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Dance in the Vampire Bund 25

Two in a Town of Darkness

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Oct 31, 2009 02:58 | Go to Dance in the Vampire Bund

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Commissioned by ???


tl by molokidan

?: I've found the administration terminal!
?: Now to access the system...
?: What? The structure of this building...
?: ...could it be?

?: No way...
?: This building is...!!

Chapter 25 - Two in a Town of Darkness

M: A face only a mother could love.
M: Guess it'd make you wanna steal others'...
M: You overdid it, man...
M: Trying to turn into a werewolf with cell stimulation serum in your body...
M: Hmm...here we go.

M: Oof...

B: ...hey...
B: ...hey...

G: What is the matter?
M: I just remembered the first words I exchanged with Akira.
M: "What's wrong?"
M: "Do you have a stomachache?"
G(2b): He simply couldn't think of any other reason for a girl to cry, correct? He was a child estranged from such things, after all.
M: Just like his father,
M: right?
M: What's the situation on Case D-4?
G: Still no good news. Everyone is working diligently along with the preparations.

G(2b): This is the result of the sudden visit from the branch families...we should actually be looking at this as a positive, once in a lifetime opportunity.
G(2b): This is for our sake in this day and age....a Vampire Band for this day and age.
M: Are you calling my son's crisis a good thing?
G: Akira will return.
M: How can you say that?!
M: You have no proof!

G: Your fate, your highness, and your success in this day and age is all up to his victory.
G: Losing is not an option.
M: I don't want to hear such a bad joke from your mouth!
M: You think just saying something like will make victory easier?!
G: ...we wolves always act separate from the pack.
G: We believe in the existence of allies who run next to us in the abysmal darkness, and jump into the jaws of death.
G: Absolute trust to our comrades.
G: That is the only power that supports us.
M: Are you asking me to trust him not as a parent but as an ally?!
M: That's so like you.

M(2b): However! What happens if the ally running next to you in the dark doesn't follow?!
M: If you find out the ally who jumped into the jaws of death with you fell shortly after?!
G(2b): At that time, the person in question will simply head off to the place where "he" dwells...
M: Akira...
M: Don't die on me...

M: Oh.
M: Awake, are you?
M: Just wait a minute. This is the important part.
A: Th...this place...
A: What are you doing?!
M: Huh, forgot already? How cold-hearted...

A: I remember! You're Assistant Inspector Hama.
A: What are you doing here?!
H: I live here.
A: Live?!
H: Huh? Didn't you hear?
H(2b): Allow me to reintroduce myself...I'm Inspector Hama Seiji. (I got rid of the Assistant part!)
H: I was transferred and became the representative chief of a special annexed division of the Metropolitan Police.
A: Special annexed division?
H: Yeah, and this is the office...it's still empty, though.

H: My goal is to keep vampire-related terrorist incidents like the one yesterday from happening.
H(2b): The idea was to create a base within the affected area...I'm the only employee here, though.
A: All alone...
H(2b): Yeah! The only one insensitive enough to do something like this is probably you! But it was a direct order from Councilor Gotou, so... (That guy's one tough customer!)
H: Well, go on, eat. What you need rigt now is blood and nutrition.

A: Ubuh!
A: Uu...oehhh...
H: Hey, you alright?
H: ...is this
H: the first time you've killed someone?
A: No...
A: But I'm not exactly used to it...

H: Idiot...what would you want to get used to it for?
H: I made soup too, you know.
A(2b): I'll eat it. This isn't the time to be saying things like that.
A: I need strength.
H: Well, take your time.
H: This town is a nice place, but the fact that it doesn't sell things for normal humans to eat is quite a problem.
A: ...it tastes good.
A: There's orange sauce...no, liquor on the skin, right?
H: Ohh, you noticed?! I'm glad!

H(2b): The person I usually always feed never gives me any comments, and definitely doesn't tell me it's "good."
H: Eating is about the only time she stops staring at paperwork.
A: I know what you mean.
A: Until I came here, I was the one who made dinner for my father and I.
A(2b): No matter what I fed him, he would say nothing. I just figured he probably had no interest in me.
A: Since he was my family, I kept making it, though.
A(2b): Since coming here, though, we've had maids...so that stopped.
H: Sounds great to me!
A: Fufu...I guess.

H(2b): But hey, can you eat meals that vampire maids prepare? Is it like "Islam Pork?"
A: Islam...what's that?
H: It's what happens when people make food for others that they can't eat themselves.
H: Oh, you laughed!
A: No I didn't!!
H: It was just so stupid I coughed!!
A: Thanks for the meal.
A: It was delicious.
A: I'd better get going, now.
H: I doubt you've fully recovered yet.
A: But if I stay here, I'll just be a nuisance...

H: You're being hunted by assassins, right? You'll be like a sitting duck.
A: You knew?
H: Of course. I'm your representative guardian, aren't I?
A: ...but why?
A: Protecting me should be forbidden.
H: I'm neither a werewolf nor a vampire.
H: The protection of human life is the utmost value of the Japanese police.
A: But...
H: Ssh!

H: Seems like you really are a bit weakened.
A: No way!
A: How?!
H: Akira, pick up that bag.
A: French bread?
A: Why?

H: Akira, the french bread!

A: Haa...
A: Haa!
A: Bu...
A(2b): uu...euuuhhhh!!

H: Akira! Gimme that!

H: disappeared...
A: Be careful.
A: He might jump out from somewhere!
H: Fine by me!
H: Get down.
H: Stick to the ground.

H: Bring it on!
H: I'll teach you how to do the jitterbug.

A: Amazing...
A: This guy's amazing!!

A: Just what...
A: is he?!

H: That was tougher than I expected.
A: Hama-san...you...
H: Don't just stand around. Bullets only slow them down, and nothing more. He'll be back soon.
H: This is a direct chute to the underground.
H: We can drop straight down there from here.
H: I originally made this for the woman I love,
H: but I guess it really was worth it after all.

H(2b): I have someone who I wouldn't mind throwing my life out for any day of the week either. That's why I can't leave you alone.
A: Is that...the person you were talking about earlier?
H: ...maybe.
H: Sounds like the circus freak's back.
H: Get ready! The above ground area of this town is no more than a mask.
H: The real vampire world spreads out from here...

A: Who are you talking to?
H: That's more like it!
H: Let's goooooo!!!

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