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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Full Metal Panic! Sigma 20

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 3, 2009 06:20 | Go to Full Metal Panic! Sigma

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tl by molokidan

N: Merida Island
?: Our communications, anti-air laser, and intercepting missile systems have all taken critical damage.
?(2b): The runway is incapable of being used, and it will take at least six hours before any aircraft capable of interception will be ready to take off. There has also been heavy damage dealt to the underground areas.
sfx: boooooooom
F: And as far as human damage goes?
sfx: beep beep beep
?: 28 with light wounds, 11 with heavy...
P: Deal with the heavily injured first!!
P: Hurry!!
sfx: beeep
P: Guaaahh!
?: and five dead.

F: I see...
P: Captain...
F: The problem is from here on out...at this rate, we won't be able to respond if the enemy sends any aircraft out.
P(2b): Gebo-5, coming in! 10 large aircraft are currently on their way here!!
F: It looks like they're serious this time...
F: <Amalgam> is seriously intending to take control of this island.

F(2b): <TDD-1> is still in the process of being outfitted. Even if we prepared to run, we'd still need several hours for that. Firing back is the only option we have.
F: It was an amazing ambush, but I won't let them have their way from this point onwards.
F(2b): Lieutenant Commander Kalinin. Prepare all of the AS we have, including the M6 training units.
K: Yes ma'am.
G(2b): Captain! We just received a report from Gebo-3's patrol: there are currently 3 unidentified units heading toward us from Area G2.
F: Unidentified...?
sfx: bzzzt
G: I will display them on the screen now.

sfx: bzzzzt
sfx: bzzbzzzzt
F: These are...
sfx: psssssh

sfx: kreeeeeek

F: <Behemoth>s...?!

F(2b): Giant AS whom only <Arbalest>s stand a chance against...equipped with Lambda Drivers capable of reflecting enemy fire -- and there's three of them...!!
Box: Underground Base - Tunnel #0
P: Getting the injured out of here should be prioritized!!
sfx: shaaaaaaaah
sfx: shoooo
P: Anyone who doesn't have their hands full should work on getting rid of debris and putting out fires!!
P: Anyone who can move needs to help us break through deeper!!
P(2B): Shit...this is totally fucked. Is there any point to even be doing this?!
P: Hey, you!! If you've got enough time to complain, then put a little more effort into it!!
P: He has a second-degree burn on his right arm!! He's still conscious!! He hasn't inhaled any flames!!
P: We can save him, Sergeant!!
P: ...this is horrible.
sfx: bashoooooooo

L: Even for a wake-up call, this is a little too much.
sfx: beep...
L: Ah, sister?
F: Are you alright?
L: Yeah, of course.
F: The enemy just sent out three <Behemoth>s. Get to Hangar #3 ASAP.
L: Alright.
L: Did you say <Behemoth>s?!
L: Neither the missiles or 76mm cannons from the AS SDF worked on those huge things.

L: The only thing that worked was Sousuke's AS...
L: An <Arbalest> equipped with a Lamdba Driver!
L: How does she intend to fight without either Sousuke or an <Arbalest>?!
Box: Hangar #3
P: Number 3 has finished its outfitting! Time to get it rigged up!!
P: Yes sir!!
P: The GEC has been supplied with all its ammunition in Spot #2!!
P: You idiot!! The 40mm bullets go over there!!
L: Sorry I'm late!!

sfx: tap
W: Concentrate, everyone!!
C(2b): We assume that <Amalgam> is in the process of a full-scale attack. There are 3 <Behemoth>s heading toward us from Area G2, and will enter our firing range in about 40 minutes.
C: We're thinking that these <Behemoth>s have been equipped with anti-AS gunboards.
C(2b): We will be focusing our final main attack power on these 3 units...in other words, our AS team.
L: Wait, hold on a second here.
L: There's no way we can shoot down those three giants, you know?

W: Even if it's impossible, we're going to try anyway!!
M: So you're just asking us to die, then?
C: If the <Behemoth>s manage to land on the island, our last way of escaping--
C: the <TDD-1>, will be destroyed.
C: If that happens, then every human in this squad will be forced into the center of this secluded island.
C: Destroying the <Behemoth>s is the minimum requirement in order to survive.

L: Pfft...
M: How about this, then?
W: What is it, Corporal Speck?
S(2b): Let's forget about this futile battle, and take our rifles to the command center.
W: ...enough, Speck.

S: We might as well just hand Tessa and the <TDD-1> over to them! I'm sure the enemy would love that!
W(2b): Go ahead, just keep it up! Especially if you want to be charged with desertion and treason.
W(2b): What do you intend to say to our hired soldiers? I'm sure they'll be fully willing to discuss things in a business-like manner with you.
C: You son of a bitch...
C: You think I'll just die happily for the sake of my allies, huh?!
C(2b): This isn't some Hollywood war movie, you know!! I refuse to die like a dog!!
L: Die like a dog...?
M: ...he may have a point...
sfx: klik
T(2b): Sell me out, huh? That's a pretty good idea.

sfx: klak
S(2b): Hey, don't think badly of me. I'm just acting professional here, you know?
F: You're right.
F: Let me borrow your gun.
Y: Y-yes, ma'am...
F: I'm sure there are others present who agree with Speck-san's thoughts.
F(2b): But I won't allow it. Anyone planning betrayal or treason will be shot down where they stand -- by yours truly.

S: Hey now, don't overdo it there...I always thought you were supposed to be a good girl...?
sfx: bam
S: ggh...
sfx: shooo...
F(2b): Watch your attitude, Corporal.

F: What, did you expect me to simply start crying and play the sympathy card in order to plead with everyone to stay loyal?
F: The fact that you are standing here right now means you too are a human who walks down the "Soldier's Corridor," correct?
F(2b): You came to this base out of your own will. Is that incorrect?
S: No...
F: Did you think I was a Princess only in name?

F: Go ahead, let's hear you say it.

F: Who am I? What is my rank?

S: You're...
S: Captain Teresa Testarossa,
S: Commander of the <TDD> Force.
F(2b): Looks like I took this joke a little too far. My apologies.
F: Here you go.
F: The enemy intends to wipe <Mithril> from the face of the earth.
F: The time for negotiation is over.
F: Corporal Speck...
F(2b): The force requires your abilities right now. If you all manage to survive, I'll write off your crime of inciting treason.

S: ...survive? Where are you getting this hope from...?
sfx: klak...
F: If there is none, then simply create some.
F: Read my report once more and use your head.
F: It seems like you're all misunderstanding, but....
F: I never once ordered anyone to "die."
F(2b): I have never done so before, nor...
F: will I ever in the future.

F: This is an order. You must all survive.

S: Yes ma'am!!!
F: Good luck.
sfx: klik klak
L: Hooo...
S(2b):Ahh, sorry, I was just irritated. But you were all thinking the same thing, right?
F: ...yeah.

C: ...we got scolded again, as usual.
C: It's just as she said. Drowning in self-pity won't help us at all, we need to approach this situation with intelligence.
M: Yes sir!!
Box: Tokyo
A: The enemy cannot be tracked.

A: Alright, Al, be on the lookout in Mode 4.
A: Yes, Sergeant.
S: Have you calmed down a bit?
C(2b): Yeah, I'm fine...but more importantly...
C: Santos-san died because she came to save me, didn't she?
S(2b): That's not true. It was her mission.
C(2b): But that's what happened, isn't it? I got another person caught up in this...
sfx: squeeze...

C: I'm scared...
S: Chidori...
C(2b): of myself...and of them...
C(2b): And...I'm really sorry, but...

C: I'm scared of you too.

C(2b): I like you, but I'm scared! I like you so much I can't take it, but I'm scared!
C: I'm just so panicked right now I don't know what to do...
S(2b): ...that's right. There's no way she could be able to handle all this. Not in front of such a gruesome battlefield...

S: Chidori's just a normal 17-year old girl.
C: A text message...it's from Kyouko.
C: ...no...
C: no...this can't be...
C: Nooo...Sousuke!!
S: What's wrong?!

C: Kyouko's...everyone at school has been...!!
S: <Amalgam> went to Jindai High...?!

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