: There are cookies in that box over there.
A: That kid...she said she wanted you to "want her."
A: You didn't tell her something like "I don't want you," did you!?
R: That's...
A: ...so your dad came home...
R: Yeah...
A: And...he was against keeping Neene?

R: I dunno..he just thought it'd be difficult for us to raise her at home...
A: You've got no fighting spirit...what happened to your preparedness from back then?
A: They couldn't force you to stop back then. That day, you were truly prepared.
R: It doesn't matter.
R(2b): If you try to take Neene away from me...I won't falter.
R: I can't say it.
R: Neene is the Queen.
R: The Queen of Kanshu, who absorbs memories.
R: To a Lost Rebound like you...who's lost hers...
R: I'm fine...but this has become a problem for my family.
R: I just don't know if it's right...to pull Shizuru-san and my father into this...
A: ...family...

R: This is awkward...
R: There are pictures...here?
R: Did you...take these?
A: I didn't take them.
A: But...these are my "memories."
R: Memories...
R: Uh oh...I stepped on a land mine!
R: Uhh, if you don't want to say it, It's fine!
A: ...it doesn't matter. I "owe" you.
R: ? What does she owe me?
A: I'll tell you...a little...

A: I don't have any memories...prior to this incident...
A(2b): After becoming a Lost Rebound, my ego had been stripped away to that of a child who had barely been born...something like that.
A: No memories of family, friends, nothing...
A: That was where "I" began.
A: But...there was one person at my side.
A: Someone who was like family to me...no, that person was everything to me.

A: I traveled around different places with that person.
A: Walking, standing still...
A: Walking some more, stopping at taking pictures...
A: Those days of walking one step after another are what created "me"...
A: This world...the me of that time didn't think of it as my ally.
A: But children can grow up in any kind of environment...just like I did.

A: What's important is what Neene wants to do...and how her family handles it...right?
A: If Neene's "world" is you...then don't abandon that...
R: Arisugawa...
A: Ahh...don't misunderstand! I just said it because NEene considers me a part of her "world."
A: Now I don't owe you anything!
R: Ehh? But why did you owe me anything in the first place?
R: Isn't that the same thing as a "companion?"
A: What a gentle...lie that was.
A: I knew it wasn't a lie...
A: ....no reason.
R: Huh!? That doesn't make any sense!
A: A-anyway, I've returned it, so that's that!
N: ..papa!

N: My tooth fell out...
A: What's wrong?! Are you alright?! Did it break?!
A: Amami Riku! What are you doing?! Hurry up and...
R: Neene, open your mouth.
N: Fueh?
R: I thought so...
R: Your baby teeth are falling out, and your permanent ones are...

R: That's it...
R: That's it!
R: This child will continue to grow.
R: Even if she doesn't absorb the memories of others.
R: It may be slower, but she's definitely grow little by little...
R: Just like...a human child!

R: If I haven't understood her so far, then I'll just have to start to from now on.
R: And once we know each other, we'll be able to figure out what to do together.
N: Thanks...mama...
A: Wha...
A: I don't want to hear that from you!!
R: Neene, hold on to your tooth and follow me.
N: Ne?

S: ...eh?
D: Ah...it seems that there's a misunderstanding here, so how about I say it again?
D: I'm totally for raising Neene in the home, you know.
S: Ehhh?!
S: But what about your protests!?
D: Just considering her unusual characteristics, any other option would leave her unhappy, I think.
D: That's why I think the problem we need to think about now is how to raise her in society.
D: It's just that I could tell he wasn't even prepared for the steps leading up to that option.
S: Ah...

S: But that's...oh! You really are a bully, Daichi-san!
D(2b): It's important to think about every possibility. And if he lets someone like me argue him down, then in the future...
D: It looks like he'll be able to make it, though.
S: Eh?

N: How's that, papa?
N: That's it, you threw it right onto the roof!
R: I learned that from Amane-nee...
N: So is Neene an independent woman now?
R: No way, dummy! You're still a kid!
R: But...that's one step.
N: Yeah!

D: Now then, I wonder what kind of things my idiot son will tell us now?
S: ...Daichi-san, you're having fun, aren't you?
S: I haven't done a very good job of communicating with him so far, so this is the only way I can do it now!
R: Father...

R: Father...I want to talk to you.
R: About Neene!
S: What's this called again...
S: Like father, like son~

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