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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Full Metal Panic! Sigma 18

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Oct 15, 2009 05:25 | Go to Full Metal Panic! Sigma

-> RTS Page for Full Metal Panic! Sigma 18

Commissioned by GGpX.


tl by molokidan

M: Leonard Testarossa...
M(2b): A member of <Amalgam>, Tessa's older brother, Leonard...what is he doing in Chidori's room?!
M(2b): Slowly lower both hands and stand. If you fail to comply with my orders...

L: You'll shoot me, right?
L: What do you say we skip the diplomacy we're both so used to? I don't want to have to say the same thing to you.
M: What do you mean?
L: Exactly what I said.
sfx: *sway*...
M: ...that's!!

S: the super-compact life-sized AS, <Alastor>!!
sfx: whirr
L: You think you can shoot me between the eyes before I move, don't you?
L: I'm afraid that's impossible, Sagara Sousuke-kun.
L: No matter how great an assassin you may appear...

sfx: bababam
sfx: bssht! bssht!

sfx: whizz x2
sfx: krak krak krak
S: That black coat...it's like an "active" bulletproof suit...?
S: Maybe if I had something stronger than a Glock...would a rifle work? No, maybe a hand grenade...
?: Sousuke!!

C: Stop this!! That's Tessa's big brother!!
S: ...why?
C: I don't know what you want, but would you mind please getting out of my room?!
S: This man is our enemy. What's wrong with shooting him?
L(2b): Tonight I merely came to talk. Now if you don't mind, would you care to quiet down that little guard dog of yours?
S: You can decide for yourself if I'm really a little guard dog or not after this next shot.
C: Stop it, Sousuke!!
L(2b): I won't tell you to drop your weapon. I just want you to listen to me.
C: Sousuke...
S: Why...?

S: Why am I being scolded?!
S: ...let me go.
L: My request is simple.
L: Chidori Kaname-san, will you please throw away your life here and come with me?
C: ...what'd you say?
L(3b): In return, I will promise you a life of affluence and relative freedom. I have already prepared an establishment capable of fulfilling your intellectual interests. It's the most free you will ever be.

C(2b): I don't get what you're saying. Are you trying to make fun of me?
L: Fine, I will explain it all in a bit more detail.
L: My organization has just recently gotten serious.
L(2b): Mithril's really been working too hard lately -- especially Tessa's Western Pacific Battle Group.
L: 7 <Codarl>s, 1 <Behemoth>,
L(2b): 13 <Alastor>s, and 12 stolen <Mistral II>s...all of them ours, of course.

L: Such effort was ill devised.
L: Until now, our organization hadn't put serious consideration into the existence of <Mithril>, but there has now appeared a moderate necessity to nip off its branches.
S: Branches...?
L: You understand, don't you?
L: Your submarine, the <TDD-I>, and that white AS.
L: It would be the...<ARX-7>, correct?
S: I'm not required to answer you.
L(2b): ...how unfortunate. It doesn't look like we'll be able to become friends.
S: If you only intend on wasting our time with trivial jokes, I'm going to have to cut this discussion off.
L(2b): Fine. That's that, I suppose. Ideally, I wanted her exit to happen in a different fashion...

L: But the time to be talking about things like "exit" and "defense" has passed.
L(2b): I will now crush my enemy, and snatch away Job.
S: Job...?
L: Her codename. You needn't worry yourself about it.
C: You mean you're going to defeat <Mithril> and kidnap me?
L: Our organization intends to seize you, even if it means taking violent measures to do so.
L: I dislike bloodshed, however, so I came here to invite you myself.
C: You came to try and convince me before something serious happens...?

L: Yes, because I've taken a liking to you.
L: Come...
S: You're sure full of yourself...
S: Son of a...!

sfx: chack
C: Wait, Sousuke!
S: Why?
C: Just wait a minute!!
C: ...I get it, I get it, thanks for being so nice and cordial.
C: But I have school, you know, and I also happen to like my life here.
C: More importantly, however, I've have to be out of my mind to go along with someone like you!!
C(2b): I've said this over and over again, but I'll just have to say it once more: I despise you!! Now get out of here at once!!
S: Chidori...?

L(2b): How cold...are you stil mad over THAT? I thought you said you'd forgive me.
C(2b): Didn't you hear me?! Disappear!!
S(2b): What's he talking about? THAT? Forgive? What's going on here?!
L: Why don't you just accept things already?
sfx: bssh
L: You are one of the chosen ones, already a human possessing a level intelligence greater than any genius.
L: And yet, all people ever think about is using flattery to take advantage of us.

C: ...stop this.
L(2b): You must have realized it by now...how vacuous and foolish all the people around you are.
L: Everything right down to the evil of the way their blood circulates irritates you, doesn't it?
C: Get out!!
L: In that case, I will. I've already warned you, after all.
sfx: bzzt
L(2b): Oh, that's right. I just saw news on TV about the arrest of the criminal who committed that mass murder in England...he apparently killed 35, Sagara-kun.
S: So what?

L: After some simple investigating, I found out that you've killed at least 100, easily three times that amount.
C: Tss...!!
L: And yet you're still liked by so many people. Why, I wonder...?
L: Even by her...
sfx: click
sfx: clack
S: It's alright now, Chidori.

S: Chidori...?
sfx: *quiver*

C(2b): S...sorry, it's fine. There's no reason to worry about anything that comes out of the mouth of a guy like that.
S: Yeah...
B: Merida Island
?: ...and so, I think it would be safest to send Chidori Kaname over to you immediately.
O(2b): Understood, but wait until tomorrow morning. We'll send a transport helicopter out by then.
?: Tomorrow morning?!

S: Please use the designated route and send one out sooner.
S: Considering that the enemy could break through our guard at any time now...
?: That is exactly why we're doing this, Sergeant. We should assume that our escape plan has been completely seen through.
S: Ah...
?(2b): You're part of the SRT too, aren't you? You should be properly equipped for these types of situations. Use whatever you can. That is all.
S: Understood, I will do my best.
F: I had a feeling something like this would happen...
?: I understand, Captain.
?: These measures, however, have been taken under respect to Chidori Kaname's wishes.
F(2b): Brother is really trying to possess Kaname-san...and not just her body, but her heart as well. This isn't fleeting passion...I can feel something deeper, darker lurking here...
F: ...I doubt he'll allow them to run away so easily like that...

F: Let's send <Arbalest> out as well.
?: If all we need to do is secretly pick the two of them up, shouldn't a helicopter be enough?
F(2b): There's a possibility the enemy might have their <Codarl> ready. It won't hurt to be extra-prepared.
?: ...understood.
F(2b): ...Sagara-san said "the enemy's gotten serious," didn't he? Does that mean it's safe for us to assume they're getting a bit hasty?
?: I'm not sure. But we've done more than enough by now to warrant their irritation.
F: Indeed. However...
F: I do not believe this incident is all our enemy has planned.

Box: Sidney - <Mithril> HQ - Argyros
E: Good morning, sir.
S: Morning, Captain. Today's a hot one too, I see.
S: We have about 80% confirmation so far.
S(2b): Amit's been acting strange lately. Add that into your report to the intelligence department.
E: Could General Amit be...?
S: I'm not sure. Lord Mallory is up to his usual as well, so it may soon be time for us to move out here.
S(2b): Things are going to get busy, Captain. The enemy's chain of command is entirely different from what we're used to, you know.
S: Normal information networks and arms systems are useless against <Amalgam>.
S: Things may end up going exactly the way Tessa said they would...

Box: Choufu City,Tokyo - Plant Garden parking Lot - 7:46 AM
S(2b): The possibility of thorough tracking is out of the question, so we should be safe for now.
S: I didn't have any intention of counting on <Wraith> for this...but I assume that at the time of Leonard's invasion, she was rendered powerless.
C: Mmm...
sfx: stir...
C: fuaahh...
C: What time is it...?

S: Just a little until eight. Did you get some sleep?
C: Yeah...I want to take a bath...
S(2b): Forget about it. More importantly, have some breakfast.
C: Wha...
S(2b): There is milk and vegetable juice in the bag at your feet. Drink up, this may become a battle of stamina.
C: ...but they're going to send a helicopter for us, right?
S: They should, but you never know...
S: The helicopter should come down right in this parking lot.
C: Hey, I'm going to change real quick, so don't look back here, alright?
S: Only ten minutes left...as long as there are no movements, everything should be fine...
S: Understood.
sfx: greeh
C: ...hmmm, this is a problem.
C: I didn't really bring that many extra clothes, and I'm worried about my hamster's food...

C: When will we be back?
S(2b): That's....well...
S: Come back? To everything...?
S: I think that's become impossible now, Chidori.
C: ...what?
S: <Amalgam> has gotten serious.
S: There is no longer any place for you to return to in this town.
S: Chidori...

S: Throw away everything, and...
C: Eh...what?
C: I didn't hear you.
S: run away with me.

L: You've at least killed over 100.
S: That's right. My hands are too dirtied with blood.
S(2b): For the past nine months, I've tried my hardest to lead a normal life as a high schooler, in a peaceful town, but...

S(2b): Nothing's changed. To Chidori, I'm a murderous monster.
S(2b): No...nothing.
C: ...oh.
sfx: chirp chirp chirp
C: ...it's quiet.

C: Hey, can I turn on the radio?
S: Sure, but keep it quiet.
sfx: bzzz
R(2b): We have just received a special report. According to AP Communications, at 7:00 AM Japan time this morning, an explosion along with flames erupted from around the 25th floor of a building in Sydney.
R: The building in question is <Argyros>, the headquarters of a defense company--
C: What is this...
sfx: bzzzzz
sfx: bzz
R: Whether this was an accident or a terrorist attack remains unclear.
S: Aerial bombing?! On the <Mithril> HQ...
S: Merida Island...
?: Yes, this is the command center.
sfx: bzzz
S: What's the situation?
?(2b): We're not sure. Communications are down with the HQ, along with the center and southern fleets...
sfx: bzzzz
sfx: bzz bzzzz

sfx: bzz
sfx: bzz bzzzz
?(2b): Five minutes ago, we received a report of a number of cruiser missiles heading for the Indian Ocean Fleet base. Now transferring Uruz-7 over to Lieutenant Clouzot.
sfx: bzzbzz
S: Understood.
C(2b): It's me, Sergeant. It may be hard to believe, but it appears this is a widespread attack. Merida Island has also gone into warning mode.
C: You need to unite with Gebo 9 at point Romeo 13 and wait for further instructions.
S(2b): Romeo 13...the private land on Ogasawara Archipelago...
sfx: bzzbzz
C(2b): Got it, Sergeant? Protect <Arbalest> and <Angel> with your life. Over and out.
sfx: bzzzzz
S: Understood, you be careful over there too.
C: What's going on?
S(2b): We will no longer be going to Merida Island. It's in danger now.
sfx: beep
C: Danger...what do you mean?
S: This is Uruz-7. Requesting Gebo 9's LZ.

sfx: bzzz
C: Gebo-9 is currently in flight over Atsugi.
sfx: bzzbzz
sfx: whizzzz
?: ETA: 5 minutes. Now requesting your LZ.
S: Understood. Uruz-7's LZ is...
S(2b): ...to Gebo 9: Uruz-7 is currently surrounded. There are at least 5 <Alastors> and...at least 8 soldiers armed with assault rifles.
sfx: bzbzbzzzz
?: Shit, what?! So not just Merida Island, but over there as well...
sfx: bzbzz

S: Please hurry, we're counting on you.
?: ...can we really take them? It'll be at least 1 vs 13 -- no, more than that!
sfx: kachik
sfx: bzzbzzbzzzz
sfx: bzzzz
?: Gebo-9, understood. Try to hold out over there, Sousuke!!
?(2b): It's pretty much impossible -- but there's no other choice.
C: Sousuke...?
S: I'm sorry, Chidori.
S: This is going to be a long 5 minutes...!

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