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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Chidaruma Kenpou: Onorera ni Tsugu 2

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 3, 2009 23:08 | Go to Chidaruma Kenpou: Onorera ni Tsugu

-> RTS Page for Chidaruma Kenpou: Onorera ni Tsugu 2

*Only for use by Evil-Genius.

1: Kanei 3 (1626) -- Third Year of the Sixty-Year Jikkan Juunishi Calendrical Cycle
2: After despairing in the way of the sword, Gennosuke went to make a direct appeal to the shogun Iemitsu during his visit to the capital!
3: He intended to make his appeal straight to the shogun during the man's transportation in his palanquin.
4: W-wait, boy!
5: From what I can tell, you look like you're about to make an appeal! Don't you know that the penalty for direct appeals is death?! Step down!

1: What was he trying to make an appeal about?
2: After being stopped by the old man and having his life saved,
3: Gennosuke returned to the dojo an empty husk.
4: The appeal document that he accidentally dropped on his way,
5: ended up becoming the nail in the coffin that revealed Gennosuke's true identity and invited him into a world of pain.
6: Muu!
7: So that bastard is a filthy buraku!

(I think this empty space at the top is the perfect place to put in a little English explanation of buraku:

Buraku describes a large minority group in Japan, historically descendants of outcast communities of the feudal era, which mainly comprised those with occupations considered "tainted" with death or ritual impurity (such as executioners, undertakers or tanners), and traditionally lived in their own secluded hamlets and ghettos.
They were legally liberated in 1871 with the abolition of the feudal caste system. However, this did not put a stop to social discrimination and their lower living standards, because Japanese family registration (Koseki) was fixed to ancestral home address until recently, which allowed people to deduce their Burakumin membership. The long history of taboos and myths of the buraku has left a continuous legacy of social desolation. Since the 1980s, more and more young buraku started to organize and protest against their social misfortunes. Movements with objectives ranging from "liberation" to encouraging integration have tried over the years to put a stop to this problem.

--taken from wikipedia)
1: One of the many tragic products of the samurai society divided up into warrior, farmer, engineering, and merchant classes was the birth of the fifth "buraku" class.
2: Just because he was born in that class...
3: Gennosuke was forced into a life of misery.

1: It all started when I was eight...
2: when I went on my first salt run for mom...
3: The salt merchant gave me a disgusted look...
4: Away! Go away!
5: You filthy brat!
6: But I came for salt...
7: Y-you trash! How dare you come in here?!
8: Go away, I said!

1: After having sand thrown on me, I walked home crying...
2: and my elder sister of eight years went in my place.
3: My sister was considered beautiful.
4: You may be unclean, but you do good business.
5: Of course...
6: Instead of the measuring boxes that normal people got...
7: We received our sand in animal boxes...meant to show how unclean and inhuman we were...!

(It's such a shame that they decided to completely remove the text here. We might as well put something here -- I suggest a short explanation about this manga.

Chidaruma Kenpou: Onorera ni Tsugu is a very controversial manga that was published in the 60s and soon removed from shelves after being protested against by buraku groups for its arguably negative portrayal of a buraku main character. In recent times, it was restored and republished in this new version, but derogatory statements connected to buraku and their history have still been blanked out. These missing bits have been restored as much as possible in this English translation.)

1: When I was twelve, I heard from a traveling monk that buraku people were generally looked down on by the entire population.
2: Once a newly-appointed leader found out that his land was filled with buraku, he decided to get rid of them!
3: Kill them all!
4: Allowing such filth to exist in our land will only cause embarrassment to our lords!

1: We were chased to other domains...or simply killed.
2: My father was murdered...as was my mother.
3: After being shamed, my sister too was killed.
4: Wherever I looked, I saw rotting corpses...
5: and so I decided to seek out revenge!
6: However, that leader soon died of a suddenly-contracted disease, and his house was disassembled!

1: I cried in disdain.
2: But knowing that there still existed many other buraku like myself, I decided to go and save them.
3: Just like Yagyuu once did, I wanted used my sword to become a daimyo and got closer to the shogun. All I wanted was to rise into a position where I would be able to appeal to him...
4: I wanted him to introduce a policy that would get rid of the hate-filled discrimination against "filthy buraku."
5: Hmm...so be it.
6: I thought that if I could only achieve this, then it would please my dead parents -- and all the other buraku who still lived in agony -- much more than any revenge would!

1: I thought it would be a righteous deed.
2: I must make this dream come true!
3: And so, Gennosuke turned 14--
4: Hiding his lineage, he found a dojo willing to take him in as a live-in student.
5: His extreme swordsmanship...put awe in the hearts of his peers...
6: But on another level...his desire for salvation and revenge unconsciously led Gennosuke to lose his reasoning.
(erase the side text here, it just explains a kanji that was not in use at the time)

1: Now, however, after losing his right arm and being unable to keep practicing swordsmanship with his weak left arm...
2: the appeal for salvation of the buraku that he had labored over writing and intended to send directly to the shogun was unfortunately found...
3: Heeey, look at this!
4: Gennosuke is filth! Inhuman filth!
5: What?!
6: Ahh!

1: Gennosuke's monstrous aura was once again revived!
2: He leapt forward!
3: Unconsciously drawing his sword in a flash!
4: And then stamped
5: the appeal into a million pieces.

1: What are you doing?!
2: How dare you slay your senior like that?!
3: It was not until Gennosuke appeared in front of his master that he returned to his senses.
4: For what reason did you slay him?! Why did you feel that was necessary?!
5: I-I was not in my right mind! I-I just...
6: Explain...!

1: P-please promise me you will not laugh at me, master...
2: What is there to laugh about here? Now explain...
3: T-the truth is, I-I...
4: With that, Gennosuke explained everything...
5: The deaths of his parents, and his sister...
6: the abuse he received, and the murdering of the other buraku...

1: His desire for salvation...everything...
2: I see...you really are a strong man...
3: After hearing all of this...Ichidensai's eyes were filled with tears out of his sympathy for Gennosuke.
4: He even said...that he would like to help Gennosuke in his quest.
5: Then...out of gratitude for mercy and excusing the cold-blooded murder of his senior,
6: Gennosuke cried with tears of thanks from the bottom of his heart.

1: And so, as fresh blood flows...
2: so passed five more years.
3: The wooden sword Gennosuke had used, which was placed at the highest point...
4: had been long since stained a reddish-black color in his blood, proof of all the pain he experienced in the past years.

1: How dirty!
2: Indeed!
3: Silence...or do you wish to challenge the man himself?
4: Sure! I'll take him on any time of the day!
5: You think I'd lose to such filth?!
6: Impossible...
7: You'd never win...

1: How dare you?! You really think I'd lose to such inhuman trash?!
2: Of course not! Aren't you making too much of this Gennosuke?!
3: Sir Majima's sword is known prominently throughout the land...
4: Is this to say you are an ally to filth?
5: Don't you think you should refrain from calling him filth? You don't even have solid proof...
6: What's that?!
7: Why do you think Sir Takasaki was killed five years ago, then?!
8: It's because he saw that man's true form!
9: All those who know Gennosuke's secret will die!

1: There's your proof that Gennosuke is filth!
2: That may be so, but I do not believe that calling the man filth is the wise thing to do here...
3: Hmph! He's unclean, so he deserves to be called filth!
4: Don't tell me you actually fear Gennosuke?!
5: What?!
6: Is there no limit to your rudeness?! Don't think this will go unpunished!
7: Ah!

1: Enough...
2: You're both senior disciples...and Sir Majima...

1: I don't mind being at the bottom for the rest of my life...come at me whenever you want.
2: Inoko Gennosuke seemed to have perfected not only his blade, but also his character...
3: This was on one hand, out of gratitude to his master.
4: Four years ago, after Takasaki's death, rumors of Gennosuke being a buraku spread...
5: After being humiliated and made fun of time and time again, he found himself on the brink of madness.

1: Gennosuke is filth!
2: Takasaki died because he found out the man's secret!
3: Hmph! So that's the proof! I see, I see!
4: Rumors that proof had been found simply summoned up more rumors...and before long, around 1000 students were calling Gennosuke filth.
5: A wretch like that should be exterminated at once!
6: How can we be expected to practice alongside filth?!
7: Once he heard these voices echoing throughout the dojo, Gennosuke finally went mad himself!

1: Unuuuuu!
2: Wait!
3: Calm yourself, Gennosuke!

1: Do you think killing more people will help you achieve your goal?!
2: You must stay in the shadows for a long time until your dream comes true!
3: Now settle down! Calm yourself!
4: Can you not bring yourself to believe me?! Am I alone not enough to trust in?!
5: Master!!
6: After this...no matter what his peers said to him, Gennosuke trusted in his master and trained until he became a senior disciple.
7: It was then that his master Ichidensai, whom Gennosuke even considered to be like his own father, betrayed him!!

The summer of Kanei 8 (1631)--
sfx: *cicada chirping*

1: You certainly have gotten old, Ichidensai...
2: Time flies...
3: In only a blink of an eye, I found myself aged...
4: With this in mind, I feel that I may only be able to continue serving you until the end of this year...
5: Hooh...
6: And have you found a student to take over for you...?
7: Yes...something like that...

1: I see! That is reassuring to hear.
2: If your son, Shunsuke was alive right how, he'd be 35...and no doubt an extraordinary warrior...since his death, I have been filled with nothing but sadness...but seeing your face here for once in a long while has put me at ease.
3: I am grateful for your words...
4: So...who will you adopt?
5: I chose him from my students...
6: He excels in both strength and character, which is why I have chosen to adopt him into my family to take over for me.
7: I see...a way of choice quite befitting of a warrior.
8: In that case, we may be able to find Daizen's daughter a husband after all. Isn't that right, Daizen...?
9: Yes, sir!

1: Have you heard?!
2: The one who wins this next tournament will be chosen as the master's adopted son...and!
3: And, I say!
4: They'll also be granted this domain's finest beauty...the elder Lord Daizen's daughter as their wife!
5: Hoooh! Related to an elder, huh...what a great way to secure one's future!

1: So...will I also be allowed to take part in the tournament??
2: Of course...
3: Even though I am filth...
4: It is no matter...
5: So you mean that if luck is on my side, then even a buraku could be chosen as your successor...?
6: Indeed...
7: M-Master! I am forever in your debt!
8: Uuu...

1: Father! Mother!
2: I, a buraku, has been lucky enough to find a chance to rise up...
3: Good fortune has finally reached my side...

1: His body was filled with joy...
2: That joy, however...
3: was instantly transformed into sadness and despair....changing his handsome face into an ogrish mask of hatred and anger!
4: This all happened on an evening just days before the tournament in the second month of Kanei 9 (1632)!

1: I realize there are stronger students than Gennosuke, but...
2: If he happens to win, he will not only receive the responsibility of passing on our teachings...
3: but also receive the hand of my daughter. Are you aware of this?
4: According to rumors, Gennosuke appears to be a filthy buraku...
5: No matter how much you may wish it, sir, I have no intentions of giving my daughter over to such a thing.
6: Understood...about the man in question...
7: I will regretfully explain in full...he is an excellent swordsman...it is a shame, but after investigating his lineage...
8: I have found that he is indeed of unclean birth...
9: I knew it...

1: How grotesque! Were you really intending to allow him to participate in the tournament knowing all this?!
2: Please, do not become angry...
3: He has a wish...and, to be honest, it is a wish that will never be fulfilled...
4: This has caused me to feel great pity for the man, and so I have done my best to take care of him until this day.
5: ...at the very least, I wish to give him warrior's compassion...
6: So I intend to have him slain during this tournament...
7: I see! In order to protect the sanctity of your teachings! Very well...

1: Gennosuke happened to hear all of this.
2: Tragically enough, Ichidensai had already realized that all of the humiliation, sadness, and suffrage Inoko Gennosuke endured up to this point in order to have his dreams realized would all be for naught in the end.
3: At this point, the most joyous path that remains for him would to be fighting and dying along my side...
4: I have spent many thoughts belabouring this, but as sad as it may be, this is the only way...
5: There is no way Gennosuke could perceive of this...

1: This sake...
2: was something that Gennosuke had woken up early in the morning and gone all the way to the next domain in order to purchase.

1: Of course, it was not a bribe to kiss up to his master with...
2: but something he used all his meager savings to buy in order to express his gratitude and debt.
3: He shivered in despair...his body was overcome with an indescribable feeling of void...
4: And merely cried, on and on...
5: It was right after the students went out to buy their own sake...
6: that he attacked his master.

1: Master...I have returned...and brought you tea...
2: Gennosuke...come in...
3: What are you doing?!
4: M-Master! Master!
5: Y-you made me into a pariah...into a scapegoat! Master!

1: All of the bottled-up feelings of humiliation and disgrace Gennosuke had kept bottled down until this point exploded all at once!
text: Heed my words -- I will kill you all
2: While shedding tears of chagrin, he left the dojo.

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