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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

World Embryo 49

Sleeping Beauty

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 3, 2009 06:55 | Go to World Embryo

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tl by molokidan

1: A message from NEFT East Japan:
2: What is this?
3: How sudden...
4: From 6:00 to 12:00 this evening, all cell phone service will temporarily be suspended.
5: Ugeh! Seriously?!
6: What is this?
7: We are hoping for an even sooner restoration once the server maintenance is finished.
8: All areas in which cell phone service will be suspended are as follows:
9: Tama Area, Fuchuu City, Yasakadai City--

1: NEFT East Japan
Information Center
2: Hello, this is NEFT East Japan.
3: I'm very sorry.
4: About that...
5: Hello, this is NEFT--
6: The restoration will happen--
7: The calls just keep on coming.
8: All from Tama? It's not like losing their cell phones is gonna kill them...
9: Yeah...
10: Hey, what's going on?!
11: Very sorry about the disturbance, ma'am.
12: This is the Himekawa Team at the third home. Jammer Boards #14-20 have been installed.
13: Morimura here. After installing #35-40, we have continued up to 50.
14: Gooood work!
15: After you finished I'll be sure to give you a treat <3

1: The Himekawa Team has finished Phase II!
2: Sakamoto here. Phase III clear!
3: Will this really be able to prevent an outbreak in case something happens...?
Chapter 49 - Sleeping Beauty
4: Three hours until commencement--

1: ...next.
2: Set #4!
3: ...finished...

T/L Note: the marks up there are the "SEI" kanji, which is composed of five marks and used by Japanese as tally marks when counting things.
books: Helicopter Manual, Survival Manual, Long-distance wireless, Boat Operation Manual
1: Guess I'll head out...

1: Hieeeeee! H...heeelp!
2: Gyaaaaaahhhhhh!!

1: Kyaaa!
2: Hiieee!
3: Monsters!
4: Uwaah!
5: someone!
6: Help!

1: ...you're late. What were you doing?
2: ...just the usual.
3: ...fine. About his location,
4: Here are the relay points we've crushed up until now.
5: More and more keep cropping up, though.

1: After looking at where the Uro have been deposited, the circuit seems to be pretty much complete.
2: This is just a ruse of the Kanshu to keep the existence of the circuit secret.
3: In order to protect it, the Uro erase the existence of the circuit from human consciousness.
4: In the event that they still fail even after that, they merely transform the humans into Kanshu and pretend like nothing happened.
5: ...so it is here.
6: The Coffin Princess should still be asleep.
7: I'm going to kill him this time for sure. Things won't go like they did two years ago...
8: Two years ago...? The flow of time is meaningless these days.
9(2b): Maybe to you, geezer. But I'm different...it's time. I'm out.

1: Do not become arrogant, boy.
2: This is your punishment.
3: You must fight alone, and struggle alone.
4: Your future is to offer everything up and atone for your sins.
5: If not, then the citizens of Hatsumi Island
6: will never forgive you.

1(2b): ...shut the hell up, you corpses...who says I need your forgiveness anyway?!
2: Just sit there and watch me have my revenge.
3: ...so defiant you are, boy.
4(2b): And yet you seemed to be so shaken...by that little girl...
5: So be it! I'll send you off from this Hell...
6: But after you go back, be sure to take care of your own body...that's it, right now...

1: Owahhh?!
2: That was close...
3: ...what are you doing?
4: What do you mean?! Were you daydreaming or something?!
5(2b): I brought you some food and clothes!! And new bandages! I just went and bought what you told me to!
6: ...oh...
7: I was asleep...dammit! I completely slept through the day...

1: ...I know I should be thanking you...
2(2b): for transporting me from Kazama Hospital after I was so injured and unconscious...through all those enemies...
3(2b): But...I still haven't forgotten all the things I want to ask you...!
4: Now answer me! Why did Agatsuma-san have to die?!
5: ...don't make me repeat myself. She died because of my mistake.
6(2b): That's not what I'm asking! Why did you have to involve her?! Why did you have to slice her up with a Jinki?!
7: ...it was you, wasn't it?
8: The one who told her that "aliens are using cell phones to invade" or whatever...

1: I don't lie...
2: but I have a right to choose who I tell or don't tell the truth to.
3: And I have no truth to tell to liars.
4: Ugahhhhhhhhh!!
5: Damn you...damn you all!!!

1(2b): All I want to know IS the truth! That's all!! But no matter who I ask, all I get are lies or excuses!!
2(2b): I've had it! I've had enough!! What happened to Agatsuma-san?! What happened to Amane-nee!!?
3: Where is the truth?!?!
4: ...she...died believing your lies.
5: You just reaped what you sowed, and nothing more.

1: Hey...
2: Ricchan...
sfx: bakin...

1: Stand. And come with me this time.
2: in order to kill Karasawa Shirou,
3: and take back Neene.
4: That's where the truth is...Amami Riku...
5: Damn...it...

1: Ah, so you're awake.
2: Come on in, let's have some dinner. Go on, sit down.
3: Ah, so you're back.
4: Aren't you going to eat, Shirou?
5: No, we don't need any food.
6: ...it was delicious.
7: Was it now?
8: Mmm...
9: But...papa's not here.
10: Give me a break! You've been crying ever since you got here, c'mon!

1: But...papa didn't come with me...
2: I told him to, but he said no.
3(2b): He'll be here soon, don't worry. You're the Kyuuki (Coffin Princess).
4: Kyuu...ki?
5(2b): The precious reincarnation of your host...an embodied existence stronger than any familial bond.
6: So be at ease.
7: You and he are bound together for eternity.
8: Bound together...okay...
9: Eheheh...!
10: She finally...smiled.

1: Now then, shall we meet with her like we promised?
2: Her?
3: Ende. Come on.

1: An egg...
2: A cocoon.
3: She's been very hurt...and is sleeping.
4: B...but I talked with her, you know?
5: And how did you do that?
6: Good morning.
7: Good afternoon.
8: Morning!
9: Who?
10: Take care.
11: WHO
12: Neene.
13: The last Kyuuki.
14: Guest...
15: Nice to meet you.
16: Nice to meet you.
17: There's a lot...
18: These are all her memories...
19: Memories shattered into a million pieces...

1: They were made so seven years ago.
2: When "her" memories were melded with that of the human race's...
3: It may seem like you're talking with her, but it's just like parroting words.
4: Shirou-sama.
5: My Master
6: Master
7: Master
8: You
9: This is better, though. Two years ago this wasn't even possible.
10: He
11: The shattered memories went to reside in a large number of people.
12: They were collected like data being rewritten.

1: By changing humans into Kanshu, that is.
2: "The Coffin Princess Ende" lost "her" memories upon becoming emptied.
3: And now, the Coffin Princess Ende does not possess the most important memory necessary to properly emulate "her."
4: The memory of the time we spent together after she met me...

1: This still is not "her."
2: I want to speak with "her" again so much...
3: Not with the Coffin Princess Ende...but with "her"...
4: You can.
5: Easy for you to say...we still don't possess all the necessary parts.
6(2b): Yeah, but that's why I thought of this...let's just ignore all the missing parts and try putting her together.

1: Then all we have to do is search for the missing parts together with her.
2: Leave it to me!
3: In return, will you teach me...?
4: What Neene...no,
5: what the Kyuuki is?

1: Sorry, but I'm not quite sure myself...
2: ...there's only one thing I can say.
3: Her power is equal to God,
4: a power that in this world...only you and Ende possess.
sfx: piiih!

1: What's wrong?!
2: We're getting Kanshu signals...strong ones...
3: Impossible?! The sun hasn't set yet!
4: Whaaat is thaaat?

1: It was...always there.
2: I just failed to notice...

1: I have to thank you, Neene...
2: It was the right choice to invite you here after all!
3: ...now then.
4: How about we do some spring cleaning?
5: It's time to get rid of those little pests down below.

Next: Dec. 26

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