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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

World Embryo 46

Tonight, Right Here

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 5, 2009 08:34 | Go to World Embryo

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tl by molokidan

H(2b): Karasawa Shirou, the ex...er, original Director of F.L.A.G....he first started as an antibody preserver at NEFT, eventually coming across the existence of Jinki Users through his research and going on to create F.L.A.G...
H: Two years ago, he died in the "Jinki Hunter Incidents," a string of Jinki User slayings...
H: That's what the official report is, anyway. I myself attended his funeral.
H: But I suppose that isn't the truth, now is it?
?: ...the real truth is still unclear, even now...
K: Did you find him?!
M: Just more bodies...shit, even Sugita's down...!!
M: Squad Leader! More Kanshu signals!!

K: There he is!!
S: W...wait! Kanzaki...!
S: It's me...!!
K: When we found him, Director Karasawa was still in control of himself.
K: We hurried and delivered him to F.L.A.G...there, thorough investigations as to the source of his ailments and treatment tests began, but they soon came to a halt.
K(2b): Director Karasawa apparently had suffered some sort of memory loss, and did not know who was after him or why he had transformed into a Kanshu. Soon, 72 hours passed without any sort of progress being made.
K: Director Karasawa eventually lost all control of himself, broke free from his bonds, and escaped.

K: That was what started the mass outbreaks of Kanshu two years ago.
T: Karasawa...kun...is that you?
R: You know this guy...?!
R: He's the Source of Infection!!

Chapter 46 - Tonight, Right Here
T: Karasawa-kun...is the Source of Infection?!
Left text: Is he...really...the source...of everything...?!

K: My, my...it's not exactly a full cast...haha...
K: But I'm surprised to see just how many of the actors have gathered here.
K: Aren't you? "Mishima Takao"-kun.
K: Two years...is it? Yes, it's been two years...it's quite impressing that a "serial killer" like yourself has been able to escape for so long.
K: It'd probably...be easier if you just let yourself get captured, though...
T: ...why...no, there's no point in asking now.
T: There's nothing more I want to hear from you.

T: I just want to peel you off from this plane as quickly as possible.
T: Otherwise...I think I might really go insane.
R: Takao...
R(2b): There's a million things I want to ask you. But right now...what I need to do is...
R: ...Neene?
R: What's wrong, Neene?!

K: Sssh! Quiet now, Amami-kun.
K: She's in the middle of a conversation right now.
N: ...mmm...
N: I've been hearing it for so long now.
N: But it's clearer than before.
N: That's it...this song...
N: It's you, isn't it?

R: Wait...! What are you trying to do to Neene?!
T: You dumbass!! The resonance has to be stopped!!!

R: Wha...
R: I told you to be quiet, didn't I...?
R: Ah well.
R: Gah...
R: Ggh...ggggh.
R: ...what is this?

R: Black...Kanshu...?
T: "Kamogari"...! (*Unburied Coffins)

K: I know what you're after, Takao...you're trying to catch the Kanshu I control to find out my location, aren't you?
K(2b): I'm afraid things won't be that easy, though...these three are vintage Kanshu from the original infection 7 years ago. I'm sure you can imagine just how different a level they're on...
T: 7 years...
T: Hah!
T: Just what I've been waiting for...!

G: Please come here, Satomi-san...do you know what this is?
S: It's...
S: Amami-kun's Kensei signal!
S: He's...at the Kazama Hospital?!
S(2b): Who found him? Whose seat is this? Only a Jinki User in Kensei mode is supposed to be able to detect him...
G: That's the thing...just now...

J: Hey, Tougo!
J: What's wrong? You don't look so good!
T: Joe! Clara?! Why...
J: We're trying to find the kid, but we don't know where he went, so we came to interrogate Sakomizu!
C: I just want to see big bro's fist come in contact with someone <3
T: .....no, the HQ doesn't know either. Sakomizu-san will just be irrational as usual...
C: Do you know where he is, then?!
T: Yeah...
T: He's in a place I know QUITE well...

T: Guh...
T: So hard...!
T: Even if I counterbalance its CAGE, I still can't make a scratch...!
sfx: chah
T(2b): Should I use it...? ...no.

T: It has long-range capabilities, too...
K(2b): Now then, I suppose I'll just leave Takao-kun with them and head out now. Neene and Amami-kun, you'll be coming with me.
R: Kuh...no I'm not...!
K: Now, now, don't say that.
T: Karasawa-kun!!

K: ...hi there, Sawako-san.
T: Is it...
T: Is it really you, Karawasa-kun?
K: Yes...it's me.
K: Did you think I died? What am I saying...of course you did.
K: My disguise was perfect, after all. I believe it would have been a rather difficult task to arrive at the truth from that.
K(2b): You know, though...while I'm really proud on you for carrying on F.L.A.G. in my wake, you think you could possibly do it with a little more panache? You're being way too clumsy.
K: But I guess since you came from the management sector, you're not exactly suited toward this sort of thing.

T: You really...are the Source of Infection, aren't you...
K: Yes, I am. (Not exactly, though.)
K: Well, see ya!
T: Why?! Why would you do such a thing?!
T: What did you create F.L.A.G. for, then?!
T: Why did you work so hard to gather up Jinki Users?! Where did that mad determination you had then come from?!
T: I don't understand!
T: Was it all a lie...?
T: I listened to your heart...to your feelings...

T: Kya...
T: Uuu...

T: Hiiee...
T: Nooo...
T: Noooooooo!!
S: ...haha. So you really don't get it.
T: Help me, Karasawa-kun!
T: Karasawa-kun!
S: You really don't get it...
S: I've been your enemy from the very beginning.
S: F.L.A.G., Jinki Users, Kanshu, everything...they're all tools I've been utilizing since the very beginning.
T: Wh-what?! Why would you do such a thing...?!

S: Hahaha! Why so many questions? Think about things on your own for once!
S: It's because you are the way you are that I was forced to create F.L.A.G.!
T: Hiiee!
T: Nooo!
T: Nooooo!
S: After dying and finally becoming a Kanshu, I was able to lead them and continue my search.
S: ...don't you get it already? Living a mediocre, normal life like you do is the same as living in disgrace!
S: I've thoroughly enjoyed watching you crawl around with that vacuous mind of yours, gradually rotting and dismantling through your own foolishness...you stupid fucking bitch!!

T: Kuh...

T: ...what are you doing?
R(2b): ...there are some things I need to ask you. I don't want you dying before I can get any answers.
R: I also wanted to ask you...
R: why you haven't put crushing that guy at the top of your priority list...?
T: ...hmph.

sfx: haaah
S: They're preparing to fly a very troublesome flag here...
S: ...I guess I'll have to change the rules a bit...
S: Amami-kun...one of your questions to Takao-kun...
S: would it happen to concern Agatsuma Yui-san?
R: How do you...?!
S: Ahh, I know all about her.

S: She's dead.
R: Wha...
S: You can ask Takao-kun the details.
S(2b): She died from getting too wrapped up in things. It wouldn't be too much to say that he was her murderer, in fact.
R: ...is that true, Takao...?
R: Hey...
T(thoughts): I don't lie.
R: Hey!

T: No matter what the case,
T: Yeah...
T: I will not bend the truth.

S: ...Now then, finished talking?
S: Shall we be off, Neene?
S: To Ende...

R: That's...

Next: Sept. 30

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