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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

World Embryo 35

World Embryo #35

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jul 27, 2008 15:02 | Go to World Embryo

-> RTS Page for World Embryo 35


tl by molokidan

?: Pff! Don't they sell Mello Yello there?
?: Well then you'll have to go look for some, I guess. It shouldn't take too long.
?: Don't call until you find it, alright? Get 7 Colas too. Dash!
G: Ahahaha, poor thing!
sfx: jyaka jyaka jyaka
?: It's fine. We humiliated him in class so he'll do what we tell him... Ugeh!
?: Oh? Is he ready to give up?
?: Hey, what are you, stupid? I thought I told you...

?: Sorry I'm late...
?: Huh?
?: ...they aren't here...
?: Dammit! Again?!
?: They must have gone to the usual place...I guess. (It's not like the last train came or anything)
?: If I go now I can probably make it...
?: But then...what?
?(2b): Being with those idiots won't do anything. They're just little shits in a huge world full of shit.

?: I want to break through it...
sfx: jaka jaka
?: ...Shuu-kun? ...what is it, all of a sudden?
sfx: jaka jaka
?: I'm almost there...
sfx: jaka jaka jaka

?: ...Shuu-kun?

Chapter 35 - Break Through!

?: There are certainly a lot Kanshu appeared in 4 places all at the same time.
?(2b): The HQ is still short on people, so they've called us out seems like Joe and Clara are on their way too.
S: Sorry for bothering you two while you're on vacation...
A: We don't mind at all...hey! Wake up!!
R: Nnnaa!?
R: Gimme a's 3 in the's even harder for me to get out now that my dad's home...
D: Huh? Where are you going?
R: "Uhhh...just to the convenience store..."
S: Oh, that's right. We don't want you doing that anymore~

S: Bringing Nene-chan with you all the time...
S: Clara-san told me about it..."the newcomer doesn't seem focused enough!"
S: If you let me know, I'll take care of her ahead of time for you~
R: This child will continue to grow.
R: Even if she doesn't absorb others' memories...
R: Just like a human child!
R: Alright...
R: I won't bring her anymore.

S: ...Fufu!
S: We don't have to worry about you at all, do we, Riku-san?
S(2b): It's been three months since you joined, right? You can tell jokes all the way up to the scene of the action, but then once you get there, you're able to take on a completely different face, aren't you?
S: You've really taken on the face of a Jinki User...
S: Suzu here's seen many come and I know!
R: ...I see...
A: ...There is only one Kanshu signal coming from here, but the downtown area is close, and with all the shut-up shops around here, there are lots of hiding places.
A: Let's wait for Joe-senpai.

R: Is this the time for that?! Let's circle around it from both ends and trap it in a pincer attack!
A: Wha...
A: Wait! Don't just move out on your own!
R: We want to destroy it before there are any sacrifices, right?!
R: There is only one!
R: Let's just hurry up and get rid of it!
A: Kuh...! Who said you could decide...
Big text: --3 Months Later--
A: It's just as Suzu-san said...he's really come along.
A(3b): That little speck of experience he had has swelled up over time. And over these 3 months...he hasn't ever lost against a mere lone Kanshu...however...

A: Have you noticed...?
A: Amami Riku...
A: Your Jinki is...
sfx(all): Haah

sfx: Zehh!! (x2)
?: What the hell?
?: What the hell?!
sfx: hahh (x2)
?(2b): What the that?!
sfx: jaka jaka
sfx: jaka jaka
?: Hiiee.....

R: It's...over.

?: Ah...hiahh...
?: Ahhh...
R: Don't worry. I saved you.
R: Here, can you stand?
?: Su...Suraga...?
R: Th-this is bad! I have to get out of here so he forgets!
?: Ah...?
?: ....Riku?
?: You're...Amami Riku...?

Faded-out bubble: Out of my way.
R: Kazama...Tougo.
T(2b): that really you, Riku? What are you doing!?
R:, this is...
T: M-more importantly, monster's
R: C-calm down, Tougo. The Kanshu's been...
T: No!! The "Monster!"

T: There he is!!!

R: ...Takao...!

T: Shit...shit!
T: You gotta run, Riku!
R: Get back, Tougo!
T: ...Riku?
R(2b): Whether it's good luck or bad, I figured I'd meet up with you again sooner or later.
R(2b): I've got a bunch of questions for you. Tell me...about the Coffin Princess.
M: ....the host...?
M: You don't have her with you today...dammit.
M: Move're in my way.

R: Don't look down on me! I'm different than I was before!!
R(2b): I've fought many times since then! I've trained myself for countless hours!
R: The me standing before you is different from that powerless person!
R: I've changed since...

R: then...
T: Ri...Rikuuuuuu!!
M: You're in my way...
M: Be still.

R: Wha...what's going on!?
M: I cut your don't move for a while.
R: Where's his CAGE!? Why wasn't I able to see anything?!
M: If you aren't the host, then all this work...
M: The recovery comes later.
M: Your opponent will deal with you after you've been healed.
T: Ah...ahhhh!
R: Monster...

M: You've caused me a lot of trouble...
T: I'm scared....
T: Really scared!
M: But now I can hurry up and proceed with the recovery...
T: Is this how it's gonna end for me?
T: My life...
T: When did it all start going wrong?
T: The rumors that happened before I transfered...those silent faces mocking me...
T: And then the decisions about the indemnity exhausting my mother...
T: The transfer...the fire two years ago...
T: Big brother...

R: What are you doing, Tougo?! Run!!
R(2b): Don't be afraid! Run! DASH!!
T: Riku...
T: Shit! Shit! Shit!!
T: I don't wanna...
Big scream: GODDAMMITT!!
T: hear that from you!!!

T: Break through!
T: Break through!
T: Break through!
T: This shitty world...
T: Break through it!!!

T: ....huh?

Next Chapter: 7/30

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#1. by F4LL4NR04D (Registered User)
Posted on Jul 27, 2008
thnx tons
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