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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

World Embryo 48

The Night Before

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Oct 30, 2009 06:58 | Go to World Embryo

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 48 - The Night Before

N: It has been three days since Amami Riku's escape--
N: The Tokiwa Manor--
W: Great Master, I have brought Sawako-sama.
G: ...enter.

C: ...it has been a long time since we last met,
C: Grandfather, Grandmother.
M: We heard, Sawako-san.
M: About the trouble at your company...that you were kidnapped by one of your subordinates.
C: Y-yes...it was all due to my incompetence.
G: Sayo...

G(2b): Is that you, Sayo...ohhh, Sayo!
G: Sayooo...!
C: ...grandfather.
C: Grandmother Isayo died over 20 years ago...
G(2b): Show us your face. My, those wounds look terrible...
C: No, these are merely scratches, nothing to worry about...
G: Wounds...
G: Sayo...take off your clothes.
C: But grandfather...
G(2b): Strip until nothing is left on your body -- don't make me say it again! Now hurry it up!

G: ...Sawako...

G(2b): That's enough, get out of here. I have nothing to talk with you about.
C: But grandfather...I...
G: Get out, I said!!
G: Disgusting, disgusting! That scar on your belly!!
G: I have no expectations of a worthless daughter like yourself who can't even give birth to a child!!
G: Now where is Sayo?!
G: Sayo! Sayooooo...
M: Father, you'll aggravate your health. Thank you very much, Sawako-san, you can leave now.

S: Yes...I'm very sorry.
S: Please excuse me...
H: Good evening. How are you doing?
C: Hayato-kun...

C: What business do you have here?
H: What, I'm not allowed to come check up on you?
H(2b): I heard you were here, not at your apartment...and I was worried about you, personally, not just as your subordinate.
C: ...you don't need to be polite...
H: ...you came to visit the Great Master?
C(2b): I just wanted to tell them that I was alright...but he chased me out with a very threatening attitude. It always ends up like this.

C(2b): For a long time now, his heart has been lost in a dream world...just today, he looked at me and thought I was Grandmother Isayo...
C: The "Showa Soldier of Fortune," once a leader in the economic world, is now no more than an infant in his final years...I guess it's true that people's time is up, they always go back down the road they came...
H: ...You...also look like your time is up, you know.
C: Still haven't found Amami-kun?
H: No.
C: I see...

C: Amami-kun and the Source of the Infection...ex-Chairman karasawa...
H: We're searching for them, along with Neene-kun, with all our power...
H: Additionally, because of the sheer level of destruction that happened to the Kazama Hospital...our investigations there aren't going so well...

T: Riku...what did you bring a child here for...?
T: What did you do here...what happened...?!
T(2b): Dammit! I'm always left out of things...! I can't even fight on my own yet...!!
T: I can't do anything...it pisses me off so much!!
T: What...is this...?
S: Will this futon be alright?
R: Ah...it's alright, I'll carry it...

S: Sorry, the only room that's really able to be used is Ricchan's...
A: No, I must apologize...I don't think there will be any more investigations from the HQ, though...
S(2b): I'm just glad the suspicions surrounding Neene-chan have been cleared up. I'd rather have someone I know be watching over me anyway, Miss Neighbor <3 It's gonna be hard having to keep quiet to Daichi-san about this, but I guess that's just how things are...
A: ...I'm sorry.
A: We were partners, you know...so if I search for him...
S: ...I just want him to come home soon, that's all...
S: He's part of my family, after all...
sfx: patan...
A: ...so this is his and Neene's room...

A: This is Amane-nee...she does look just like Neene...
A: He wrought so much chaos just to search for her...
A: It smells...like him...

sfx: uwaaaaah
A: Wh-whwhwh-what am I thinking about!!? How disgraceful!!
A(2b): D-does he really take up that much space in my mind?! I don't mind if it was Neene's, but that idiot's...!!
A: Family...huh?
?: ...hoo...
?: You're a kid who doesn't smile at all...aren't you...?

?: That's why you're worth saving...
A: Master...
H: Two years ago...
H: After the mass Kanshu incident..F.L.A.G.'s continued existence was threatened, wasn't it...?
C: The death of the ex-Chairman...Kanshu transformations and mass infection leading to huge casualties...as an organization, we became unable to function, and were moments from completely unraveling...

H: But after you and the Tokiji house decided to take the reins, the organization was somehow able to continue...
H: I hear you really overdid it back then.
H: ...ex-Chairman Karasawa must have really meant...
C: I was...engaged...
C: with him...
H: ...this is first I've heard of that...
C: My family kept it under wraps...it was treated as a scandal.
C: But...I intended to plead to them as if my life depended on it.
C: He was such a great man...I knew my Grandfather would approve...

C: Immediately after that was the "Jinki Hunter Incident"....
C: bound for 72 hours...
C: He said he was in pain...
C: Despite losing his right hand, his healing still didn't progress much...
C: I...thought it would be alright. Even if he transformed into a Kanshu, Karasawa-kun would still be Karasawa-kun...
C: I thought...it was my job to heal him...

C: ...my foolish action brought more Jinki User sacrifices and a widening of the infection.
C(2b): And then...I...no...
C: The other one that dwelt inside of me...
C: won't come back...
C: And I will never be able to create another.

R: Master...
S: Rena-san!!
S: Please calm down! You still need more rest!!
R: But Master...
S: He left on his own! He's counting on you to stay here...
S(2b): Now come, let's wait here...with the Young Master, Youhei-san...Joe-san and Clara-san...
S: ...until your Master comes home safely...
S: It's a text message...
From this point on

S: This is...
R: Master...he's so bad at texting...he should say important things with his mouth.
text: the cocoon is the beginning of everything
R: He always takes the burden of everything all by himself...
R: I know it...he doesn't intend to return...!
R: Master...

C: I...was not judged.
C(2b): The evil deeds of monsters who live outside the scope of memory remain within the scope of my memory, and cannot be stopped by any human. Same for the errors of humans who stepped outside the scope of memory themselves...
C: That's why I thought that involving myself with them would allow me to atone for my sins...
C: I want to know the truth.
C: I want to locate all the sources of this and stop any more tragedies from happening.
C: If being the very best commander one can means being a manager capable of constructing the very best environment, even if it means overdoing it, then I believed I would one day arrive at my answer.
C: In the end, though, the truth that I got was...

K: don't you get it already?
K: You stupid fucking bitch!
C: You said my time's up..I think you're exactly right.
C: I don't know where to head now...it's all over...

H: About the Source of Infection...we've managed to narrow down its position.
K: In spite of the F.L.A.G.'s Kanshu Search System being detected, we managed to find a trail in some overwritten data.
K: An intentional alteration of data due to the Source of Infection's hacking.
K(2b): He was sending signals through that mountain of televisions...so we believe that's the starting point.
H(2b): Did you want to feel at ease? Is that...why you told me everything?

H: Hah! Don't make me laugh!
H: You think I wanna be burdened with all that?!
H: You did everything and anything you wanted back then!
C: Wha...
H: Ridiculous orders and unreasonable demands! Are you even aware of how much the annexed department was abused by the HQ?!
H: Despite their silence, the workers at the HQ were all thinking the same thing.
H(2b): "Ahh, this person is filled with self-interest!" So even if you make a grieving face now...
C: B-but I...
H: ...that's why.

H: That's why you need to take responsibility until the end.
H(2b): Everyone understands, even if they can't express it in words...about your suffering, and your passion...
H: Despite all that's happened, you still strive to be the best commander you can possibly be.
H: You are our Chairwoman, Sawako-san.

H: It's still...all you.
S: Master~ your speech really moved me~
H: ...If that person quits, then all the responsibility will come to me!
H: She needs to take the full brunt of things and stand up tall.
H: I know that deep inside her heart, that's still what she desires.

C(2b): ...it's me. Yes...I'm fine.
C: Kanzaki-kun, give me the lowdown!
C: Brother, we've been called.
J: Yeah.

J: So the search for Riku is being put on hold for a while, huh?!
J: I was looking for a way to relieve my frustration anyway!!
C: It looks we'll make it in time for the showdown.
C: I'm so excited, Karasawa-san <3

S: ...but...Rena-chan...
A(2b): A widespread clean-up mission is about to begin. Depending on the circumstances...I may be late getting home.
A: ...we believe Neene is there.
A(2b): And he'll...probably come sniffing around too.
S: ...I...think I was happy...
S: Being called "mama" by that child and an "accomplice" by him...
S: If it means I can feel those bonds once more,

M: With time, you'll come to smile again...
M: And then, bonds will follow...and your true family..
M: Once you find that...
R: I will bring back
R: your family.
M: you'll be able to smile as if it was natural...!
R: You come back too, Rena-chan.
R: ...Mama <3

R: Yes!
R: And so, it began...
R: The longest day in the history of F.L.A.G...

Next: Nov. 30

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