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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Full Metal Panic! Sigma 19

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Oct 15, 2009 05:27 | Go to Full Metal Panic! Sigma

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tl by molokidan

S: Looks like this will be a long five minutes.
C: Eh...?
S: Lie down on the seat.
S: Don't sit up, no matter what.
C: Wait, what's...
S(2b): Didn't you hear me? The enemy's here. We're escaping.
sfx: krrrrr

sfx: bambambambam
sfx: blamblamblamblam
C: Kyaaah....!!
small sfx: ga-chack
sfx: craaaash
sfx: bang
sfx: vroooooom
sfx: screeeech

sfx: gachak
sfx: gacha-gachak
sfx: bambambam
sfx: vrooooooom
sfx: bambambambambam
sfx: vroooooooooooom
sfx: stomp
sfx: stomp
C: Sousuke, they're...
S: Get your head down!!
sfx: boom boom boom boom

sfx: screeeeeech
small sfx: bzzt
sfx: bam
sfx: thwack
sfx: screeeeech
sfx: craaash
sfx: ka-chak

sfx: bam
C: Sousuke!!
S: Kuh...
sfx: boom
small sfx: grip
sfx: kreeeeeeeen
sfx: vrooooom
sfx: bzzt

sfx: bong
sfx: vroooom
C: Sousuke, your arm...!!
S: I can still move it, I'm fine.
sfx: vroooooooooom

W: Kyaaaaaaaah!!
sfx: screeeeeech
C: Sousuke!!
S: If we stop, we'll be killed!!
sfx: vrooooooom
sfx: bambambambambam
sfx: vroooooom
sfx: krak krak krak

C: Sh-should I shoot back?
S: No!!
sfx: bam!
S: Don't touch the gun.
S: Chidori is different from me.
S: ...I can't allow her to become the same...

Box: At the same time - At Merida Island
W(2b): This isn't your typical radio intereference. It's a phenomenon that's happening worldwide.
W(2b): Most of our surveillance satellites have been rendered useless, and the American army's satellites have taken severe damage as well.
F: Solar winds...
F: on an unbelievable scale.
C: Usually, during situations like these, wars would be temporarily postponed...
C: In this case, however, our enemy might have been waiting for this very thing to happen...
C: What do you think, Lieutenant Commander?
L: Yes...
L: ...I'm not sure. All we can do now is stay on guard...
?: Captain!!

?: They're here!! High-speed cruiser missiles!!
?: 8 missiles 70 miles away, with an projected impact of mach 6.3...
F: We have 65 seconds!! Shoot them down!!
sfx: beeeeeep
F: Sound Alarm #1!!
?(2b): Warning: there are currently several high-speed missiles closing in on the HQ. All units present are requested to drop their work and seek refuge in the lower levels.
M: Hurry up and escape!!
M(2b): This is not a drill!! Leave behind crafts on the runway, it doesn't matter!!
sfx: beep beep beep
M(2b): We have successfully shot down three missiles!! The remainder are still closing in!!
M: We have just located the enemy's second wave!!
M: 9 to 12 missiles!!

F: Shoot them down with anything you can!!
M: Understood!! We have shot off #6 to #9 with BOL!!
*BOL= A one-way missile mode.
M: O...only five more seconds until the first wave hits...
F: Calm down.
F: If it was a nuclear weapon, we would be wiped out in an instant.

sfx: BOOM
M: At the same time - Choufu City
sfx: vrooooom
sfx: blamblamblam

sfx: blamblamblam
sfx: gachunk gachunk
sfx: vrooooooom
sfx: splurt
sfx: screeeeeech
sfx: bam
S: Kuh...
sfx: screeeech
S: .....ghh!!

sfx: bam
sfx: cluuuuunk
sfx: skriiiiiitch
sfx: shoooooo...

S: Chidori, are you alright...?
sfx: ga-thunk
sfX: shoooo...
S: Chidori...?
C: Mmm...
S: Chidori?!
M: Kuh...
sfx: ga-thunk
sfx: gachik

sfx: bambambam!
P: Kyaaaaaah!!
P: Uwaaaaahhh!
sfx: splat
M: Is this the police?! There's been a murder!! A man was shot after an accident!!
P: Waaaahhhh!
M: ...yes, they're still at the intersection...
P: There's the murderer!!
S: Hang in there.
C: I'm...never riding in a car with you again...
S: Reinforcements will be here soon. Can you run?
C: I have no choice, do I?
S: Affirmative.

S: Uruz-7 to Gebo-9. Can you hear me?
sfx: bambam
G(2b): This is Gebo-9, I can't hear you. Give me your current position.
sfx: bambaam
G: Repeat, give me your current position...
S: LZ is no good anymore. Pick us up at the park 3km from here.
sfx: haa, haa
sfx: bambambaaaaaam
G: Give me...
S: Dammit!!
sfx: clunk
C: Wait...my ankle hurts.
S: Bear it!!
C: Kyaah!!
sfx: bambambam
sfx: kink kink kink

sfx: toss
sfx: BOOM
M: Ah...ahhhhhhhhh!!
sfx: shoooo
M: Uwaaaah...ahhhhhh!!
sfx: shoooo
C: Oh my god...!!

S: Let's go.
M: Uwaaaahhhhh!
C: Wait...he got caught up in the blast!! Didn't you see?!
S: Would you rather have died back there, then?!
C: So...
S: Don't think, run!!
M: Hey, are you alright?!
M: Uwaaaaahhhh!
M: Hurry up and call an ambulance, lady!!
Box: Jindai Temple Park
sfx: baaaaam
sfx: blam blaam
C: I can't go on much longer...
sfx: haah
sfx: haah
sfx: babaaaam
S: Hang in there, our allies are close by!!

S(2b): Two rifles at 7 o'clock...and the <Alastor> at 5 o'clock...
sfx: ga-chun
sfx: ga-chun
sfx: shoooo...
S: No problem. The helicopter will be here before the enemy's reinforcements.
sfx: fssst
sfx: fsssst
sfx: toss
sfx: fsst
sfx: fsst
sfx: babaaam!

M: Guahhh!!
sfx: blam blam
sfx: babaaam
M: Auughh!
sfx: splurt splurt
C: No...
C: Hurry...
C: Hurry...
C: Hurry up already!!

sfx: babababababa
C: It's here!!
sfx: boomboomboomboomboom

sfx: bababababa
sfx: graaaaaaaah
sfx: splat
sfx: splat
sfx: splat
S: Nice...

C: Uuu...
sfx: babababa
?: Go around to the north!! We'll pick you up from behind!!
S: Stand up.
sfx: bsssht
sfx: dash
sfx: shooooo


C(2b): No...Santos-san?
M: Guhh!
sfx: shooooooo
sfx: bambambam
M: Guahhh!!
S: Let's go, Chidori.
C(2b): No!! I can't...
S: Just keep running!!
sfx: bambaaam
sfx: shoooooo

sfx: blamblamblamblam
S: I don't have much ammunition left, and I'm out of grenades. Allies and help, too.
C: Kyaahhh!!
sfx: skiddd
sfx: shoooooo...
S: There's nowhere left to run and hide.
sfx: shooooo...

sfx: chik chik
S: Kuh...
sfx: bzzt
S: Is this it...?
sfx: stomp stomp stomp
sfx: booooooom
sfx: bzzt...
S: It's not...it's not over yet!!

S: <Arbalest>!!
sfx: shoooooo...

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